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  1. Medical question

    Hi Doggo Thanks for asking this question, as it has come up a bit now during my consultations here in the U.S. As policy we are absolutely able to treat those clients that are HIV + . We of course appreciate this being indicated on your medical form prior to treatment. As working practitioners that routinely deal with blood and needles, we work with the mindset that every client we treat could potentially have a blood-borne virus. Hope you enjoy your treatment journey with us Matt
  2. Hi Guys This thread came to my attention and i wanted to quickly share a sunscreen i have been using recently for the top of my SMPed dome. Philosophy Hope Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 The most important thing I look for in regards to SMP is that any sunscreen is FIRST a moisturizer, then has the added SPF (30-40). Typical sunscreens are usually too thick, too potent, and leave residue... The Philosophy Hope is nice because it goes on very clean, has the most matte finish ive found in sunscreen, and rinses off fairly easy once your done. I was in Miami 2 weeks ago and used this for my extended stay...the rest of me turned brown (miami sun's the best!) but my head never burned! So its worth a try if you're looking for some coverage this summer. Best Matt
  3. His Hair Guarantee

    Hairhair Its as simple as when you are quoted 2-3 sessions, we are telling you we will get the job done by session 3, if not you are covered under warranty. Fading may occur after session 2 and we prepare you for that by giving a 3rd session cost, that is why we tell the client they may need a 3rd. Same is true if a client is quoted 3 sessions with a possible 4th- it may take 4 due to hairloss area, scarring, skin type. Anything fading after would be covered. If you are quoted 2 sessions plus a 3rd at the additonal cost it means you have less area to cover, little or no scarring, etc than some1 quoted 3 with a 4th at additional cost. Our guarantee is a guarantee against fading AFTER your quoted amount of sessions, not just simply fading. we are up front that many times it may take 3 sessions to get your desired result. This is the best i can explain it. We always act honestly and are the only company to offer a warranty on our treatment. If you have further questions ill be happy to get on a call with you.
  4. His Hair Guarantee

    Hi Guys The way to look at it is, when you are told 2 sessions for $x, with a 3rd at $x...you are being quoted for 3 sessions. We are saying it can and may very well take 3 sessions to complete. If it didnt, you wouldnt be told about a 3rd. It comes down to how payment is split up. We believe it is easier for clients to pay 50% on a 2 session total, rather than on the 3 session total. Some clients may deem they are good to go after 2 sessions, but if they feel more is needed than they should expect to pay for the 3rd which was outlined to them from the start. Hope this helps. We will absolutely take your feedback and see if we can implement different language. But the concept will remain the same. -Matt
  5. His Hair Guarantee

    Hi Dkicks, I want to shed some light on this, to help explain why many of our clients are quoted this way... On your first session, 50% of your quoted sum is due. Therefore, 50% on a 2 session price, is less than 50% on a 3 session price. This allows a lower cost up front, and also keeps you from paying for a 3rd session UNLESS you truly need it. Many times our consultants quote 2 sessions with a possible 3rd- to help divide up the costs, allow the treatment to unfold, and allow you to decide if you truly do need a 3rd session or not. Its often hard to predict skin retention, darkness desire, style alterations, etc. Therefore we say "You will need 2-3 sessions, here is the price for 2, here is the additional cost should you need a 3rd". AFTER your quoted amount (in your case 3 sessions), that is when you are entitled to your warranty should there be fading or additional blending needed. As an aside, our practitioners should NEVER tell a client they are 100% done, as they realistically couldn't know what happens after the ink settles. Also, practitioners are screened from client quotes and payments, so they do not necessarily know your quotation. Hope this helps, if you have any other questions ill be happy to answer.
  6. 2 SMP sessions in NYC - mixed emotions

    Hey Timbo, I have attempted to call you a couple times with no luck. I was able to review your case with your practitioner, and would like to discuss how we can get you sorted moving forward. We are aware of your concerns, and trust that we will ensure you are 100% satisfied with your treatment once completed. Please shoot me an email at *********************** so we can discuss what's next. -Matt
  7. We are looking for a former HIS client in the NYC tri-state area to participate in a media segment next Wednesday (12th). If you are interested in sharing your hair loss story, and your experience with HIS & SMP, please contact me at matt@hishairclinic.com Incentives apply Matt
  8. Guys, Uploaded a quick little video taking a look inside a treatment at the NYC office. Its on our Instagram page, which contains inside photos, vids, and news updates Check it out: his_hair -Matt
  9. Considering treatment

    Solo, You most likely met with myself, Matt. Although my mother did originally want me to be a Nick! You should check out this post by a fellow chicagoan. He has had a transplant and is willing to meet. http://forum.hishairclinic.com/topic/5104-if-anyone-wants-to-see-smp-in-chicago-i-am-available/?hl=chicago
  10. David For best results we like to administer 2nd session within 10 days of first. If you wish to space out longer, thats fine...but can lead to increased fading...ultimately resulting in additional sessions post the quoted amount, which a warranty wouldnt cover because the individual deviated from our recommended protocol. Its ultimately up to the individual.
  11. Flippo $4,000+tax is standard quote for 3 sessions for scar and top of head. Your 1 year warranty covers an additional session after the quoted amount, whether thats 3 or 4 sessions you would know. So you will not pay more should you need an additional session. The reason a warranty would be voided should you space your initial 2 sessions greater than 10 days apart is because that deviates from our recommended treatment plan, which if spaced out too far, may mean an additional session will be needed. We avoid this by really urging to keep it within 7-10 days Look forward to seeing you in NYC.
  12. HIS Hair Clinic is excited to announce we will be appearing at this year’s Arnold Sports Classic & Expo in Columbus, Ohio. The 3-day event takes place February 28th, March 1st, and March 2nd with over 175,000 attendees in the fitness and health community. We will have a booth space in an effort to reach out to individuals who could benefit from the innovative SMP procedure. We have always felt the treatment and style fits well with active, fitness oriented men, and this will be a great way to help increase awareness in that community. We will be holding consultations and handing out give-a-ways, so if you’re in the area and want to get your fitness on, please join us. Also, follow us on twitter : His_Hair for daily fitness tips leading up to the big event! And our tumblr article http://hishairusa.tumblr.com/post/76332285620/arnold-sports-festival For more info or to book a consultation during Expo dates, please call 1-855-447-4247 or email usa@hishairclinic.com
  13. SIXTEEN new videos !!

    Gentleman Just to update you all, we have since changed the delivery of these videos and will be creating just one total before/after video. Some of those are present here (Manny), and there are a bunch being wrapped up and on their way!
  14. Example of SMP with longer hair

    @nightwood 2 weeks post treatment
  15. Example of SMP with longer hair

    @Bald Tosspot Just curious, what do you find so bizarre about it? I can agree that you can see a difference when taken with a high res camera at point blank, but keep in mind this difference is enhanced by the camera, and definitely not easily detected in person? For those understanding that as hair gets longer, the look will get thinner, but still appreciate that added strength -it works very well. And the before photos were not authorized by the client-just the afters- sorry guys. -Matt