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  1. 2 times ten plus one

    Only 230 more hits and I've hit 100k Over 3 years and all thanks to Mr Lane.
  2. 2 times ten plus one

    No buddy, I don't think I need a touch up yet. Hopefully got another few years yet. It'll be 3 years in January since I started my treatment with HIS.
  3. 2 times ten plus one

    Hi Max, glad you're still doing okay fella. Nice to hear from you, I'll never forget the help you gave me a couple of years ago when I had my laser amendment. Balderdash, thanks for your kind words, this is the best present I've ever had doing this for myself.
  4. 2 times ten plus one

    Thanks Nightwood, I know you don't dish out unwarranted compliments so I'll sleep easy tonight knowing I have the approval of a respected member of this forum who doesn't sugar coat the truth. You disappeared prior to my departure but good to know that you're still around to pass on and share your wisdom. I assume our other Guru from over the pond is also still here helping people with the technical stuff like he always did? I haven't read the forum but see that some of my posts have been edited to remove certain Birmingham practitioners names. When the time comes I think I'll be driving to Manchester to see my pal Cheeky Chops Danny and Daz. Hopefully that won't be for a few years yet, as I say, for me lighter is better and more natural and I'm happy to let my temporal peaks slowly fade back a little, in keeping with me being 45 this year!!! ????
  5. 2 times ten plus one

    Well guys, almost another 12 months on since my last post in my diary. Not a great deal to report to be honest other than I genuinely think my smp continues to improve with 'age' and no real signs of requiring a touch up just yet. My SMP has certainly lightened and softened but I always felt that it needed to a little. It's a difficult call finding the right balance because if your pigment shade is absolutely spot on immediately after treatment then that could potentially mean that you may just need a touch up sooner because it's only ever going to lighten over time. If I'm honest mine was a little dark and now over 2.5 years on it is still holding well and looking okay. I used to have the time to contribute a great deal on this forum and took great pleasure in helping others along their journey, I changed from being self employed last Summer so that free time was no longer afforded to me. I have since changed jobs again and am now running an Audi VW Specialist service centre which I'm enjoying a great deal. Anyway I'll try and upload some photos from my phone taken on a holiday at the beginning of June. These were taken in brilliant sunshine on a camera phone so not the best quality but I hope you get an idea of how it's looking. Again hello to anyone who remembers me from before.
  6. 2 year Anniversary

    Hi fellas Happy New Year to you all. Hope all is well with you guys too.
  7. 2 year Anniversary

    Cheers chaps for your comments. Always good to receive nice feedback. Tosspot email me chap for a catch up.
  8. 2 year Anniversary

    Hello everyone. Just a brief post to mark the 2nd Anniversary of the beginning of my SMP journey which was Jan 3rd 2013. For those of you who don't know me I was an active poster on this forum, helping everyone I possibly could but a change of jobs meant that I simply no longer had time to either read or post any longer. I had my treatment with #### Lane at what is now the old Birmingham clinic in Harbourne. I loved every minute of the process and 2 years on I think my treatment is as good as ever. No complaints whatsoever. When the time comes for a touch up session I will amend a couple of areas just to soften them further but other than that I'm undetected! I told 3 colleagues at work and they came and sat and examined my head and couldn't believe it. I couldn't ask for better than that I suppose. I shave every single day. I use my Remington R6150 triple head rotary first followed by my Braun series 7 foil shaver against the grain to get smooth as I'm out the house for almost 11 hours a day. I moisturise daily and still use the clubman Pinaud flesh coloured talc to minimise shine for its effectiveness, cost and ease of use. Here's a few pics taken on a shit phone over the past few months since I last updated my diary thread back in the Summer. Big hello to all the 'friends' I made on here. Robby
  9. 2 times ten plus one

    Thanks for all your feedback fellas. Dotmatrix: yes 28 was my darkest and what the practitioner felt was best suited to my natural colouring. I think 28 was possibly one shade too dark but at least it's given me extra time before my next touch up hopefully. When I return I'd opt for a 30 I think. Balderdash: Re advice I'd say go as light as you can get away with to avoid the fake look. Too dark can look like a helmet. Do as little to your sides as possible to keep them looking natural. Nothing too angular or defined. If you do need to reconstruct your sides then given my time again I'd certainly make then lighter and less defined towards to temporal point (profile peak). This is how naturally shaved heads appear. Unless you're young and with the right skin tone to pull off a defined hairline then broken/ jagged is the way to go to avoid any questions! Using a lighter shade and less density at the hairline are also good ideas and what I'd choose to do if I was doing this now. Most important bit of advice is to tell and show your practitioner what YOU want. Show them pics, tell them your dislikes. Remember less is more. It's easy to add to but more of a pain to remove as there isn't a laser in every clinic. If something does go wrong and you're not 100% happy then don't panic, take comfort in the knowledge that you can do something to remedy it. Whilst we all would choose not to require to make laser amendments it's a quick and simple process to alter the shape of a line etc. My journey took 9 months, at no point was I ever unhappy, I simply opted to make adjustments to make me happier. Good luck with your journeys.
  10. 2 times ten plus one

    Thanks fellas. Yeah HairKiller, that's my little angel, Mia. She was 5 last week. I think last time I was on here you were booked in after being satisfied with seeing the 2 awesome Spanish results (Damien was it???- fella on the beach with the tatts?) Are you still waiting or are you post treatment. If so then I hope you're satisfied buddy.
  11. 2 times ten plus one

    Hey everyone! hope you are all well? A lot has changed in my personal circumstances since my last post a few months back. After 20 years of self employment I decided to close down my business and go and get a 'real job' I now work for Euro Car Parts as a parts sales advisor so still connected with the motor trade. I work 5 or 6 days a week from 08.00 until 18.00 so just don't find the time any longer to offer the support I used to be able to but I'm on (paid) holiday now and have a few days before I jet off for the Balaerics so thought I'd pop my head in and say hello to any of the old faces if they're still around and to give a brief update of 'ma heed'. My SMP is still fine. For those that aren't familar with my story, it began on Jan 3rd 2013. I had the fantastic chap, #### Lane and apart from a tiny laser amendment (almost 1 year ago -20th August 2013) it has simply got better and better in my own opinion. I work in the sales office with a 32 year old NW7, a 36 year old NW6 and a 31 year old who is NW4. A phone call came in the other day and the NW4 chap was trying to identify to whom the caller had been served by. He said there's 2 bald ones and one with a shaven head (me). That made me smile inside. They've asked if I let it grow out then would I have a big afro, I just told them that it's thinning at the crown so I keep it as short as possible. The NW4 often rubs my head and I have a good sandpaper feel/sound even with little remaining hair so I've not been busted yet. I still stand by the fact that discovering HIS and SMP was a God send for me personally. Had I not found it then I'd be miserable and still depressed every time I looked in the mirror. My SMP has marginally lightened and looks more natural than ever, I'd still like the side profiles to lighten marginally more but I hope that my smp lasts me many years. Anyone that's on the fence about this then don't hesitate, HIS will look after you, just do your homework so that you can tell your practitioner exactly what you want. Take care everyone. I'll try and add a few pics. The first couple were taken with around 36 hours growth, normally I'd shave every single morning before work but as it was Sunday and I wasn't leaving the house I was lazy!
  12. 2 times ten plus one

    Wow, Mick what a lovely post with some very kind words. I've just logged on after receiving a notification in my email that you'd posted in my thread. You're in good hands with HIS, I'm glad if I've helped you in some way. I can't view the picture you posted above but from your avatar I'd certainly say yes trim the sideys and the beard right down as short as you're willing to go. My personal opinion is that stubble compliments the looks far more than a beard (just my opinion, there are many who love full beards) but for you by losing the beard and sideys then that will attract people's focus away from your head (a distraction technique). Anyway thanks again and enjoy your smp journey. Robby
  13. HIS Hair finance options in the UK and USA

    SPAM ^ 3 shit posts (in 3 threads so far)
  14. That looks seriously good fella