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  1. Combination of Pigments for Hairline?

    You can ask your practitioner to use many shades. I always ask for a darker shade for the crown for example. For the hairline I think the feathered effect is more due to the dots design, rather than the shade.
  2. 2 Down

    Yes don't worry it will lighten up, and especially you will get use to have a hairline which you didn't before ;-
  3. A Question of Stubble

    I don't like stubble personally, I shave everyday. To me it makes the treatment less realistic. But I know opinions differ on this.
  4. Request a Practioner

    Hello, I think your query was legit a few years ago when there was some differences between the practitioners, but now HIS is a global company and I can see the processes are much better for training. I just had sessions in Paris for the first time and I felt exactly like in London. The main thing is to know what you want, there is not only one correct hairline (and same for sides) and only you can tell the practitioner what you want (I corrected mine twice). So do your homework, draw lines and explain and talk a lot before the session. Don't hesitate to be picky on the design. And you will be fine
  5. 28 Days To Go

    Hi all, I had my last session yesterday, everything went perfectly well. Now I can say that the Paris clinic is as good as the London one, I am very very happy with the new hairline which is as low as you can get. And as a side note, scars aren't an issue for me anymore since a long time. Sure you can still see them if you look close, but the coverage is pretty good and I don't worry that much about them.
  6. 28 Days To Go

    Hi guys, I am out of my 2nd session, I have lowered my hairline again and this time I can"t go lower if I consider the highest wrinkle. I discovered for the first time the clinic in Paris and I am so happy I booked there. The team is really knowledgeable and I am really glad with the result. All the time booked as been used, so 7 hours. At first I thought it would be too much but if you think about it, new hairline+scars+touch up it's time consuming. Second session was a bit more complicated as my skin was dry, though I moisturize it the days before. Maybe I will write more after if you have questions
  7. 28 Days To Go

    Hi Raymond, I hope you are well, yes I was surprised as well. Let's see if they really use this time. I trust HIS. And if they don't I will tell everyone. There is also the hairline to lower, plus the big scar to touch up and everything is very light now so let's see. I don't remember the hourly rate they gave me, it's a few weeks ago already sorry.
  8. 28 Days To Go

    OK I am booked for the end of this month. Two sessions, 3.5 hours each to refresh the treatment and lower my hairline again. I was a bit surprised by the number of hours quoted for that, but it's already two years since my last touch-up so it might be necessary. My treatment still looks fucking good but I can see some areas have faded. I hope this will be my last update to the design because this is expensive but it took me time to get used to this look and know where I want the hairline to be. Because there is no way back, unless you laser it out but this was not an option for me. I can't wait to get it done
  9. 28 Days To Go

    Now I feel I need a touch up. It still looks good, but as I had a light tone (#32) I want to refresh it. You can see the work I had done in my signature to get an overview, but roughly I think a touch up after two year is fine... I will probably post some pictures soon. I hope all of you guys are doing well
  10. Hmm interesting thanks for the feedback. They could have "changed" by opting for a darker look on the top while the sides remain lighter, but I am glad to see some guys here still have light colors, which I think is really nice.
  11. Hi guys, I sometimes have a look at your diaries, and I noticed that I don't see anymore pigments above #30 used. My treatment has been done with #32 (and #30 for the crown) and I wonder if this pigments are still used? Thanks for the feedback
  12. 28 Days To Go

    OK it's now more than two years I jumped into this boat. And more than one year I had my last touchup. No fading at all, even on the crown yet. I sometimes would like it darker but in the same time it looks so natural like that. As a reminder, no one ever spotted me. Even my mother or GFs. People give me 5-6 years less than I am. I am planning to lower my hairline for the second time in Fall (I hope Katrina still works there?). I think I did well to start high otherwise I wouldn't have felt unconfortable with such a change. Now that I am used to this look I can see I would look better with a hairline lower than my natural hairline used to be. Best decision in my life again. And now I like how this is aging.
  13. 2 times ten plus one

    HI Rob I connect probably no more than once a month here and each time I look it there is news from you. I am glad you are so happy with you smp and moreover with your new job. I might follow the same way as my company is sucking too much energy out of me. All the best!