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  1. First treatment In paris

    to have an idea the result now is a little lighter than the first picture i ve updated on the first page^^
  2. First treatment In paris

    as i said i m not there to criticise, i was frustrated because results after the 2nd treatment was very good at first ( first 7 days ) and was really really light 16 days after... well, when i ve shaved my hair the result is not so bad I just have to be patient. Victoria told me she doesn't know when a practician will be present in paris for now She always answer my call and give some news. Decco : people on the forum are very nice ^^ Fab : i ve paid 1337 euro for the first treatment, 1337 euro for the 2nd one. the 3rd one will be 690 euro next one are free during one year if i have something to change i will try to go to london if no practician are present in paris
  3. First treatment In paris

    5 days before wash* sorry
  4. First treatment In paris

    well after 6 days since my second traitment i m very very disapointed, the treatment became very very light, lighter than after the 1st treatment......... So i m waiting for a 3rd one, i don't know why the pigments turns off like this, and my skin became very sensitive because we have to wait 5 days, some "squame" (i don't know the english term) appears... The most hard is to see a good result after 3 days, and the contrary 3 days after.. i will post a picture later
  5. First treatment In paris

    thank everyone, i don t have any pictures before sorry, i took an other one closer.<div>i think it will fade more 3 or 4 weeks later</div>
  6. First treatment In paris

    thanks robby ^^
  7. First treatment In paris

    i had my second treatment 2 days ago, i don t think i will need a third one because even it will be lighter in 3 or 4 weeks later as said Jonathan, the result looks good enough.... wait and see, may be i will have a 3rd session in april i don t know yet ^^. tell me what you think.<div></div><div>i ve met one person who came for a fresh up, because he wasn t satisfy after his 3rd session, i told him that his treatment looks really good to me... he didn t believe it was my 2nd session looking my head because he had the same result after his 3rd one, strange no???</div><div></div><div>well for now i m satisfy, Jonathan is very professional. the 2nd session was a little more painful contrary to the first´one.</div><div>now one picture to show you</div>
  8. The Story so far.....

    lol thank you robby, moisturisers don t affect the pigments ?
  9. The Story so far.....

    what kind of cream should we use ?
  10. The Story so far.....

    what means" moisturised. "? you mean after a shower ? sorry i m french my english is not perfect. thank you
  11. First treatment In paris

    I mean after the treatment is finished, so 1 weeks after, how many Times by week should we wash our head to keep à good head ?