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  1. Zang LA Consultation

    Had several treatments by Zang and this description doesn't sound like him at all. He's always bent over backwards for me and everyone I've known him to treat. He treats his clients as if he were treating a family member. Nothing but the best, will do whatever it takes to get the top notch result no matter how many sessions it takes. Will turn away prospective clients who don't need the treatment. He's in this business for all the right reasons- changing lives and giving balding guys their confidence back. Of course none of us were there for your consult, but judging from your questions, I'm guessing you were asking a lot of basic questions whose answers are easily found on the website/forum. Of course that's your right, but for a practitioner:who has a limited time for a consult, and is jammed for time because the client was late, maybe he grew weary going over the simple things over and over again? "No the ink doesn't damage the follicles." "Everyone's head absorbs the ink differently, so everyone needs a different number of sessions." "The ink doesn't turn blue." And other answers found on this websites FAQ page. Again, that's just a guess. What I do know for sure is I know a lot of people, and Zang is literally one of the best guys I ever met. And I can't see him short-changing a prospective client in a consult.
  2. Ghetto SMP Practitioner

    Carlos Boozer. I would insert a pic but my 2 year old nephew isn't here to show me how to use technology.
  3. Called out twice in one month

    Plucked chicken! Oh my... Is that a cosmetic procedure or medieval torture? Hey there's a new sales vertical for HIS... SMP for for the sack/back/cracks of metrosexuals/over-manscapers/torture enthusiasts who took things too far.
  4. Called out twice in one month

    Hopefully SMP will always remain 'in the shadows', but even if it doesn't, you can always just deny it. "No, it's not fake. It's my hair I shave." Like women with fake breasts can deny it and say their boobs are real. Unless you got a really obvious/crappy job (like a really fake-looking boob job), who can really tell? Are these people calling you guys out in classrooms and on IG members of MI6 and going to give you a lie detector test? If you want to maintain the ruse, tell them its not fake and to piss off! Because there will always be guys with real hair who shave it, and women with real nice natural breasts out there. Not everything is fake. BTW @ Equalizer, what is a 'crack n sack' and where do I get one?
  5. Celebs

    It looks pretty good to me... but it also looks like it would itch like having a raccoon perched atop your scalp at all times. I know when I used to wear hats all the time my head would itch especially when it got hot. I can't imagine not being able to remove it. I wouldn't go that route because of the hassle. And seems to be more of a chance of getting spotted wearing that thing... with SMP there's plausible deniability - I shave my head, eff you. When someone tugs at his rug, he's sunk!
  6. Every day is Christmas, boys! Or should I say ChriSMP-mas? Nah that's hard to say.
  7. Considering it: Questions, doubts, advice appreciated.

    I was wondering how obvious it looks when it's first done? It looks obviously awesome when it's first done. Do you have clear marks or scabs on your head while it's healing? Scabs where the needle went in, but it looks like hair stubble. Does it look like a rash when first done? Your scalp will be red (if you're light-skinned) for a few days (3-ish) after the treatment. Basically, would they notice? 90% of people won't notice (I pulled that statistic out of my ass, but it's most). The ones that do will notice something is different, that you look better for some reason, but they won't be able to pinpoint what has changed. Some will ask if you've have been working out, for instance. A handful of people will notice something is different with you hair, but all of those few will all assume you have hair now that you've shaved. And if people do question it, do you tend to deny or own it? I always lie. Lies I tell are: I started taking Propecia. I used to wet shave but now I use clippers so you can see the hair shadow more. I've always looked like this, are you drunk? And once you address it once with a person, you never have to address it again. Because the next time they see you, the last time they saw you your hair looked like that, so they won't notice anything different.
  8. Life changing - my SMP diary so far

    Oh my God I wonder if Matt Damon regrets having a full head of hair that he shaved? Does he not know he looks completely bald? What a joke!
  9. Am I getting paranoid or bald?

    But Trump became preside... Sorry I fainted in the middle of writing that sentence. When will we get our first SMP president? I nominate Hating Hats.
  10. Shine and realism of the procedure

    You're right HairHair. Apologies if I came across as a sarcastic a-hole. My strong responses stemmed from the fact that lately I've noticed a proliferation of posts where guys are complaining (as is their right) that the treatment disappears under bright lights... followed by replies from guys who are on the fence about whether or not to get the treatment stating they are now discouraged from getting SMP. I know what a leap of faith getting this treatment is, and I also know what a blessing it's been for me, and I hate to see this 'disappearing under bright lights' issue potentially talking someone out of a procedure that could change their lives for the better. My treatment disappearing in the infrequent photos/reflections where I'm standing under bright lights bothered me until, on this forum, I saw pics of Matt Damon and others where their shaved hair also disappeared under bright lights. My angst stemmed from me not wanting to be found out -- I want people to think I still have my hair. Once I digested that the SMP being hard to see under bright overhead lights was not a 'tell' that it was a tattoo, and was aligned with what happens to someone with a full head of hair, I wasn't as bothered by it. Shaved hair (and SMP) disappears under bright lights -- that's life. (And we all know what disappears under all lights and under all conditions -- a shiny Norwood 7 head!) IMO, some of these posts about the disappearing issue read like 'OMG IT DISAPPEARS! DON'T GET IT!!!' I realize that may not be the intent of the posters, but that's how it comes off IMO, especially when it's not stated in the same post that this phenomena* is aligned with real shaved hair. For sure your feelings are valid as are everyone's on here. We're all brothers on the same journey, and I was wrong to come off like I was attacking anyone for their feelings. From now on, I'll do my best to take a deep breath and eat my sarcasm. It should go well with my usual breakfast of fried disappointment and a tall glass of sexual frustration**. Yours in disguised baldness, AB *Did I use that word right? Someone ask Hating Hats. **That's just a joke- my life is awesome!*** ***Except when I stand under bright lights and then it's just really good
  11. Shine and realism of the procedure

    I wonder if Floyd Mayweather regrets shaving his full head of hair because it disappears under overhead lights? Good thing he didn't see himself in his reflection before that fight or he would probably want to immediately leave and go home.
  12. My Journey

    TakeTheWheel- Congrats on taking the plunge. Your pre-procedure story sounds exactly like mine, always wearing a hat etc. I'm betting SMP will also change your life like you can't believe. If I can make one suggestion, though, is you might want to get in the gym and work out some time. Lift some weights. Try doing some sit ups. Having a fit body will make your treatment look that much better. Just my two cents.
  13. how realistic are we talking about

    Hating Hats said "However, in a committed relationship, where you are actually living with someone day in and day out for months or years, they will know the truth. And for you to tell others that they can maintain a fake facade for years on end is simply not true." I have lived with my woman (decent, college graduate) for over 2 years day in and day out and she does not know the truth. It is 100% true that you can maintain this fake facade (is there any other kind?) for years on end. I am living proof. ​Hating Hats' assertion seems to stem from his disbelief that any man would choose to shave their head if they didn't have to, and any non-mentally challenged woman feels this exact same way. Which, as most of us know, is absurd. In Los Angeles where I live, lots of guys shave their heads by choice. Many women who knew me before I went bald say I look better with a shaved head than grown out hair. It's not that unusual. For some reason Hating Hats cannot wrap his scientific brain around this fact. Now whether or not its ethical to lie to your committed partner is another question, but I intend to continue the ruse because it's working for me. That is until the day when aliens abduct us both and don't allow me to shave my head... and THEN I'm in big trouble. Shoot, maybe I should tell her...
  14. how realistic are we talking about

    No- when is the last time you got inches away from someone's scalp and examined it? Why would you do that? In fact, my new dermatologist examined my scalp a couple weeks ago looking for precancerous moles (ew) and he didn't notice I had SMP. And to Dasher's point, ultimately who cares? SMP has boosted my confidence so much and made me so much more outgoing that it has propelled my career and love life to incredible heights. I have never ever been sussed out, but even if I had, it would still have been worth it.
  15. how realistic are we talking about

    I wet shave in the morning and by the evening, the stubble has grown out a little. So I can tell the difference when I rub my own head- it's smoother on top. But she (or any of my other past girlfriends) have never noticed the difference.