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  1. Booked into Harley street clinic

    i travelled from near birmingham to harley st to get my smp done, i cant speak highly enough of the staff and their work
  2. Andros Townsend

    i need to know what hes done, it looks great i want that to enhance my smp. Anyone got any ideas?
  3. London Harley Street Clinic

    i had my smp done at harley st and the service i received was 1st class and the staff that i met were great. look the best advice i can give you is keep your smp soft don't be tempted to go to dark, keep the hairline age appropriate meaning if your the wrong side of thirty its best that you have a slightly receding hairline, but best of luck with whatever you decide, for me it was a one of the best decisions i've ever made.
  4. Ian Fue combo

    been waiting for this!!! im gonna b honest i cant see the transplanted hair on the pic's it just looks like really dark smp to me. i would love to see some close ups of the treated area, but respect to ian for being the guinea pig
  5. smp is my only hope

    westside there are videos and pic's on the forum of black and brown guys with smp, and to be honest they are some of the best results.
  6. smp is my only hope

    i feel for you westside!! just reading your post made me remember how sh*t i felt, been there got the t-shirt, my advice to you as someone who has been in your shoes is go for it, don't waste years agonising over this like i did, smp is not perfect mainly because you have to shave everyday or so but i have never been called out on my smp. unfortunately you will always hate your hairloss especially being so young, just keep your treatment natural no sharp hairline or side profiles and most important of all, do your research! best of luck with what ever you decide
  7. finally

    hi guys just wanted to check back in to give a update 3/4 months post treatment, had 2 treatments in london harley st, my pigment held really well so didn't need a third [maybe next year]. this was a big decision for me to get smp, mainly because i wasn't sure if it was as good as it looks on the pics/ vids on the forum but it was one of the best things i have done for my self esteem, i honestly dont think about baldness anymore, nobody has called me out or even looked at me funny, as it does take time to adjust to not being bald, being called out would have crushed my confidence in smp [stupid i know] i have only told three people and they are brutal with their honesty and all three were amazed how good it looks, one word of caution as good as smp is don't look for smp to cure every feeling of self loathing, anxiety, or depression, that's not going to happen, you need therapy for that!!! it makes you look and feel better about your appearance. but if your on the fence my advice would be go for it, keep it natural,don't overdo it, sometimes people have too many session which in my opinion makes the look unnatural. i will come back to the forum soon to give more updates good luck guys
  8. finally

    this is just my personal opinion, the practitioners in london have a lot of experience between them, and i researched the best results i liked on the forum they are the main reasons, bonuses are the two female practitioners are pretty hot
  9. finally

    thanks for your replies. nearly a week after my second session and im much happier with how my smp looks, soon as i washed my head it started to look much more natural and the shine seemed to sort itself out which i am happy about, i have to say i haven't give it a good outing yet but the people who i have shown have been impressed. i don't think i will need a third session as the ink has held really well, so on the whole i'm really happy with my decision.
  10. finally

    had my second and hopefully final treatment yesterday. i asked for a subtle look with a soft hairline have to say its darker than i expected but have been told it will lighten up over the next few days and weeks, the shade used were 12 first session and 10 on my second session,( i am mixed race) my partner and son like the new look im still getting used to the new look to be honest, the one thing that is concerning me is the shine which my son picked up on as well, hopefully when i get the chance to wash and moisturise it will look better, any good suggestions on a good anti-shine? jamessc1990 i will try to post some pics asap but not sure how to do it
  11. 18 months on....

    don't go messing with it, still looks good
  12. finally

    just had my first treatment in london, very pleased with how it looks, . painwise i would give it a 5/10, and at worse 6/10 so bearable, one downside to harley street is the traffic in london, horrendous!!! but the staff are professional and friendly. looking forward to my 2nd session next week
  13. finally

    thanks dr carter. based near b'ham but travelling to london,
  14. finally

    hi guys finally geting my smp after 2 years on the fence, my journey starts this wk and i'm excited and nervous. just wanna say thanks to all the guys who have posted there stories which have helped me with my decision will try to post some pic's of before and after, but to be honest i havent got a clue how to do it
  15. Update over 2 years on

    looks great