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  1. Young Bald Guy's Diary

    Thanks for the update man. the treatment looks ace!. or should i say spot on
  2. SIXTEEN new videos !!

    Amazing video from the His Hair team brilliant results. the wee fella looks a million dollars now thanks to this treatment. and i wanna also give his dad his respect and praise for being there for him. shaving his own head just to make his son feel more comfortable and understanding how he felt wow! great dad.
  3. Young Bald Guy's Diary

    Whats up YBG. I would love to see an update on how things are these days man.
  4. Achievable with SMP?

    There was plans for a clinic to be opened in Dublin some time in the future but nothing confirmed yet. i live in Ireland also and would love to see one open here.
  5. Instagram is Live!!! :)

    @Jowell even if that is the case there is no denying that your treatment is definitely up there with them mate. you should always have that smile now that your new look is kid ass. @Robby lol. mate honestly your treatment alone has convinced so many people to go ahead with this so its only right your picture made the cut. i'ed look at it as an honorable mention.
  6. Instagram is Live!!! :)

    Jowell you made the cut my friend congratulations. i think you should be on the main page here too or even one of the models for the company.
  7. Advice needed urgently(pics post 5 days)

    The Colin Farrell picture would be something i'm sure alot of people would love to achieve. but unfortunately only those who have very minor hairloss would be able to get this look if at all.
  8. Advice needed urgently(pics post 5 days)

    @Username great picture man that would be amazing look and far more realistic to achieve then the other two posted.
  9. Is this achievable?

    I honestly don't know if its real myself, but if they can achieve results like this then fair play because the dots are prefect. it would be really interesting to see if it is possible to make dots this size in the very near future. hopefully so.
  10. That's strange i thought they had. i know i seen a video on youtube where #### had done a treatment on a person who had alopecia and he showed this guy pictures of treatments done in the video. he also got his hole head done and its looks great.
  11. The Very Best Anti-shine Agent I Have Found

    I don't think anybody should really be worried about shine unless for some reason your head shines brighter then normal. i've been looking online at alot of guys who shaved their full head of hair to the bone and they all experience shine under harsh lights. it makes them look like they have the horseshoe effect also. its really natural to have this happen but if it bother's you then use anti shine. i also seen picture of some guy who had a full head of hair shaved and under the light it looked very dark and oil like. all these things seem to be normal effects. from what i'm seeing.
  12. Piperz Finally Booked

    I completely agree with the above comments man you look great.
  13. With all this new HD technology being introduced will this make it harder for smp treatments to go undetected?.
  14. Mr Giant Giraffe's diary

    Be really interesting to see how things have turned out mate. if you could when you have the time. could you possibly send me some pictures of your treatment?.
  15. in for treatment next saturday.... Anxious times lol

    This is an amazing story man. i'm really glad and happy for you that you got thru some hard times here. while reading this i really felt bad for you when you mentioned the boys where saying things i could only imagine what that would have been like for you man. but seeing the new pictures speaks volumes mate. you really look like your in a better place now. great results man. all the best.