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  1. Day 1

    Update So I completed 4 laser treatments and had an FUE procedure completed. This picture is 6 months after FUE. This picture is cut down to a number 1 cut. I am damn happy with the results. I had a hard time seeing the scar myself.
  2. SMP for scars on darker skin

    Seems like its a common practice on scars that are on other parts of the body...
  3. Like I have posted in my diary I have a scar which I am currently undergoing fraxel treatments on. My end game is smp and R91. My smp will be full head, because it allows for the look to blend and camoflauge more, avoiding the ”black line” problem. My problem is that my scar is white, but I have brown skin. I remember some people talking about ”colorong in” the scar and then applying the smp over that. Did anybody ever try it? If so what were the results?
  4. Day 1

    The scar was raised similar to morobento. Waking up today I noticed that after just one treatment, the scar is almost flush with the surrounding skin. Its pretty damn amazing what technology can do these days! @hairhair98 the laser center is in sacramento
  5. Day 1

    I sent the pics to Damien. I had to go the fraxel route due to a raised scar.
  6. Day 1

    Hmm. Cant post pics from Android?
  7. Day 1

    I have a scar from surgery almost four years ago. Today was Fraxel session one for 50 bucks! They quoted me at four sessions which I have spread apart due to work. Heres some pics just before and after!