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  1. A few concerns about SMP.

    If it helps... I had a dermatologist examine with a magnifying glass 3 moles on my head about a month after my 3rd treatment. He ended up removing them. His comment to me as I left was that I should really grow my hair out because of the Florida sun doing damage to the scalp. He said I obviously had hair to grow, so protect my scalp while I can. If he can't tell, nobody can.
  2. Facebook comments

    What Trendy says above is a great reason. You can add that a form of psoriasis treatment is exposure to sunshine or UVB rays. In fact, many times that can eliminate the unsightly appearance. In my own experience with seborrheic dermatitis, the same is true. This is a fairly common condition which most people call dandruff. However, it can lead to very painful sores on the scalp which happened to me. A good excuse for shaved head with no trace of unsightly appearance such as psoriasis can leave, using the "dandruff" excuse is a pretty easy out. That being said - to be honest with you dude, you're going to comments about growing back your hair. Especially if you're a younger guy and from what I can gather, you seem to be. Society expects us younger guys to grow back our hair at some point after a shave if we can. It is what it is. I have gone back and forth with shaving the head and wearing a hairpiece, and I can tell you - don't be like me. Make your peace that your hair is gone, embrace SMP and the shaved head, come up with whatever excuse you need to rationalize to your friends if you so choose, and hit the gym hard. Grow some facial hair if you can. Confidence grows by your perception of yourself. You can't control hair loss, so fix the things you can control. Then teach me how you did it.
  3. One Week Post 3rd Session

    Looks great. Out of curiosity, do you always leave the sideburns grown in some? I tried and have real dark hair and it looks dumb on me, but I need to figure a way to make this work. There is BIG difference with the framing of the face with sideburns. I thought about just having them tat the burns as well to give me that edge. Look way better with something there.
  4. Dermomatch

    I got one of those pencils that chicks use for their eyes. It was a thicker one, and I just used it to draw the line and shade where SMP was going. The SMP will blend in much better, but sure - it'll give you an idea. Anything really that you can smear on that's similar to the color of your head can give you an idea of how SMP will frame your face.
  5. Sunbeds after SMP?

    Haha, Gary - I do the same thing. Definitely wana cover the scalp tho mate, or you could have severe fading. Also, just cover the top - not the sides, or you will have tan lines.
  6. SMP and lighting??

    Dude what razorsedge said is absolutely spot on though. I, like you, really hated the variation - SMP looks fucking perfect in my bathroom, but where I saw it suffer the most was honestly anywhere lit more than a dim. However, I only saw the photos. I gotta say man, photos are your worst enemy. Even under artificial lights, it's likely there will be reflections or the "halo" thing that masks the looks of SMP. We all hate it - but it's obviously superior than the horseshoe. Definitely realize though, I asked many people if photos accurately portrayed my look, and the answer was a resounding "NO." The eye sees your SMP much better than a camera ever will. This was my experience.
  7. 6 month after last session

    Some have had the laser treatment to lighten it. As far as natural ways to make it fade, sunlight/ tanning beds can definitely fade it. However, I'd caution that trying to fade it yourself like that could result in it looking uneven. I'd check into laser therapy so you can uniformly lighten it.
  8. Hair systems and SMP

    Here's an alternative point of view. I took off my system several years ago and had SMP done - kept my head shaved for over a year. But I'm young and like you, hair was really part of my looks and identity. After a while, people nagged me about letting my hair grow out. It took me about 2 months to get it long enough to cut in a system (3 for it to actually blend right). Fortunately, I was able to do it over a break, but couldn't really go out or do anything for a while to let it grow out. So yes, you can go back and forth, if you can take several months off where nobody sees you to grow it out (not recommended). SMP provides you with a TON of freedom as these guys said, but only you know whether you can forever be without your hair. You have to weigh the pros and cons here, and decide what you can live with. Hair is great, and with modern technology and high quality systems they can be "undetectable" to touch and sight supposedly. I'd say in my experience it's not as easy as they make it sound. You're thinking of SMP so I'm sure you share that opinion. Water, sweat, intimacy, hairline, photos, fading, cleanliness, time, money, effort, etc - these are all things that come with a system. With SMP you're free from worry (other than fading or sun damage), but hey, we all love our hair right? SMP can't replace your hair, and if you're attached to your current look, it might not be for you. You can do like me and have both. At any point I could shave my head again and have SMP - trust me when I tell you I consider it all the time. Wouldn't recommend constantly switching back and forth because hair takes time to grow out, but if you do it once or twice and have time or a way to conceal it, you can pull it off. Also, if you have a good amount of hair on top, there's things to mask thinning - Dermmatch was my favorite (best of the worst really lol). So yes you can grow out your hair after having SMP and go back to the system, but it takes time. I absolutely don't regret getting SMP and now I have it for when I go back to that look.
  9. What exactly is the "fading" that people refer to?

    I have had a severe fading issue. But exactly like Dr. Mach said, fading does not mean dots merging. That must be a different issue than what I had. Mine fades severely, but I've never had an issue with dots merging and getting that grey blob or whatever. I think that might be more rare or maybe a practitioner/ individual problem.
  10. How many sessions does it really take????

    I had a little bit of a different experience. I think I was quote originally for 4 sessions, but got 2 or 3 more within the year guarantee. I happen to be one of the few that has an issue with severe fading. I think some people just absorb the ink faster, but I'm not sure about the science behind it. Anyways, all I did was take photos and send them into HIS because I was states away from a treatment center. They looked at the photos, saw that I had severe fading and set up an appointment. I never had to pay extra. Now after the year guarantee expired, yes I was a little frustrated with the amount of money I was going to average keeping this treatment up over the next several years if they parallel the last several. However, most people do not have this problem. If you look through the forums, I'd venture to say the overwhelming majority of people only need what they are quoted, or at most 1 more session within the year guarantee. From what I understand, unless it's changed - if you need more than you're quoted, and it's within the one year guarantee, the treatment is free. That's my experience at least. And with you only being quoted 2 sessions, you will have many months to see if it's faded after your treatments, whereas I had to go through the full 4 before realizing this was going to be a problem for me. My guess is you'll be just fine and HIS will take care of you. Just make sure you pay attention and get whatever you need in that first year or you'll end up like me lol.
  11. A Sprinkle

    It honestly depends on how much hair you have left up top. For one that I saw that had a reasonable amount of hair left, the sprinkle looked great and matched - he got the whole 3d look. For myself, I did the sprinkle to get the same effect. Well, I don't have much left up front on top, and it just looked like darker dots. It honestly didn't look great, but it faded down within a month or two and looked ok. I'd really caution if you are slick bald. Unfortunately, SMP isn't 3d - it can look absolutely perfect, but it cannot be hair; it's just a dot to replicate what hair would look like shaved off (can't get a raised dot.) Just be careful man. Some have great results with that, some don't.
  12. 5 Years Out: Still Getting the Bald Jokes?

    I got the jokes and stuff as well, which didn't bother me as much because honestly most of my friends - we all give each other a hard time about everything all the time. So the shaved head was just another thing quite obvious and easy to joke about (low hanging fruit I guess). However, some people look better with hair. I ran out of reasons why I shaved it when almost everyone thought I could grow it right back (I wore a hair system and I started wearing a hairpiece very young - 23). I ended up going back to the piece because the shaved head made me look older, I never liked pictures of myself because of the shiny head, it was consistently a problem with fading and couldn't afford to touch up states away every few months, and I was just tired of hearing about it honestly, etc. I miss the freedom of the shaved look, trust me, but I was tired of not having hair for many of those reasons you stated, plus I'm just one that looks better with hair I guess. Who knows when I'll go back (I don't say if because it's really a matter of time - maybe when I'm older). Seems like hair is just that thing people always judge someone on, and it's such an irreplaceable part of someone's looks. I work out regularly and am in shape/ decent looking, but this hair thing is a losing battle. At some point the truth is yes, people will make jokes, they'll give you a hard time, they'll poke fun at your expense, but you're one among millions that knows the feeling. In fact, most of the people poking fun will at some point experience it. It's just too bad society isn't as accepting yet, of this being the "norm" or whatever. But seriously, do they want us to go around with the combover/ horseshoe/ balding look? I'd rather shave to the bone even without SMP than have half a head of hair. SO FUCK THOSE EMAILS MAN, JUST BE YOURSELF. Your treatment looks fine and your lady obviously supports your look.
  13. touch up prices?

    I was priced in the US months ago at $440 the first hour and $320 for any remaining hours for touchup (quite high IMHO considering I had just spent several thousand getting it done about 1.5 years before but I guess understandable.) Unfortunately, I fall into the category of people that, if I kept the shaved head look/ SMP, would need a touchup probably once every year or two years. It's just how my body is I guess. I don't think that's the majority though. Most seem to experience fading initially, but it stops after multiple treatments.
  14. Maintenance and tanning

    You can use the tanning bed, but I would cover your SMP when you do this or you could have EXTENSIVE fading. Whenever I use it, I fold up my shirt on the top of my head or something since I want the sides to tan, but do not want to fade the top. It works for me, but without a covering, even with sunscreen, I experienced a TON of fading. Please be careful.
  15. Question about Lighting Situations

    For me, anything but a dimly lit room like bars, clubs, or pool halls that have little overhead lighting, really made my SMP less visible if not invisible. Being under any kind of bright artificial lights makes it almost completely disappear and have a shine. Also, being in the sun makes it completely disappear. I would caution do NOT be photographed in either of those two scenarios unless your comfortable with your SMP not showing. Also, a tip - if you're at a bar and someone photographs you - the flash on the camera may affect your look as well. Be careful with those. This might not be everyone's experience but it has been mine. I am a lighter skinned complexion with very dark hair and very dark SMP. It is extremely visible in certain lighting and pushes the boundaries of how dark it can be in an attempt to compensate for these scenarios.