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  1. Really shiny scalp

    Pinaud clubman talc,and it smells good.
  2. Hey fellas my father been using this stuff for years and asked me too pick him up a bottle because I told him that I saw it some where cheaper than what he pays for it, so I tried a little before I dropped it off to him and it worked pretty well and has a good smell to it. For those you who maybe interested in trying this stuff go to Sallys.com for the best price,they sell a lot of lady shit for our ol ladies,but they do have a little for us men for shaving.
  3. Any Personal Laser Experience?

    Does any one know if NYC has laser services at this time?
  4. Has anyone used castor oil on their scalp?

    From what I read about it, how it works and heals,it sounds like something that could be used, but run it by Damien to get his thoughts.
  5. Hey fellas I been doing some research on castor oil and it supposed to be very good for hair, scalp and scars that a lot of us have. I buzzed my dome down tonight and started applying and massaging it in which I will do for a couple months every day to see if it lives up to the hype,because it supposed to help thicken the peach fuzz I have have and kick in that collagen to work the scars so their less visible. For more info check out you tube!
  6. Priapus for hair loss

    Hey guys I meant PRP platelet rich plasma. not the Priapus for the pecker. lol
  7. Priapus for hair loss

    Hey fellas I don't don't if any of you have heard about Priapus for hair loss, thats when your own blood is drawn and rich blood plasma is reinjected back in to the scalp with a tiny needle. For more info check out you tube video,looks like something I wish I done earlier.
  8. aloe vera

    I used it right away and my scalp got very irritated. If your going to use it make sure your all healed up and just try a small area just to make sure that you don't have any bad reactions.
  9. My scalp is real shiny like glass when I shave it, actually I was going to give myself a buzz cut, but I will wait for summer and in the mean time I will fertilize as much as possible and stay on the the nettle root, and keep you fellas updated.
  10. Hey guys I heard castor oil is supposed to be good for the scalp too, so I gave it go tonight and I thought it be be a pain in the ass to wash out but it was no problem so I will probably keep doing it every once and a while. I got a trim and I'm good to go just call me slick. Castor oil could be found at the health food stores.
  11. I been taking nettle root tincture over a year, and it doesn't taste bad at all. I heard about it on you tube, so I thought I would give it a go and i definitely see new growth and my hair is not falling out any more, I check the drain and brush all the time,even my nosey neighbor commented the other day, hey your hairs growing back, and i said yeah finally found something thats working.
  12. For those who have seen my before SMP, here is a few.
  13. Looks awesome congrats!
  14. Updated photo's below!