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  1. Doing this for me. New beginning

    Hey y'all sorry ive been busy with work haha, i did my first session 18th nov, im so happy with the results, i did it in gothenburg with sam, damien, great experience. I will upload some pics, sorry for the quality its from my cellphone, i dont have any before pics but i was a nw4-5, as you can see in one picture, when it started to fade and i wasnt allowed to shave, you can see where i was bald. This is when it has grown a bit, my original hair, in bright light, I think it was 2 days after first session. This is today, one day without shaving with razor. Not as bright as the first pictures. This is 3 days after, in quite dark light At the moment, I just shaved and took a shower, it has faded more and im starting to see patches at the top as expected, next session im going darker so i can let me hair grow about 3 days, and more density to make it look fuller. Sam though I would only need 2 sessions, the redness disappeared 2 days after so that was a good sign. I AM SO HAPPY, everyone thinks it looks great, no one knows im bald and wont ever know it, the girls love it, I keep avoiding people and objects touching my head, but then i realize, i dont have to do that anymore!!!! t
  2. Hey y'all, i've been reading hear for about 2 years now, im 24 years old, living in sweden. I started loosing my hair when I was like 18 years old. It has never been a concerne for me, I knew when I was like 15 that my hair will be gone when i'm 25 since my brother started loosin it early aswell. I always accepted it, atleast I thought so until the day I got online and found out about toppik, my hair was getting lighter and thinner and I started to notice substansual changes, noone else did but I did. So this is where the nightmare started, about 1 and a half years ago, both economical and physical, at first this was the bomb, my head looked alot fuller than my other friends, most of my friends are from warmer countries since I was brought up in the "ghetto" with not many swedish guys around, so they always had very full hair, and I was like them know, except they could touch their hair, I couldn't because I was afraid something wouldv'e happend with my hair, yea you all know the procedure, right. The toppik did something to me, I started to look in every mirror I could, never let anyone touch my hair, specially girls, I told them I had a trauma when I was little so I hated when people touched my hair hahaha! But toppik also made me forget my hairloss in some ways, because each time i showered i saw more and more hairloss, so I stopped showering my hair, and i knew this wasnt gonna work for me. So about three months ago I shaved a mohawk, used alot of toppik in it and its been working since, but next time I wont be able to do even a mohawk. I have very little hair on top im a NW4/5 i suppose but using toppik makes it look fuller. People have told me rescently that it looks like i have painted the mohawk (because the fibres is stackin on my skin). I thought what the hell, lets do this, im tired of the products, tired of the hairspray, tired of telling people not to touch my hair. The good this is about all of this, noone know im loosing hair, either my friends are just blind haha, or i've acctually done a great job hiding it, either way im booked for 18 Nov for my first concultation/session and my second session within a week after. I've been reading here alot, and I know what hairloss can do to people, i've had my days where I just have to wear a cap (baseball cap freak), but i've never really cared until now, I personally think im good lookin, and there is nothing wrong with my self confidence at all, but somewhere deep inside of me, this is troubling me and I know this procedure will make me feel more free!! Im going for a darker color since I have a little hair on top still so i dont have to shave down to the skin I think, Im also going to lower my hairline and fill in the sides, and the first thing im going to do when im done is: JUMP IN THE WATER WITH MY HEAD ACTUALLY UNDER THE WATER!!!!!!!! I cant wait, you guys have helped me alot during my descision. PS. excuse my language/spelling. Best regards.