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  1. Tips on how to look good with shaved head

    Agreed regarding tanning, it really makes or breaks the look. I've struggled to find a fake tan that works effectively on the scalp however.
  2. Sunbeds and smp

    It will fade the treatment, and not uniformly. The finer dots will disappear and you will have more a 1st session look with sparser larger dots. I would recommend using a gradual tanner on your scalp and just tanning it in natural sunlight not for too long.
  3. Why want SMP take

    I remember there was one guy on the old forum who needed something like 8-10 sessions his fading was so bad. But they eventually got it in the end.
  4. what do you feel when you touch the scalp?

    SMP isn't supposed to mimic stubble it's supposed to mimic follicles. If you rub a shaved head that is shaved right down you can't feel much at all, it's just skin. The guys trying to mix SMP into short stubble will get outed by feel but also visually.
  5. DIY SMP?

    There is an artistic element to SMP beyond knowing about the equipment and inks. There's a reason they train people on fake heads before they let them do a real scalp. It would probably be easier to do DIY liposuction than DIY SMP.
  6. MY Scalp Micro Pigmentation Horror Story

    I'd be very interested in seeing how it looks now.
  7. How to get it done with as few as possible knowing

    If you're going from receding hair or a wig to SMP then you can pass it off as just a new hairstyle that flatters you. If you're a bald guy and you suddenly show up with SMP then people will know and there's no point trying to play mind games with people they will just talk behind your back instead.
  8. 3 years and going, haven't been called out ONCE!

    We are all the harshest judges. I've had my SMP for almost 5 years now and I've never been called out but I wouldn't say it looks 100% convincing to myself either, and I do use concealer at the hairline to improve the blending (considering getting my hairline redone but this is an ok solution). In fact it gets a bit annoying dealing with all the "why don't you grow your hair out?" "you would look good with X hairstyle" comments.
  9. SMP protection - Nine-to-five lifestyle and sun care routine

    It seems ridiculous to use it every day for what amounts to only a few minutes exposure. Not only that but if you're that OCD about using sunscreen you will have a brown face and pale scalp which will make it look like you wore a hat for a year straight.
  10. Exactly how does SMP fade? (Not, "Does SMP fade")

    Mine has faded in the manner of the 1st treatment lighter dots disappearing leaving only later treatment dots, and some small patches of increased fading but so far it still looks realistic. Ultimately there's nothing less realistic than a full head of perfectly uniform dots so a little fading can look good. I know it won't last forever and I'm on the fence about touch ups because I know the guys who originally did my treatment have long left HIS.
  11. Full heads of shaved hair

    It's impossible to get dots small enough to truly recreate the delicate hairline hair follicles. What I have found is that shine tends to make dots look smaller, so what I do (counter-intuitively) is rub a little olive oil around my hairline and it makes the transition from skin to SMP more gradual. I think in general the obsession with anti-shine might have the effect of making treatments look less realistic, you'll notice from the examples of real shaved heads in this thread that nearly all of them have shine that blurs their hairlines.
  12. Spotty scalp

    Have you considered accutane?
  13. Where is the social media?

    If HIS increased their advertising much more I would seriously consider getting my treatment lasered off. It would be a huge error to treat SMP like any other cosmetic enhancement like boob jobs or rhinoplasty, because there is vastly more social stigma around hair loss solutions for men.
  14. Getting caught out

    Everytime I read about people being called out, or see it in the media it's always someone with a really optimistic hairline and dark treatment. I haven't been called out in the 5 years I've had my work done. But my treatment is very light in sunlight and I have the temples that someone my age should have. If you do get called out, rather than look a fool by denying anything I think it's best to massage the truth and casually say you had some hairline work and just shaved down the rest to match it. If your friends, colleagues or family are that much a bunch of c**ts that they would still give you a hard time over it then just don't get it done but I think that signals a big problem in receiving basic respect from your social circle.
  15. He got called out!

    Its the classic mistake of going for a 16 year old black kid's hairline. The more subtle and natural the SMP the less attention it will draw.