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  1. Birmingham practitioners

    Yeah defo Danny top man ?
  2. I just booked my 1st session. I'll post daily pictures

    Getting smp was the best thing i did 5 years down the line its still looking good hope that helps mate get it done you wont look back
  3. When I'm on holiday abroad I use sun sense factor 50 Matt every day in the uk no 7 anti shine mosturiser with factor 15 protection for men works well for me.
  4. Post second session, too dark?

    That looks great jwingo the blend is perfect mate it will fade in time so no need to worry
  5. 2 sessions Manchester

    Looking good that dude nice broken hairline

    Still looking good mate this is what mine looks like after 3 years had it done in Manchester
  7. My Manchester Experience

    Looking good man just wait till number 3 results will be awesome! Well done Daz top man.
  8. Spectator allowed?

    Well said dave daz always made my wife welcome but who wouldn't with 36D's.
  9. What sunscreen are the UK guys using

    Me I'm using sunsense factor 50 matt with invisible tint.
  10. ken fryer

    Ken fryer total wanker!!!
  11. My experience with HIS Manchester

    Manchester is the place. Daz @ Danny top men f@#king buzzing. Way to go phoenix.
  12. 7 sessions and counting/...

    Mrlondon your SMP looks great four f#$k sake don't have session 8 unless you go to work on a scooter. You won't be able to take off your crash helmet though!
  13. 50 is lightest shade ?

    Christ! If you had a shade 60 you might as well stay bald.
  14. My Harley Street treatment

    Looks top notch mate. Don't think you'll need a third session unless you get any fading.