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  1. Lebron James New Hairline

    After looking deeper and doing a little diggin' on this Lebron new hairline thing, upon further view and closin'n up on pics, It kind of does look like a little makeup now that you say that NoHerrDontKerr. Who knows?., he may just have combined a FUE procedure together with SMP
  2. Lebron James New Hairline

    Here's some pics I found today
  3. Lebron James New Hairline

    Hi to all, it's been a little since I've been here. Hope all are good and happy. Woke up today and turned on my tv to find out that Lebron James has a new hairline. Google this news, and Vualahhh, there it is, Lebrons hair looking thicker. Just wondering what everyone thinks of this. Such a high profile celebrity here in the USA, this is jaw dropping to me but at the same I truly understand his pain. I think we all do for that matter. Wish everyone, and goodluck to all.
  4. HIS en Barcelona, la cuenta atrás

    AirMax79, ¿tienes fotos del resultado final. Me gustaría ver cómo su tratamiento resultó
  5. Ive had 2 sessions now i want it darker

    Wow, it's been months since I checked in to the forum fellas., hope all are well and happy with there treatments. Matt333 I know exactly what u mean bro. I had 2 sessions myself, and felt just as you did after the Second. So, I called up and asked for a third to go darker. Worked out well, but just like Damien said, the fading continues for some time. I seriously feel I can go even darker, but I'm being patient and lettin it all settle in. If I'm still up to it, I'll call for a 4th session. But I don't wanna get to crazy now. Which is my best advice to you Matt333. Get the third session bro, but don't get carried away.
  6. Thanks Damien., Will do, but not in a rush to do so at this very moment. I wanna take some time and at least give it a chance to settle completely before I act on it fully. Just don't wanna continue use of a product in particular if its gonna tamper wit my SMP.
  7. Landlord1., Thanks man. I'm glad this hasn't been a problem for you. I personally think this is a great solution for shiny heads. But I'm definitely concerned with he possibility of it being to strong for the pigments. But I'm happy you haven't experienced anything but a positive outcome as a result. I hope this is ok to use. This'll clear my head a bit. Still concerned that the fading I've experienced is a bit extensive for my time with SMP one month post treatment. Ill see how this holds up within the coming weeks and contact HIS for a second opinion. Thanks again man.
  8. Hi to all., Was wondering if certain Sunblocks, or even moisturizers for that matter would be highly not recommended for SMP post treatment and in the course of a lifetime in general with and after SMP?. Wondering if the forum could help?., I've been using this Neutragena Ultra Sheer SPF 100 sunblock, after shave, when heading out. But I've questioned wether its suitable or not for SMP, especially in this crucial time post treatment where fading is an issue. I'm one month post last treatment session and though I know fading may continually persist thru out this month, I'm afraid that anything I use may contribute to the cause. I'm posting a pic of the Sunblock in hopes that HatingHats or someone can give me their opinion as to wether I should worry or not, or even if I should discontinue use of this particular item. I'm concerned about my fading at this very moment. Idk wether it's faded heavily, it's in need of more density, or it's just not dark enough. Considering contacting HiS to get their opinion. But, I am to a fault, happy with the work done so far. Just curious about my fading and the use of certain products. Please feel free to elaborate. Thanks.
  9. Using two different shades

    I've thought about this very much so over the last cpl of days., I'm excited with my SMP but lately after all has settled, I feel as though its a bit light. After one days growth the natural hair color seems to out do the SMP work and in my opinion can become a tad noticeable., but of course the only ones who notice is someone who's had the work done, or likely knows a thing or 2 about HIS. Ill pay close attention to how this plays out, but I'm totally leaning towards gettin another touch and going a shade darker.
  10. Wahl Shaver and R91

    Depending on ones hairloss they may not have a choice but to go skin-deep with a Whal or a Braun shaver. But the R91, man I gotta get me one, this week hopefully. I'm very tough when it comes to tryin somethin new. But I'm convinced that I've got to try it. Just reading you post up above Bears1985, I think, puts the icing on it. Will try picking up one by weeks end
  11. Applying running alcohol immediately after shave?.

    HatsOff., Maybe your skin isn't as sensitive as some of us. My skin is super sensitive. I've dealt with acne, easy bruising marks, and instant redness over any pressurized physical contact for most of my adolescent/ adult life. I'd def recommend you use something to prevent razor marks/bumps. But then again, we're all different. Wish you nothing but the best bro. Take care
  12. Applying running alcohol immediately after shave?.

    Thanks HH, good to know man.
  13. Do I need a touch-up?

    I feel like one more session will do you great. Add more density and make it complete. I'm more recent with my procedure and I'm starting to have the same feelings. I feel like one more session for me will serve me well.
  14. Applying running alcohol immediately after shave?.

    HatingHats., Would it be ok to use both the Witch Hazel and the Headblade Clearhead astringent together (at different times after shaving), or would it best to just stick to one of these products and go from there?., Thanks for everything HatingHats!.
  15. Anyone had any experience with ketoconazole?

    I ordered a shampoo after watching the vid up top posted by Damien. RegenePure I think its called. Hopefully this helps a bit. I've been searching for a safe shampoo as of late and had no idea what to go with.