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  1. Treatment in two weeks

    Got my treatment done today all went well very pleased with outcome so far. #### c said the pigment has taken very well so hopefully won't fade much as it look spot on at the moment. The pain on a scale of 1 to 10 was a 1 maybe a 2 I took no pain killers and had no problem. All I could really feel was the vibration of the gun and ####'s hands on my head but apart from that not much else. #### gave me exactly what I asked for a very soft slightly receded hairline. The pigment #### suggested was 26 and I took his advice and think I will stick with this next time if it doesn't fade to much I will put some pics on as soon as I can.
  2. Treatment in two weeks

    How did the treatment go what hairline did you go for. I still have quite a lot of hair probably nw2/3 but want to have the hairline filled in, I have fine to medium hair thickness and am a little worried how big the dots will be to compared to my existing hair. I think I will be going with a very soft hairline as I think this will be the most realistic for me. I also want a hairline that will suit me as I get older I'm 31 now and don't want to have a hairline of a teenager when I'm in my sixties . I'm sure that #### c will be able to give me the results that I am looking for my treatment is this Friday nervous but excited
  3. Treatment in two weeks

    Hi booked up for treatment on the 8th November with #### Clarke. Looking forward to it I'm a little nervous about the usual stuff pain final outcome fading.