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  1. 18 months update

    Hi all, I haven't been keeping up with the forum for a while, I guess I haven't been hung up on hair loss as much as I used to be, and that's definitely due to having the SMP treatment. I thought I'll come back and post some update photos. It's been 18 months since my treatment, and I think is holding up really well. It's still looking natural, and that's really important to me. I didn't want no straight or overly low hair line, too dark, or too dense, that would shout fake with a capital F. As it is now, even I can't tell my own hair to the treatment. Here's a before photo If you haven't had the treatment yet, and you like the athletic shaved head look, delay no more, go for it. I did it 18 months ago, and it has been the best thing that I've bought or paid for! I'm sure I'll update again in the near future, but until then, I'll continue to live life to the full. Thanks again HIS, and especially to Jonathan Tang who performed my treatment! Happy holiday everyone!
  2. 18 months update

    It's been just over a year since my last update. I think my treatment has held up well so far. Loving this treatment, it's a life changer, I feel so uplifted. I can't wait to get out of bed every morning to face the world, unlike before the treatment when I just couldn't be asssed, just wanted to dig a big hole and bury myself in it. Update again soon!
  3. 18 months update

    Yeah, JT used 16 on the first two sessions, and I think it matches my existing shaved hair & skin tone perfectly, even after 18 months. 14 was used on the third session to give a slight 3D effect, and I think that added realism.
  4. Life Changing HIS treatment in HK

    Wow congrates, looking like a new man, what a change in just 2 sessions. Welcome to the SMP family, and we both certainly got practitioner to thank for his HIS magic touch!!!
  5. My personal experience with HIS Hair Honk Kong & smp

    Congratulations man, you look awesome!
  6. My results in HK

    Hey looking cool, especially in your Bond outfit
  7. Any changes HK clinic?

    Congrats on having your scar treated. Jonathan Tang's a great practitioner! I'm still blown away every time I look in the mirror. He's usually super quick to respond to his emails, there must of been a glitch in their system or it had gone straight into his junk mail. But glad he's got back in touch with you now.
  8. Hong Kong results

    Hi Guys, I had my treatment with Jonathan Tang last year in Hong Kong. I thought I'll post the link on here to the thread where I'd shared my positive life changing experience with you all. Good luck guys in your search for freedom! (I've found mine!!) Cheers Allgone (all-back-now!!!)
  9. Hong Kong results

    Jason's HK treatment by Jonathan Tang has changed links, and I've also found numerous videos of Jason with his SMP in Motion. It's good to see SMP in action in various lighting conditions. Enjoy... eng. chi.
  10. Quality of ink

    It's compact, but clean and functional. Most home and businesses in HK is compact, because of the lack of space, and sky high rent & property prices, one of the highest in the world I believe. Plenty of ladies in HK, normal girls & working girls alike! You'll be well catered for! @ Remingtonchap - Totally agree, Jonathan Tang's my hero too!
  11. Quality of ink

    It looks spot on, still holding up superbly. The ladies love it, I'm turning into a babe magnet but don't tell the wife
  12. IT'S TIME!! NYC March 20th the show begins!

    Good luck on the 8th! I'm sure you and Graig will nail it this time.
  13. Good luck! can't wait to see your tranformation
  14. Quality of ink

    Your in safe hand with Jonathan Tang, he treated me last year, a brilliant practitioner! I thought I'd done, and achieved great things in my life, but choosing to do SMP with HIS was the greatest decision I've ever made (apart from choosing to have my 2 kids of course). Why would you think a practitioner would use cheap ink on a client, for financial gains? how much can they benefit by doing this. If a treatment turns out looking bad, the reputation of that practitioner will be destroyed. I'm sure no practitioners would ever contemplate using cheap ink that can turn green or blue on your head to gain a few dollars.
  15. Free At Last in Hong Kong

    Your treatment looks just like a real shaved head, if it wasn't for your before photos, I wouldn't of believed it wasn't hair. It certainly looks like Jonathan has waved his magic wand over your head as well. So glad that you had great treatment experience with Jonathan like I did, he's certainly a master at his craft. SMP has really excelled at HIS lately, the treatments are looking so realistic. Anyone out there who is still suffering from male pattern baldness are suffering needlessly, they all can look this good in a matter of weeks with SMP! Freedom awaits!
  16. My results in HK

    That's great news, you'll look fantastic I'm sure. Glad that me and Ikkyu can help out with our treatment photos. Which location are you having your treatment? Keep us posted...
  17. My results in HK

    Cheers Ikkyu, that's a big compliment. Glad my experience has helped you to find the solution to MPB. Now we're both truly free from our shakers!
  18. My results in HK

    Wow...congratulations, your treatment looks really natural. I also requested Jonathan to give me a natural looking treatment too, with a soft broken hairline, realistic dot size, and pigment shade that blends well with my existing shaved hair. And Jonathan really has hit the nail on the head with both our treatments, with all our boxes ticked. Enjoy:)
  19. Hong Kong results

    For the guys out there who speaks Chinese as well as English, I've found the HIS SMP translated website, with before and after photos of guys who was treated by Jonathan Tang in Hong Kong, and a video of a guy speaking in Cantonese about his treatment.
  20. News from Damien

    Congratulations.....welcome to the club!
  21. Lucky For Some

    Good luck Blue, your going to feel great when it's all finished and settled!
  22. Hong Kong

    Thanks HH98, I couldn't of hoped for a better result. I now think is hair, if I think this, someone who does not know I had SMP, hasn't got a hope in hell to think that is anything else but hair. Even when I did tell the odd friend that I had this treatment done, they think I'm lying to them. They say, "it looks like hair stubble, how can it be a tattoo, where's the dragon then".....and these are friends, that will rip you to pieces even if you had a small pimple on your chin. I suppose I've now passed the ultimate test. I don't feel broken inside anymore, it's a strange feeling, I feel mended and fixed. I don't have that niggardly feeling or sensation that I'm only firing on three cylinders anymore. I now feel dame good to be alive!!! Cheers all.
  23. Hong Kong results

    Hi Hollyj, Thanks for your positive feedback. Having a soft, natural look was my mine aim, but there's definitely guys out there that will suit a bold & defined look. I've found the thread to VSF's diary Cheers all.
  24. Hong Kong results

    Thanks HH, Your diary really inspired me, which I followed from last summer. It was yours, and VSF's diary that I scrutinize religiously, because you were able to explain in great details about why it fades, why it's so dark and red in the beginning, why the dots are sometime too large or small, what the lump was behind some clients ears after their session, and about recovery, why it can take up to 3 months to settle. VSF had 3 or 4 HT strip scars, 2 scalp reduction scars, and it was also quite pitted on top, and his end result looked absolutely amazing. HIs before photos look like he was attacked by a guy with a samurai sword, and when his treatment was completed, his indoor and outdoor photos looked awesome, he looked like a really cool guy with a shaved head, his scars and pits on his head didn't stand out like a sore thumb anymore. In fact, if I didn't know he had the procedure done, I wouldn't of thought it was anything else but a shaved head. If VSF, with his seriously damaged scalp can look so amazing with SMP, I should be no trouble for the same practitioner to work the magic on me, because I only suffer from male pattern baldness with a healthy scalp. I was so happy to learn that it was Jonathan Tang who had treated VSF in Los Angeles last September, and I believe he also treated one of your sessions too HH. Because I live in Hong Kong, I know I can be treated by Jonathan too. I am now hugely indebted to Jonathan and HIS for helping me to find my lost soul, and I will be forever grateful! Cheers all.
  25. Hong Kong results

    Thanks Emilio, You took the words right out of my mouth. It's really strange, these pass 5/ 6 months, I see myself as having hair, not pigments. With all of the people I've told, they can't believe it's not real hair, and with all the people that I haven't told, they are trying to work out why I look younger and fitter recently. I'm loving the attention though, especially from the ladies, and It's a good job that my wife isn't the jealous type. I've been a Norwood 7 for over 10 years, and when ever I look in the mirror or see a reflection of myself from a shop window, I see this guy looking right back at me with this enormous head, and a massive forehead that goes back forever. Over these years, I've learn't to accept that I'm no longer an attractive man, and that I look way beyond my current years. But, I was in a privilege position, because I got married, and started my family young when I still had a full head of hair. I really can't imagine what goes through the mind of a young person who hasn't even started dating, and yet, hair loss has become a very serious issue. With the help from HIS, and all their talented practitioners around the world (especially Jonathan Tang in my personal case), I now believe a serious viable solution has been created by HIS to help the short term, and the long term hair loss suffers out there, because SMP does not permanently scar, or damage our scalp like HT, or by wearing a system. I was certainly very skeptical when I first stumbled across SMP. I've done all my research into all of the other providers, but ultimately HIS stood out from the rest because of their very informative and honest forum. In this type of industry, it's very rare or none existent, where anyone, and especially an existing client can say absolutely anything they wanted to, whether it's good or bad, it doesn't get filtered. And as far as I know, when there is an issue or problems with the clients treatment, it always gets sorted, and that's what sold it to me, because I certainly don't want to be left out in the cold by the sub standard company, or a fly be nights. I hope my story will help those you who are still on the fence this treatment. Cheers all.