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  1. I forgot the picture. This one is taken in the bright morning sun.
  2. Hi everyone, it's been roughly 2 1/2 months since my second treatment and my head is still looking more or less unchanged. Shortly after my last post I went on a long vacation to Gran Canaria and wore a hat until 28 days had elapsed. For the rest of the holiday I used factor 50+. Actually amazing how well that stuff works. I did not tan on my head at all. Nothing. Despite being in the sun near the equator a lot. During the last 4-5 weeks I think there might have been some fading. I do need to shave closer and the follicles in the MHT area seem to be less dense compared to the rest of the head -- It still looks good and I'll go and see my practitioner for an opinion about it next month. My morning routine has changed now, I use a Philips Wet and Dry shaver that I recently bought, with some shaving cream if I have the time... Wet shaving will probably take equally long time but this one is safer... I'm really tired in the mornigs and when I'm in a hurry I can walk around the house shaving while having tea and sorting my clothes out. Hope my neighbours don't see me: ground floor and no curtains! My wifes sister came by a few days ago and she liked that I had grown my hair out a little . I told her what I had done and she did not believe me at first. Well, not much more to say? I'll post more after I've seen my practitioner or some other time. Will probably pop by the forum every now and then.. the new forum btw certainly feels more 2013
  3. @robby -- been following your thread but never really noticed much redness on your pics. Good to hear even you experience that. Since skin turns over every 28 days or so I reckon it will take some time, maybe 5 weeks altogether and I'm not worried. I'm just a little unsure if scrubbing my head will speed things up or not, in so far as that srubbing will also scrub and thin down the new and delicate skin that is in the areas without present hair growth, hmm? I'm not using anything else than my shaver and soap on it right now and leave it to mother nature. The Nivea cream I mentioned before certainly kept the skin smooth but it also looked more red, I guess the fat makes the thin new skin more transparent till it's aged!?
  4. time has passed fast and I'm now well into the third week after my 2nd treatment. To date I'm very pleased with the results with the MHT blending in just fine. Judging from what I see in the mirror as well as on the pictures it will become an even better match in a few weeks when there has been a little more fading and the skin has recovered more. Thought I might as well post some new pictures here since I'm myself truely amazed by the results. If it remains like this I might not even need a third treatment? Time will tell... An interesting self-observation I made was that my mental changed self-image to "no hair loss" now. Previously I noticed people with or without hair loss and now I still do although I see myself as a member of the other group ) Until a few days ago I used some Nivea cream on my head at night only to learn that the morning shave will not be as close, forcing me to shave once more at work. Without Nivea cream my morning shave with a three head rotary shaver lasts for 10 hours and it's not dry skin either, so things just got even easier. As to people noticing it or not, most people do not care. Some are surprised that I have a "nice shaved head now", or they just think it looks better "now that you do not close shave anymore". Since there is visible stubble. An elderly woman said I should grow it longer. Another one whom I had told I was "going to fix my hair" assumed I had an exeptionally well done transplant. Little did she know it was ink that I recieved
  5. Lump

    Lymph nodes tend to get larger with age. The nodes behind the ears and at the back of the neck recieve lymphatic fluid (tissue drain fluid)from the rear part of the head. They are "inspectors" for foreign substances, viruses and bacteria. They will swell up on exposure and shrink again over time. They retain information of what they have inspected in their memory. Once re-exposed they may react stronger and faster. They play an important part in the body's immune system as signalling posts and centres of intelligence. So as long as the swelling is temporary there is nothing to worry about. So a part of the ink that gets into your skin gets into the lymph nodes and that's why they swell in some people, especially after session one being the first exposure to ink.
  6. It's now 4 days after my 2nd session with Sam in Gothenburg and until this morning the results of the treatment were well-disguised under a few days of growth... After a good shave the result was really nice. I went on to the gym for a 10k run and after a shower and moisturizer it looked even better, less red and smoother. The monday session itself went smoothly, I discussed lowering my hairline with my practitioner, but since I was not so sure Sam did some magic and I was very pleased with the outcome. Instead of lowering the line there was a bit more temple work and a little work towards the sides - that still leaved me with my natural large forehead but somewhat more framed. Not sure if that is visible in the pictures or not but it made a noticable difference in the mirror. All four pictures are taken today - this week end will be a nice one!
  7. thought I'd give you guys a little update!It's been a month since my first session and I really feel a lot better and more self-confident now. The pictures are all taken today. The sun came through the clouds so I went and took some pictures outside in brighter light. I usually shave in the evenings, so that's 1/2 days growth. The indoor pictures are taken in the same flourescent light as the ones in my older posts, so obviously, there has been a fair bit of fading. Peoples reactions have mostly been somewhat weird with the most common remark being "have you shaved your head?" Surely, that had not been a surprising remark if I had not shaved my head before, but I have done so for years... so I don't know. Only two people that see me every day at work asked what had happend. They said they could not say what changed but something had changed. So I told them and they reckoned I should lecture on the topic for the balding men in the department Even my family saw immediately that something was different. They met me only a few days after the MHT procedure and when I asked them to guess what had happened they said I had dyed my hair red, especially towards my forehead. That was funny. Dad said he would do it too if he had been younger. Every now and then I meet strangers and they usually think I'm a bit younger than before. It really has made a difference for me. I almost have forgotten how I looked just before christmas. The ID tag I wear at work shows a balding man, so he has to go. My second session is tomorrow - and apart from the fading I'll discuss lowering my hairline a bit. Not that I do not like it the way it is now, but I'm torn between wanting to keep it as it is or lowering it a bit... it'll still be a higher forehead and I've always had that.Opinions anyone? ... will post more after the 2nd session i a day or two
  8. Taking my life back---Finally decided to do it

    Good luck! I had my first treatment 3 weeks ago and I already feel I got a new life. Just another MHT session or two and it's gonna be perfect. Its pretty cold where I live and still i barely have a hat on this winter. Every morning I'm being greeted by my new self in the mirror and that still gives me a big smile on my face.
  9. things have changed to the better here and all of a sudden, on the day before christmas. Almost overnight she was her normal self again! I was amazed by her sudden change of mood... Maybe seeing how happy I was made her feel better? Or was it that my head started to look better after a few days with less redness etc Whatever brought about her change of mind, she kind of likes it now and has touched my head again. Thanks for your support guys!
  10. Can Propecia make you impotent?

    no doubt propecia can make you impotent. Finasteride, the active substance in Propecia is marketed as a generic drug at very low cost in a 5mg per tablet dose for the elderly gentlemen that have a condition called beningn prostate hypertrophy (ie having trouble weeing). Impotence is listed as a common side effect for these preparations. That means between 1 of 100 to 1 of 10 users will experience that. The same goes for reduced libido and reduced sperm count. So Propecia with 1mg/tablet will also have this side effect, even when it will be less common due to a lower dose? The manufacturer is forced to include this in the patient information leaflet, but obviously is not interested in making this a big thing. Doctors and nurses are bad at reporting side effects to the drug-authority, and usually they dont ask either why a patient does not want his prescription renewed.
  11. Ser grymmt bra ut! Sam är verkligen skickligt och jag kan inte vänta till min nästa sittning om nån vecka när jag ser dina bilder
  12. indian guy undergoing treatment

    Looks good! Are you going to post any 'before' pictures?
  13. Here are some more pictures from day 3. I shaved and had a shower this morning. Still a little red but it blends in nicely. My wife and I are starting to get used to my new look now and everything is harmonic now -merry christmas!
  14. @ Robby -- I have no clue why she does not like it. She does not like new things too much so it must be because it is new: "Went away from home and returned 4 1/2 hours later with a new line - cant be good". Apart from her nobody really noticed, not even a good friend of mine whom I met briefly last night.
  15. @goingforit mine said that too, the pictures must be photoshopped and it will look like a tattoo making a fool of myself. Now that I have had my first session she nags about the hairline and says nothing really nice either, even though it eventually was ok for her to let me go do it. Might be she thinks as @kiwiBro said -- she's afraid it might be attractive to other women? She's not the type that quit using makeup on marriage. So that part is a bit of an enigma..