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  1. Success story! But a late one...

    @WestSide, It only took the standard 3 sessions. I actually just did 2 of those sessions and I have been very happy. I've been meaning to go back for the 3rd but I'm happy. I'll eventually go back for a touch up, but it'll be a while. Not painful but a weird discomfort. But EASY overall. Staff are cool... a bit weird, but cool. @hairhair98, I'm glad your critique included the word subtle as it was what I was going for. I'm very happy with all of it. What I didn't expect was how younger I'd look now. I'm not 'old' but new ppl I interact with think I'm in my 20's now, and folks that I have known for years can't figure it out; but they know and have expressed that I'm better looking, (but they don't know why:). Its crazy cool...
  2. Success story! But a late one...

    Simply stated I LOVE what 'Hishair' has done for me. It's now been a year and a half since my last session in LA and I couldn't be happier about it. I'm super late with this post but I feel that I owed it to the community. I remember viewing various other posts years ago while I was deciding if this was the right way to go. It was... attachments.zip
  3. Okay it's my turn!

    Thanks Damien... Yes "Danny" is his name.
  4. Okay it's my turn!

    1 session is DONE!! My nerves were ramped up as I entered the LA office. My guy was Donny and he and I spent a bit of time on what it was I was looking for. We spent more time discussing my procedure and redrawing my hairline than I was comfortable with so I told him I was getting nervous but he assured me with his calm and positive demeanor. Thank GOD we spent the time on what I wanted because I was VERY impressed with my 1st session. VERY impressed... Pic to follow.
  5. Okay it's my turn!

    Ya know I don't remember ever being told who my practitioner would be. Hope it's their best...
  6. Okay it's my turn!

    I'll keep this short and sweet. I've been on this site for about 8 months now when I discovered this treatment. Booked 1st session at the Los Angeles clinic which is TOMORROW! I'm pretty nervous but who wouldn't be??? Once done I'll start posting before and after pics for the betterment of the forum.
  7. Paul Clarke = Perfection

    Nice results! And the the hairline particularly good...
  8. My first treatment done!!! S.F. Opening day

    Wow! Great results man...
  9. african-american a year and half in...i love it

    Thanks for the pics! I'm a black dude thinking about getting this done and I've been hungry for more pics of MHT on other black guys...
  10. African American men MHT

    You need to provide links to the 'specific' photos you are talking about if you expect anyone on here to believe you...
  11. I've been reviewing threads and have how soooo many useful questions answered and pictures that have really impressed me. I was wondering though if someone could direct me to more black and or darker skinned individuals who've had MHT. I've seen a few, maybe I'll find more the further I click through the forum threads but the good people at 'hishairclinic' suggested I try this route. Thanks... btw I'm a Norwood 2, slight 3 with slight thinning all around. I'm just getting into community but so far I'm immediately impressed with the support and communitcation.