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    Hey there G-Star! just saw your message. Thanks a ton, it's been amazing and ever since I got this done no one hasn't been able to tell at all lol. The level of darkness is 6 that was used. Can't wait to see your results Adam Waters
  2. very happy

    Hey there marr123, The first treatment was with the amazing in S.F. my second treatment in L.A. with Zang. Both absolutely amazing at what they do
  3. My first treatment done!!! S.F. Opening day

    Thank you Lucy! see you back in l.a. when i'm in for my last treatment :oD
  4. My first treatment done!!! S.F. Opening day

    thanks guys for all the positive messages! just posting up some new pictures that I took at work, the last pictures was taken by my sister after first treatment. the rest are after 10 days after 2nd treament
  5. before and after

    images of my first treatment
  6. very happy

    thanks guys! this is a Major change. looking back at my old photos wish I have done this earlier lol
  7. Before my treatment I have been suffering hair loss since my early 20's. When the progression of my hair receding happened, I felt that I looked older and began to accept the fact that there was nothing I could do about it. Fast forward to recent times, I have discovered HIS during my search for a solution to my hair loss. one link lead me to a video to hair pigmentation and bam! found HIS. After 2 years of following the site I have decided to give it a go. pictures before 1 session below My first treatment with Ranbir at the S.F. opening was great. I was a bit nervouse at first, but everyone at the Clinic made you feel comfortable which got me more excited about starting. The treatment didn't hurt at all at first but there were some tender spots...wasn't to bad though. here is the results after my first treatment My next treatment is in L.A. with Zeng....Can't wait!!!