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  1. Soon

    Got it all booked , looking forward to it. Will be heading oversea's to get it done in feb
  2. Soon

    Hey guys, My names josh, im 25 and from New Zealand.Currently waiting to get it booked in, Looking forward to it.Nervous of the flight and being over sea's more than the procedure, that doesn't bother me. Im balding from the front, and receding on the sides. In direct sunlight its easy to see, and happening so fast. Confidence has gone right down and usually wearing a hat because of it.Anyone who has traveled to get this done or not , and has some advice would be awesome. I'll keep this updated when i hear back from his hair with dates and area's. Hardest part is getting in touch with them i think Can't seem to get replys !
  3. NZGuy in Hong Kong

    Im happy to see someone else from Nz, I've been trying and emailing to get intouch with people from his hair loss to get it done. How long would i have to be oversea's for ? Im 25 and starting to bald, Want to get it done asap and so excited. Would be awesome for someone to answer some questions so I can book it in ! The treatment looks great btw, enjoy not wearing hats :3