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  1. 24hrs after 1st treatmt.too dark?

    The dots look excellent. I bet it looks very realistic, one of the best Ive seen from His.
  2. Whatever makes you happy works. Im just taking about what looks realistic imo
  3. No, it will look like a prison tattoo. Ive seen it in the flesh. Yes, thats the reason why so many come in and think they can have smp and use clippers with no guard once a week. Those buzz cut pics are misleading. What I think is ideal Thats what shaved, full set of hair looks like. This the smp "buzz cut" result after some months
  4. It's a mistake to think 2d dots can match buzzed 3d hairs. And going darker to try to match 'em is an even bigger mistake. The most realism you can get out of a hair tat, is shaved hairs (as in wet shave with razors) which are light colored along with light colored 2d dots. With the dots being as close as possible in size to the shaved follicle. This is a realistic goal This is a "you're gonna have a bad time" goal ps I wish this was on the front page of all smp businesses so people had realistic expectations from the very start
  5. Took The plunge today with Paul C :)

    cake, do you shave with razors? if so, with or against the grain? looking great btw.....
  6. My first session is January 23 and I am excited

    Good choice man, its gonna look even better when it settles
  7. Is my hair too light?

    I recommend showing cake's photos as reference. His looks brilliant Edit I'll also add that Ive personally have only seen a handful of people with shaved heads with hair so thin and light that made it very hard to spot where it started. The vast majority, including you I believe from looking at the pic, have hair that is pretty visible when shaved.
  8. My first session is January 23 and I am excited

    beast what shade # did you get, 36 38 ?. Looks great !
  9. My Video Diary

  10. My Video Diary

  11. Worried

    the Sides, temple area could come a few milimeters forward i think. Height wise i think is perfect, very natural looking
  12. My Video Diary

    Great Vid BT. When is the sequel coming out ?
  13. NYC session 1 this friday the 20th !!

    Looking good, great photos
  14. NYC session 1 this friday the 20th !!

    Bsb, try , pretty easy and fast