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  1. Glad to see your comment! It´s suits really fantastic on you! Which was your nw scale? Thanks, and enjoy with your treatment and your girl. Pretty couple Thanks!
  2. Ey man, nothing to worry about! Short hair looks really well on you but i understand the situation. The first time that put off the hair, the impact on the ego is too heavy, like a punch on the face. However you would to know that we often judg ourselves stronger thab people that stay arround. For me to you, congratulations. You have a nice head and simetric face that improve your sex appeal more with short hair than a long thin hair. Cheers!
  3. Not 100% happy, what to do next?

    @threecrowns me...
  4. Photos after final treatment

    Wow! I apreciate that you were nw 6-7 and my question is; How do you keep your head without shine? Thanks and good results!
  5. My SMP final result @ HIS/LA

    @thebaldego your head looks fantastic mate! That´s incredible, if i don´t know your age i say that you are in your 40 o.O How do you take care of your skin? I wish can look like you at the same age! haha Awesome results and simply brilliant. Thanks for the post
  6. Wich was your nw level? If it was 6 or 7, the final results are unbelievables
  7. My SMP journey has started

    Good results ericmario! I think that your skin tone is perfect for a dark micropigmentation colour. Looks perfect now but it can appreciate low density in the crown area. When 3er treatment will be complete, the results will be awesome. Happy for you!
  8. My SMP journey has started

    Good results bro. When redness dissapear, the treatment will look awesome. David1963, I´m so happy for you. You fought with one of the most agressive and deadly cancer and win at the end. My father died 9 years ago cause of melanoma that doctors discovered later.This type of cancer diseminates very quickly and it becomes often metastasize. PLEASE BE CAREFUL

    Both awesome!
  10. Darker!

    The guy of the attached photo looks strange for me with that hairline and that colour... Is the same colour when someone has the treatment done recently. In order to your question; you would consider that if you have a darker micropigmentation is better cut the hair with an electric machine every day or every other day to look more realistic. if you want to shave your head, the treatment with a brighter colour is a reasonable choice. Cheers.
  11. Ey spanish, was Aldemar Campos who did the SMP with that bad results? I'm spanish too and only know about him,Mirko an HIS. I'm glad to hear a good end of the story,and for me, the Victor Valdés hairline is an excellent choice for your face. Thanks for sharing mate and we are waiting for photos when you do it!
  12. A little worried

    Thank you for answering so quickly. I´ll go to the doctor as fast.
  13. A little worried

    Hey guys, I have a question and I'm a little worried. For several months I have made ​​some cracks in the skull and are increasingly more . In these areas I have many veins as I hang my head and it's as if the skull were separated ... I have to see a doctor to rule out any serious illness such as a brain tumor, I 'm really scared . I'm 25 and this year I have noticed a worsening in my mental and physical state. My question is: Micropigmentation could hide cracks in my head ? I'm constantly complexing and I take pictures , I get obsessed and I hook it . A sunlight are best seen cracks in the skull. Attached some photos: This text is translated from Google translator
  14. 2 times ten plus one

    My english still bad but I think that you can understand me hahahah Blesses