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  1. Receding Hairline

    Hi I was the same Norwood as you and they will treat the whole of your head not just the temples. The practioner will shave your head for you
  2. Guarantee

    Damien and robby are both right I only had about 1-1.5 hours total treatment so i probably paid more than most for the time I was in the chair but well worth it. Like many have said on the forum you can't put a price on having a full head of hair, the confidence it brings and no more worries
  3. Guarantee

    No I was quoted £500+vat so £600
  4. Guarantee

    Thanks Damien thats great. Yes as robby said I paid £600 per session I was a nw2/3 more a two but wanted the treatment before things got worst I am very pleased with the outcome I have friends who are barbers and they cannot tell where my hair and the smp start and finish it really is realistic I would defenatly recommend this to anyone suffering hair loss hope to get this resolved as soon as possible thanks again Damien
  5. Guarantee

    Who do I talk to as I called the call the Birmingham office and only get through to what I assume is there call centre to arrange dates and times the women I spoke to didn't understand what I was trying to tell her
  6. Guarantee

    I was told when I first booked up that I would have to pay £600 for the first two sessions which I was told is the standard rate and the deposit of £250 would be used against a third treatment if needed. I paid the first two and was then Refunded my deposit so I would class this as a third was not needed and I was finished
  7. Guarantee

    I am really pleased with everything his has done the treatment looks so realistic #### Clarke what a top bloke and all the staff were great but this seems to be a major flaw they have with the guarantee it seems no one can tell you then you have finished your sessions or when your guarantee starts as I said I was told that I would not need the third so two was all that I needed I was NW 2/3 so only needed a small amount on the receded areas but the blend all through the head but it seems to have faded more at the front. I moisturise two times a day and scalp is in good condition. It's not just me being fussy about the fading my wife and best mate has said it has faded In areas too.
  8. Guarantee

    Hi I was quoted 2-3 session in my consultation and finished my second treatment on the 15th of November. I am very pleased with the treatment but have noticed some fading in areas. The problem I have is that after my second treatment I was told that I would not need a third treatment so was refunded my deposit which I paid before the treatment so I thought that I was finished. I phoned his today to asked if I could have these areas touched up and was told I would need to pay for the session and that the guarantee will not start until I have paid for a third which I thought was wrong as my treatment I was told had been deemed finished by his so assumed any touch ups would be covered. sO I asked if I get 9 month down the line and need a touch up and pay for my session will the guarantee give me another year to which I was told no so I only get 3 months cover so in theory I am not covered by any guarantee until I pay for a session which I was told I didn't need by his. The thing is on f.a.q it stats the you are covered from you first treatment which is not true. I also asked how can they tell from your consultation if you need 2-3-4 treatment as everyone could be quoted any number of treatments and would have to pay for these before they are covered. I was told that his can tell on how much you will fade which I believe is impossible as people react differently. I do not want to change density, hairline or colour as the parts that haven't faded are a very good match all of these are not covered under the guarantee but fading is. I just wanted to know if others find the guarantee a bit confusing. But overall I am very happy with the treatment
  9. Length of hair after treatment

    I am a nw2 with a lot of hair left I just had the receded areas filled in and thought I could get away with a bit longer 1mm or so but you can't as it starts to show in colour. By this I mean that the smp is done to match a wet / 0.2mm shave and as your hair gets longer say 2-3 mm it is a lot darker than the smp and is noticeable. I use the wahl balding clippers which leave about a days growth from a wet shave and think this works well
  10. Guarantee will it cover me

    Ok Damien thank you for your advice as always you are there for us all
  11. Guarantee will it cover me

    Thanks Damien by no means am I unhappy with the treatment I think HIS are amazing and truly do change peoples lives. But I am really not sure where I stand. If I waited let's say 2 months and then decided that the pigment had faded to much would HIS say I need to pay for a third treatment as they quoted 2 possibly 3 to start with, when is it judged that a third treatment is not needed?
  12. Guarantee will it cover me

    Hi my picture was taken 10 mins after cutting with a wahl balding clipper which is the shortest cutting clipper I could get and what everyone on the forum recommends other than wet shaving and the r91 as I still have most of my hair I feel I can get away with this or should be able. Why does the guarantee start the day of your first session when really it should start from the day HIS deem your treatment to be finished as in theory you are not getting a full years guarantee. The reason I say this is as no one really knows when you start to be covered
  13. Guarantee will it cover me

    I was quoted 2-3 but on my second treatment I was told that I would not need a third and was refunded my deposit which I was told would have been used against a third treatment if needed so as I understood it two was all I needed. I am pleases with everything that has been done my hairline and density but am just a little concerned how much it has faded I don't regret it for one minute as it is so realistic and worth the money but am just after a bit of advice as you guys are pros at this stuff and have seen it all before
  14. Guarantee will it cover me

    I totally understand where you are coming from but I can see a difference in shades from my hair and the smp. I know that the redness made it look more dense but I would say my smp is maybe 2-3 shades lighter than my hair. I just think that if it continues to fade at this rate it will look like I have had nothin done I will try to post another picture tomorrow in natural light as I think this will give you a better idea of how it has faded or if you think it is ok
  15. Guarantee will it cover me

    1 day post 2nd treatment how I want it to look