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  1. Polish Mike in Chicago

    Jogie, Can you talk about the fading since the procedure and how the scar looks? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,
  2. My HT scar and HIS diary

    Any new photos
  3. New year New me ( hopefully)

    Really does look great Flash, its encouraging to see! Thank you for sharing you are helping more people than you know!
  4. Anyone around Indiana?

    Scarssuck, I would GREATLY appreciate that. I live on the northside of Indianapolis and would be willing to travel to see it if that is ok with you. I hope it goes extremely well for you. Also, I do not know how to send emails or DM on here so please try to get back in touch with me if you can. Thank you Thank you and again GOOD LUCK!
  5. Anyone around Indiana?

    I would like to hear from and/or see someone who has had their transplant scar treated. I would GREATLY appreciate any and all information that can be provided from someone who has done the treatment.