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  1. It was one of those strange nights, when an awesome woman has a night with me. We had many those nights. I'd say she is 8 close to 9. And I'm a nw7 with a tattoo. Now, we were discussing her makeup she did, and she rubbed my head (not for the first time), and said "it's a tattoo". I felt a cold sweat down my spine for the first time with her, trying not to say anything in the darkness, waiting for what's next. Than she continued "I made eyebrows because i can't make a good makeup everyday, so I decided to go with permanent tattooing". She wasn't talking about my head. They even don't know when they rub the head. Now I have women asking me to meet with them, and I become picky. It's hard to believe how much it changed my self-perception. It's a pretty much miracle for us. Though, you still have to be a matching type for that particular woman, as some prefer short hair, some long, and some even shaved.
  2. Started journey in 2014

    Was it an issue that they had to go very dark where real hair was meeting with micopigmnetation? I'm not sure why it was difficult to blend it.
  3. Is HIS clinic in NYC closed?

    Well, let's be more patient and hope for the better. I'm also awaiting for their response, so far 2 days. Maybe they are still on holidays.
  4. I've done 2 sessions 2.5 years ago (spring 2015). Here's the photo done today. It looks not as dark in person, but it's still striking how it looks in closeup.
  5. They still don't know

    It's been like 3 years since I did only 2 sessions. One girl with whom we know each other for a year, rubbed my head many times. I was sure she knows it's a tatoo, though I never told her. I was somehow sure most people guess i've done something and I don't have hair. But she just asked "but why don't you grow it? Please, please! It's so interesting!" Damnit! How she can not know? I said "and what if I'm bald"" She said " if you would be, your hairline would be screwed." My brother, who knows me for all my life, told me the other day "or should i say shaved rather than bald?". He doesn't know, only my mother does. He certainly should remember my bald pattern, but looks like people have short memory. So good job, HIS!
  6. Bad camouflage, dude

    I was chatting in a chat, where i had my photos where you could literally see every single dot. And one guy wrote to me "bad camouflage, dude". This was the first time in a year since I'm with SMP. I was a bit discouraged, and asked him what he means. He said "it's obvous, itsn't it"". I still reasked and he said it's about my nickname - "invisible". Oh yes, no-one noticed a thing about it in more than a year. I can tell you this for sure as people attacked me about my broken nose, etc, but never about SMP!
  7. Sun lotion may affect smp?

    Hi there. If I apply a sunscreen protection on smp, may it affect it? As all sun protectors have spiritus as ingredient. By the way, smp looks and feels great.
  8. It was bound to happen..comment at a party..

    It's cool you switched from system to shaving, so no-one really knows.
  9. It was bound to happen..comment at a party..

    Today I had a specially funny moment. One woman seduced me, and then wrote "I love good-looking guys. if you were fat and bald, I wouldn't come to you, and wouldn't at all..."
  10. It was bound to happen..comment at a party..

    My woman clearly noticed it. She was suspiciously looking at me, having a blank look. She didn't say anything. but then, when we went outside the other day, she said "but still... if you have hair, why don't you grow it?" It was so funny, as it's just like everyone tells on this forum. I went for a long explanation that hair is obsolete and redundanr, and she started laughing.
  11. I have many dates with different women now, and before I had very few.) Also I completely forgot about hairloss. I go to clubs, and become more sociable.
  12. The "Natural Hairline" Thread

    In real life smp looks not like in photos. It looks just ok, so that's why even ideal hairline looks mostly ok. There are people with almost ideal hairlinies in real life.
  13. Will it feel natural or real?

    I removed all of my left nw7 hair by laser, and my head feels smooth all around, except beard. I clearly remember it's the same if you shaved just the moment before, so it can be ok. I don't deal with transition or shaving. Very happy about this tough decision.
  14. talc as antishine

    I use it very effectively. It's cheap, and eliminates 80% of the shine for quite some time, even when I wash it away after exercising. It reduces the visibility of smp by 10-20%. In general, I avoid washing my head with hot water. So my head now has a very low shine level. I'm quite happy with it. If I need extra, I apply the talc powder and it looks very diffuse. I tried using nizoral, and it have me very high level of shining, but a guy here says it reduces it for him. So it might depend perhaps.
  15. Mikeb. I exercise regularly too, and I think wait 10-14 days and you are ok to go. I think I waited 10 or 14 days, and it didn't affect the treatment much. Just know that it will fade anyway a bit, so the 3-rd will be needed. When the scabs will fall off, it will also fade, as some of pigment will go away. You might wait 26 days if you are paranoid though.... But the 3-rd will be needed anyway I guess.
  16. Anyone have transplants AFTER SMP?

    Yeah I was considering it and consulted ti docs around the world. Some simply ignored, some said it won't look good. Generally I'd say for a nw7 smp is the best choice. It will look good buddy.
  17. SMP and heavy beards

    Looks really cool man. I thought by 60 it will look weird, but on you it looks perfect.
  18. Omg, am I too blonde for SMP???

    I decided to go for it for less maintenance. Yes, for all those reasons: at the back it was too dense and defined. And on sides it was too diffuse. I'm not suggesting it, but it is an option... If they can make it simply on top of the blonde hair, it's even better. As lasering of takes 2 years, and might be quite unpleasant at the start.
  19. Hatinghats, I said subconciously people perceive it as an unhealthy sign. Believe me, I heard many times people think hairloss is something males can easily do about, and it's because they eat junk food, etc. People have little clue about it. Of course it's not the cause. That's why scam companies continue making money on it. I agree with what you've said, and perhaps went too far in this discussion, reacting to that dude, putting down smp. Sorry for this. Just back on the topic, my hairloss depressions went away the day I knew there's an option making smp. It was long before I made it. After finding out about it, I stopped visiting hairloss forums. SMP is quite inert, whereas hair may fall out, so with smp you definitely should feel more stable mentally. For those, who still have enough hair, being in their early twenties, other options might work as well (though now I''m happy i didn't go for transplants. I would not beleive how far my hairloss would affect sides as well. I would really discourage anyone making it prior to being 30). But about hair systems (not quite a wig in my opinion, as to me a wig is a full-head coverage piece), you still have to have a lot of hair on sides. So I'd add two more positive things about smp: being inert, and having little maintenance, compared to other techniques of hair restoration\illuson.
  20. Omg, am I too blonde for SMP???

    I had dark NW7 hair, and I lasered it off. So I did the whole head. It looks very nice. I just don't know if it's a good solution for you. What NW are you? Also blonde hair is tougher to remove. You could shave you head and show the pics.
  21. There are several things. 1. Norm or not. Any kind of hairloss creates unhealthy look. I understand it's just a genetic mutation, but subconciously it was a sign of some kind of disease. So it puts off. 2. Lines, designing your face and head. When your hairline is destroyed, even if you have enough hair, high temples look old and create a big forehead. In this case smp will look younger. So smp both creates the look of a normal equal hair distribution, which puts you into a normal-looking class, and designing the framing lines. For women, it might be even more important than being a good-looking, as few males are candy-looking. Women are biological selectors, and for them it's more important if you are just a normal-looking but without flaws. But if you are handsome, it might make up for it (things get complicated ).It's a good question if a shaved head guy is a norm for women? Maybe not for all, but with good clothes I think it might look really good on most men. And I would say 99% of men look much better with SMP. for those over 60 it looks a bit weird, as few men shave at that age. I have mixed feelings about men making smp at that age. Though it would be cool seeing more guys at that age being fit and with strong smp. It would look kind of a sect in a good sense. It creates a "normal-look" as oppposed to a wrecked look. Horseshoe just says "hey, it's inevitable, but I have to wear it". That's why I lasered off the horseshoe, and was really happy not having the horseshoe at least. SMP looked like a future impovement. So smp gives you an equal distribution, good lines, and the look of choice. It' not only frames your face, it also frames your head. Horseshoe also affects your head perception a lot. People pay less attention to head flaws once you have a more uniform shaved hair distribution, and it also just looks better.
  22. I don't have to prove anything to you. I just can say I now got much more attention, and those are different women... different ages, and in my country women look good. I don't know how it's in the USA. Also, I'd hate imagining exersizing with a hairpiece, as I usually spend up to 2 hours a day in a gym. If it works for you, great. But this topic is about SMP experience, and I have some! I'm not against any other techniques by they way.. if it works for someone.
  23. My personal experience shows otherwise.
  24. Shaved head vs bald shaved head is a huge difference. Today I applied talc and the shine almost gone! It's really cool. I think most men have their own experience, so our opinions won't change much for them anyway. We are, indeed, different. But I still won't lie to myself hair doesn't matter. And I won't sugarpill my opinion. I just think it's great opportunity making smp and cater to its style, which is quite versatile today.
  25. Let's just keep it as personal opinions, I think having hair many women expect and nothing wrong with it. Shaved head is also fine. I can tell you most women will prefer a shaved guy rather than bald, as they will look better together, and society won't think she made some sacrifice. And you don't need to tell anyone here how baldness affects dating. For most men it does. And yes, smp will give you more chances.