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  1. Celebs

    My friend shaves his head as the corners have receded, once shaved it looks like a full head of shaved hair, minus the receded section. Just looks like thats where his hairline is. Why is that not natural?
  2. Just say you get head spots when your hair is grown out, that get so sore it hurts to sleep. Keeping it shaved keeps them away. Which is sort of true for myself anyway, minus the pain.
  3. smp is my only hope

    I was nearly a norwood 7 by 21/22. Even if people notice its smp, i can actually look in the mirror and think "dam, i should become a model" so i dont care, its improved my life beyond anything else. The only way people know is if its defined. Go mega broken, then they'll never guess imo.
  4. Celebs

    I thought that too, very good result imo. My gf refused to believe his was smp. Perfect result as she tries to "spot" others.
  5. To be fair near every quote states 2 sessions and a possible 3rd and even i knew that the warranty wouldn't be activated until the quoted 3rd session was complete. Why would they do warranty on an incomplete procedure? Your fading is rather extreme though, no different from others here who after 6 or 7 sessions finally have it settled. Im sure they will take care of you now that you've went public though.
  6. Not shaving to skin

    Ill happily inform you, your wrong and thats the best use for this procedure. The less hair, the better. If you have so little, easily add some dots into your little light patch to match up. The less hair you have, the less blending making a much more uniformed look.
  7. Anyone Go In Blind?

    I went in blind. Within about 6 weeks of knowing it existed i was booked in. Skint student type too but alot of ebay, wheeling and dealing had me sorted for cash within those 6 weeks. I went their, was early and everything was locked up. Then a nice guy came along with a full head of hair to open up. I looked at all the life size+ pictures of people with smp. Still excited. Next in was a woman, with hair. Then another receptionist, with hair... at this point i really wanted to see it! So i sat in the we waiting room and a guy came in for his 2nd or 3rd session. Sat down and had a chat. His blew me away. Still one of the best iv seen in person today. I actually see him on tv as he told me what football team he was signing for. Wont give anything away as its not my place. Spoke about how mad this procedure is, and how we both cant believe it. Then off i go to the practitioner to get my head started. A guy comes in (can no longer name names) but i never liked his. It was just a bit, off... im going for the 4 inch hair every 4 inches made it look funny. Homer simpson style. At this point id paid, so couldnt back out anyway. Not to mention the 6 hour drive earlier. Anyway, totally glad i done it. Best decision ever. With my experience id still change a couple hairline choices. I never wanted it "too broken" at the time, yet now i understand you cant really have "too broken." In my mind for some bizarre reason broken was receded more. I was still panicking about having anything receding at all. They should just call it, "Real life hairline or a cartoon head?" So mines is quite defined, with some small broken areas, as i asked for. I shall fix this when i can be bothered. Luckily it comes straight off in one laser session anyway (already lasered a section off before), then re-apply 4 weeks later so no big deal. Except the pain of the travel down to London. Personally they should invest in a laser machine, 1 in every country a clinic is available in. Not cost effective but imagine the piece of mind for new clients and the continual mind changers like me who want a new shape hairline but really cant be bothered to go back to London again and be searched at the terminal because your hat had a metal buckle....
  8. No Available Appointments?

    Can they not look in their diary 2-3 weeks ahead? Not just fob you off with, "we'll let you know" Personally id be phoning again, and wanting an explanation into why they don't know when within the future they would have an appointment available. It cant be that hard to have a look at the diary schedule? Personal experience, i phoned up, asked when was available, Told me what was available and booked me in for 2 weeks time. Thought they was brilliant on the phone and brilliant when i arrived.
  9. Panicking! 8 days after 2nd.

    It'll fade alot more, mines was near black for 3 months before it was perfect. To just have 1 comment after only 4 days is quite good. im sure people would have asked me why i put boot polish/ paint etc on mine if i went out within a couple weeks. (luckily i can wear a hat at work and still do when im too lazy to shave etc)
  10. Panicking! 8 days after 2nd.

    Is your head completely smooth feeling yet or still a touch rough? Rough will mean big scabs covered in ink will still be there enlarging the dots. Also id say it will need a 3rd anyway, bit more density and the dots will blend. Mines was near pure black for a good 3-4 weeks prior one of my sessions. Then out of the blue it looked perfect, except one section on my temple stayed dark and never once went lighter and that was 9 months. I lasered it off anyway because i didnt want that section as it was a practitioner mistake anyway. Too short/long etc you'd read about it in my diary, which i dont think i ever updated after that stressful time haha. Everything worked out fine, and it will with you too. Good luck.
  11. Spots bumps on back of the neck!

    Clippers getting blunt now? My old blunt electric razor would do that until replaced the foil.
  12. Why we do not allow the naming of individual practitioners

    Imagine you ran a business. You trained a guy with your money and time to make him to the standard required. He then builds up a reputation with clients, sort of like hairdressers. Now he leaves, opens up next door and steals all your business. You've got to protect yourself from that. Its not a charity. Personally, will this old practitioner really have the budget to fix any issues, are the inks the same? Of course not, as that stuff is not shared. The guy may be a "rockstar" and do a cracking good job, but that doesn't mean the ink he uses is the same as before and in a couple years time your left with a massive blue/green problem. HIS ink is as safe as it can get, can you trust the others? These practitioners that have no knowledge of ink, no cash to back up research etc. They just get ink, and start up shop and to hell with the customer. They want a quick £3k 7x a week. Make there quick buck and get out. So you guys can go risk such a life changing thing on a guy who no doubt, will make it look perfect... for a year at least. Then come back to HIS to "fix" your new smurf head.
  13. how realistic are we talking about

    Your enjoying what we call the pre treatment panic. Everyone of us have thought, and felt the same. Just wait until you hit the 3/4 years should i get a touch up but really want that new car instead feeling. It will blend with dots of all kinds. The small thin ones hanging on for dear life at the front will vanish if the new dots are slightly larger anyway and be invisible. Really, i cant even tell where my front hair dots are, unless i grow them out a mm. As for staring at the back of your head, that can be the most realistic part imo, its really down to hairline if you want to be undetectable.
  14. how realistic are we talking about

    How real it is, is entirely up to hairline choice. Touching your head can be explained away by saying the tops thinner so doesn't get prickly as fast as the back. Then about a girl who notices you've lost 3lb... my gf never even noticed i shaved my 3 month old beard off for 2 whole days... Best ways to not even make a big deal about it to them. If they notice just brush it a side "yea its smp, thought you knew." "whats for T?" thats it now forgot about.
  15. Was watching that too and instantly thought, smp would stop that peachy shine underneath. Im sure another quick transplant in the summer will sort that area, still a great result imo.