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  1. "Awkward" stage between first and final treatment?

    Thanks - helpful info. Realized that pic to my current hair didn't upload, try this: https://ibb.co/et1Nqw Should I expect to have a noticeable hairline after the first session? (I'll be going for a feathered look, but still.) Also, do the dots continue to fade/shrink after the "Day 4 Wash", or are they usually pretty settled by then? Thanks all
  2. Hey guys, After lurking (and losing hair) for years, I'm thinking it's finally time to take the plunge. One question I have... am I going to have to deal with an awkward "in between" phase between sessions 1 and 3? From both a discussion with a practitioner and comments on here it seems like it's not until sessions 2-3 that the treatment really starts looking legit, and while I can take a few days off directly after session 1 I'll have to go back to work before I get the next sessions completed. Kind of nervous about looking weird/being called out in during the in between. If it helps, here's a pic of my head currently and about the length I keep it. I know I'll need to shave it down further post treatment. Any thoughts/advice on how noticeable things will look after just session 1, or even session 2? Thanks — hoping to get up the courage to take the leap.
  3. Hey all, I'm a young dude hoping to pull the trigger on getting SMP, but I'd really like to meet a person or two that has had the treatment done to see it myself. I'm traveling around a decent amount for business the next few months, and will be in SF, Dallas, Boston and NY. Standing offer to buy anyone a drink that's willing to meet up! Thanks, Evan
  4. Unsure whether to go darker?

    Keep it how it is, man! What's the reasoning for going darker? Hard to see in bright light?
  5. Do you want an SMP simulation? Service LIVE

    Hey BornReceded,<div>Nice job! I realize it's a tough thing to pull off when I've still got pesky hair hanging around. I think you nailed the hairline and the head shape, but I think I'd try and go a bit darker with the pigment since my hair's a pretty dark brown. I attempted to make a slight color edit to your mock-up... think this is still within the realm of realism?</div>
  6. Do you want an SMP simulation? Service LIVE

    Hey BornReceded,<div>I've been creeping around this forum for a while and this post pushed me over the edge. I know I'm years down the road from needing this done, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be in the cards for me. I'd love to have a slight idea of what I might look like - mind doctoring these up for me? Thanks a bunch, man.</div>