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  1. Treatment in Hong Kong

    Hi all, Just a quick update I am now 4 days post 2nd treatment, and am delighted with the results. 1 final treatment tomorrow before I leave Hong Kong. The second treatment was spot on and added density to the top. With the scar density was added and blended above and below the scar. Here are some before photos to give an idea of the scar and also hairloss. I will post some photos of 4 days post treatment later today.
  2. Treatment in Hong Kong

    Hi all, I have been lurking around the forum for the past few months, reading diaries and posts from everyOne who have spent the time and effort to post there experiences of MHT. I would like to say thanks to everyone as it has really swayed my decision on getting the procedure. Little history, started receding since I was 21, had a strip hair transplant about 3.5 years ago, 1400 grafts, and i have also being using rogaine foam since 3 years ago. Transplant was successful until rest of my natural hair continued to thin on top, rogaine helped slow down the hair loss, but it progressed to the stage where I felt it was not working and my hair was getting too thin. I started shaving my head which revealed my 6 inch strip scar. Luckily I had been travelling while I did this and no one really has seen it other than my gf, who knew I had the procedure. Originally I had just thought about getting my scar camouflaged but once I saw the practioner Jonathan's in the flesh I went for the full procedure. I had been on the ledge anyway but had just wanted to see in the flesh before I made a decision. Jonathan, I have to say is a top bloke who knows what he is doing. We went through the usual decisions, density hairline etc. I decided to stay with my existing hairline, and blend what is left in using the MHT, and fill in the thinning areas on top. The procedure itself started off relatively painless but as we progressed to the temples, it got increasingly painful. The scar was also sensitive, but once finished the pain was over. The first session took just over 3 hours. Here is a few photos I just took with different angles and lighting about 2 hours after the procedure. I will try and get some before photos up in the next few days!! Looking forward to the slight redness going down, and having a wash in 4 days.