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  1. Nice one for all the info Ant, Ive been lurking the forum for a while now and considering it. Problem is Ive only ever seen 1 or 2 in real life I think, If you go to HIS manc can you see people having it done and some real examples before going ahead? I'm 40 now so may treat myself soon It doesn't really bother me as been bald since I was 30 (shaving to zero), but theres always room for improvement. lol thanks!
  2. Hi Anth, thanks for giving us all an update mate, looks fab from the pics after 3 yrs as well. Just a few questions- Have you ever been called out? friends / night out / in work? Have you told many people you had it done? Did you get it done at Manc clinic? any top ups needed since? thanks
  3. 4th session blending issue :(

    Thanks Hedges. I've not had it done yet but looking into it his year. Take it easy
  4. 4th session blending issue :(

    Hi Hedges, looking good where did you get this done? which branch? Are you still happy with it? has anybody noticed? have you told anyone? thanks
  5. Getting caught out

    I think your last pic looks good ivor but I'd like to see a few more pics if possible. Thank you
  6. A Few Questions

    looks Ace, upload some more pics please when you get chance. Do you have any before pics also? thanks!
  7. Getting caught out

    Hi Ivor, hope your well, I think even though you've uploaded plenty of pics for us! thank you by the way. But the problem is I don't think the camera is good enough for us to make a proper comment or judgement here. There hard to see. Maybe take a couple close up in the garden or natural daylight please? thank you! ####
  8. Getting caught out

    Like I said shaved shadow, only because I've been trawling these forums for 2 years I know what I'm looking out for. I could just tell. I'm always looking out for shaved heads. Put it this way this bloke in the bar was with his mates and I don't reckon even they knew he'd has it done. Also it's usually only bald blokes that are looking at heads lol. Guys with hair don't bother as it' not in their interest. The other guy I seen over the weekend was with his girlfriend in a subway eating place. That was a good procedure too. I couldn't stop looking at it it was that good. All other people in the place wasn't batting an eye.
  9. Getting caught out

    Hi Ivor, sorry not been on for a bit just been busy with Xmas etc. I usually go on here mooching in work haha. I live in Warrington and yes would of met up. This is crazy I've been wanting to see some treatments in real life (without going to manc his office) for a few years Ivor. And this weekend while out on the piss I've seen two guys who' had it done. The reason I noticed is because I'm bald nw6 and I'm always weighing heads up. Now then these two heads of smp blew me away. Im not jokng in a bar last night I went around this guy literally 1 metre away and it was good... Very good. I' not sure who done these procedures as didn't ask. I've shaved to a number zero since I was 30 im now 40. It doesn't really bother me being bald anymore, I'm in decent shape hitting the gym, do ok with women from online dating sites. But seeing his results there' always room for improvement lol. I nearly convinced now and will.be looking into it 2018.
  10. Getting caught out

    Hi Ivor, yes you are light skinned but I think it looks good. Its hard to see properly as the pics are a little out of focus or a little to far away. When are you back in work, has it settled any? what clinic did you have it done at Birmingham? Have you ever used the moisturiser with tan in it Ivor, I've started to use it, only with a slight light tint to it, Asda or tesco do it. Sounds a bit pansy'ish haha but it just takes that edge off being pasty as Im light skinned to. Just an idea.
  11. Getting caught out

    Hi Ivor, have you uploaded any pics? Or got any to show in natural lighting. I've not had the treatment done and have like yourself being looking into it for 2 yrs. Just not got the courage to go ahead yet. I'm sure it will settle down in time. You done now or having a 3rd session?
  12. Finally Happy

    Looks good Hayden, do you have any better pics mate? which clinic did you have it done at?
  13. Andros Townsend

    I noticed that too Joe bloggs, left me a little confused to say the least! weird, he must of had FUE as well? Unless he's had it layered off and gone back to growing his hair out again!

    That looks really good and natural Redman! nice one, upload a few more once settled please. Great natural hairline too.
  15. The NEW Millennium Dome

    Yes Ill look forward to seeing some more pics Did you tell anyone at work or your friends and family? Has anybody noticed or made comment? Im still on the fence on having it done, I would go for the slightly receeded look so not obvious like yours. Thanks ####