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  1. I recently had a treatment to break up my hairline and bring in my temples and I am very impressed. He is by far one of the best practitioners at His Hair.
  2. Bit worried about the Toronto clinic

    Was planning on having a treatment there to bring in my temples in a bit but I am seeing a lot of people having problems with the Toronto clinic. Everything seemed to be going well while Dave was there. Anyone have any information on this?
  3. Alright lets be honest guys, for the most of us we are all wanting to enhance our appearance to help our chances with the opposite sex and to generally just look better or we wouldn't be on these forums. I have seen lots of negative comments saying that smp doesn't change your appearance all that much and people still wanting their hair back. You guys just have to stop being a bunch of pansys worrying about every little thing. SMP in my opinion is just as good as having a full head of hair because its something different and you'll be that guy with the shaved and a nice hairline. Just the other day a girl who was 10/10 asked me to go out for a date. I was kind of in shock because I didn't think I stood a chance with a girl like this. The best part was when she said " I think the whole shaved head look is sexy." I honestly believe that SMP has given me the confidence and added to my appearance. This look can be very stylish and here are some helpful tips to pull off this look. 1. Put sunscreen on your head and line it up with your hairline. By not tanning your scalp and just tanning your face I find it kind of makes the smp pop out. 2. Go to the gym as often as you can and try to keep a low body fat. 3. Moisturise your scalp as often as possible because the healthier the scalp the better smp will look 4. Just rock the shaved head and don't hide under your hat. It's all about confidence
  4. Young Bald Guy's Diary

    Medium Brown
  5. Young Bald Guy's Diary

    Alright guys its almost been 2 year since I got my original treatment.I thought I would give you guys an update. For the people who have followed my story sorry for deleting old photos. HIS Hair has grown in the past few years and I didn't feel comfortable with my face on the internet. Overall SMP has made a big difference in my life. I'm only 20 but I know for a fact if it wasn't for SMP I would most likely look 30 lol. Last week my friend made the comment " Your never going to go bald with a hairline like that." I got a chuckle out of that. Only if he knew . I took some photos because I wanted to show you guys what is my real hair and what is SMP, so I grew my hair out for a week in the first two pictures. In the other two is a fresh shave.
  6. Young Bald Guy's Diary

    Updating soon....
  7. Young Bald Guy's Diary

    Update time! BAM! Also this just shows you that depending on the lighting conditions ,the smp can look darker or lighter. Also shaved the beard.What do you guys think?
  8. My dad is in his 60s and he has a full thick head of hair. I got the shitty end of the DNA stick. I blame my Moms side.
  9. How I created the 3d look for my Smp

    @Pancake I posted this thread to help others with their SMP treatment. I have no reason to "Troll anyone", I'm just sharing what I have noticed and wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar experience which several people have had.I would post photos but I don't have an HD camera,but im getting an iphone soon and when I do ,I'll post some HD photos. @Hairkiller, A lot of guys don't like wet shaving and I am one because when I do all you can see is scalp and you can hardly see a shadow. My first sessions looked amazing when I wet shaved but with a days growth it didn't look right. In my later sessions I went darker and it gave me the ability to get away with using the clippers with no guard.I am now 10x more happier with my treatment then I was before. I met a guy who was on the fence about the treatment and after he saw my SMP he went and booked his treatments. He inspected my head very closely and he couldn't get over the fact on how real it looked and how he couldn't tell what was smp and what wasn't.This will not give you the appearance of an afro but it will give you the ability to get away with 1 or 2 days extra growth which a lot of people on the forum are looking for.
  10. How I created the 3d look for my Smp

    At the temples my hairline is brought down at least an inch so I have a large area with no hair so my remaining hair doesn't help that much , plus my hair has thinned dramatically since the first session. To get the helmet look I would say you have to have many sessions of the same shade. I'll give you an example. Lets say someone had 3 sessions of shade 30 on their head and on the fourth session they went with a 26 or 24 shade it would add some depth to your treatment. (This may vary between person to person) IMPORTANT- I am not a practitioner and every head isn't the same. This is something that worked for me and some people may disagree with this and that is perfectly fine. Just sharing my experience .
  11. How I created the 3d look for my Smp

    This doesn't give you the appearance of an afro ,but it can give you the ability to get away with 1 or 2 days extra growth. When going in for your treatments always listen to your practitioner because they know what their talking about. I just thought I would share my experience with this and see if any others have experienced a similar situation.(HD pictures will be coming next month)
  12. How I created the 3d look for my Smp

    When I get an HD camera I will upload photos so it's not a "pointless" topic.
  13. How I created the 3d look for my Smp

    @Juju , Im not sure if it would work to well with darker skin, but the basic principle is have different shades to create different layers. and with this , you must moderation. Nothing to Extreme! Also I have never been caught and I meet a member of the forums and he saw my treatment and he was so happy with what he saw he went and booked smp
  14. How I created the 3d look for my Smp

    I would say my treatment looked good but I prefer the darker look. I just don't see the point in getting Smp and you can barley see it.
  15. How I created the 3d look for my Smp

    I have had 5 sessions all together. My camera broke so all I have right now is my webcam and It doesn't have the resolution to describe what I'm talking about. Im getting an iphone with in next month or so. Once I get it I'll be sure to take lots of photos.