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  1. They should be able to part your hair and see how large the scar is, especially at a 2.5 or 3 guard. and to your question about pre-treatments you are probably referring to Fraxel. It's a laser and can be quite expensive. The idea is it would help smooth out the scar to a more even tone, but it was meant as more for acne scars. I had about 4 treatments years ago and it did nothing for me. Some say it really helped them. If you go that route My personal advise on that would be to see 4 or 5 laser practitioners and see what the consensus is if it will help your case or not.
  2. I'd be interested in Seeing that scar. At 2 or 2 and half inches I doubt anyone would assume ht scar. That could literally be from just about anything. I know it's your scar so you'll feel different about it, but I probably wouldn't even worry about it.
  3. Hey, looking to get advise. I'm at about 4 weeks of my 3rd treatment and half of my scar is very dark compared to the surrounding area (oddly the other half faded down to just about right if not too light). Is there still time to fade considerably? I was told it could take 6 weeks to settle, but it appears to be quite a bit darker than just settling.
  4. too dark at 4 weeks

    Jacko, sorry you're in the same Situation. Wish I had Advise for you but unfortunately I'm not sure what to do either. One thing I can say is, now that my hair has Grown back and I've been keeping my self busy I've been able not to dwell on it. The dwelling is the worst part. Not to say I'm moving on. I'm just planning my next move rationally, because whatever it is it's going to cost a lot so I need to gather the info and funds appropriately. Good luck in what you decide to do and don't let it consume your day to day like I was starting to do.
  5. SMP into Scar

    Looking good so far. Who's doing the procedure? I'll Def be keeping an eye out on this.
  6. too dark at 4 weeks

    Hey Beach, sorry for the late reply. I've grown my hair back.. Still debating what I want to do, because it was expensive. With my head shaved and not what I was hoping for it was all I could think about. I was basically going obsessed. I'm working in all my possibilities right now. I'm considering FUE into the scar now. I don't care if I have a fully shaved head, and if I can get it buzzed close that would be awesome. It's a lot more money though. Who was your practitioner? How did your laser removal go?
  7. too dark at 4 weeks

    I actually started growing my hair back in dissapointment. Had some meetings I needed to attend and was too freaked out about my scar. Sadly now I'm depressed about my hair. I did pay pretty good money for my procedures so I would like to get back to talk to someone at his for evaluating why it's too dark.
  8. too dark at 4 weeks

    ha, I wish I could have gone to a 14. Mine was one of the very lightest shades. In fact my first 2 sessions were the lightest shade. I have blonde hair that when grown out looks dirty blondish but is apparently very light when shaved.
  9. too dark at 4 weeks

    Hey Beach. at 5 days I'd say you still have time to relax. Unfortunately for me it's 7 weeks and still too dark. I'll let you know how it goes
  10. I like the idea of this post. I'm feeling about the same as you. I'd show mine but I started growing my hair out to hide it again. I had to go to a few meetings where I didn't have the guts to show the scar off. Disappointing because I know it needs more work still, but I just wasn't sure if I was seeing what I hoped for. How about you? Willing to start off with your pics?
  11. too dark at 4 weeks

    thanks for the reply flash 14 weeks is a long time. Did HIS advise you to keep waiting that long, and did you see some degree of fading happening through out the 14 weeks? I'm not sure I am right now and I would be very disappointed waiting three months and it not getting any lighter. I'm not comfortable leaving the house with out a hat right now so not sure If I should start growing my hair back out or what.
  12. too dark at 4 weeks

    ok. here is the pic that shows what I am concerned with. It was hard to get a photo by myself and is too bright but still shows it. I'm at 5 weeks tomorrow now and it's very noticeable.
  13. Luck with Scar creams?

    Blue Smurf, did i read you tried dermarolling? If so what was your thoughts on that?
  14. I'm sure it depends heavily on the scar, but i tried once and don't think it helped in my case
  15. too dark at 4 weeks

    Yeah I'll try to get a pick up on the coming tuesday (i went on vavation and left my shaver like noob). Who knows, maybe it will have settled more by then
  16. I've officially booked my first and second procedure. I will be getting just the scar done for now to evaluate if I will be happy with it. Booked on the 11th for the first. Can't lie, I instantly thought what the hell am I doing. I'm pretty nervous that this is the right decision.
  17. I've Officially Booked!

    I feel I was a little hasty in my judgment. After a fresh haircut today the right side is looking pretty good. Left side is a bit weird looking and noticeable right now. I still think another treatment maybe in order, but we'll see. When I feel like it's done healing I post some pics for opinions.
  18. I've Officially Booked!

    Hey normguy. I had my 3rd procedure about 4 days ago. So far I feel like one of the unlucky ones. I feel like my scar is just eating the ink. Thats a bit of an exaggeration because it does look better, but not nearely good enough to not notice. For example yesterday was the 3rd day out of the 3rd session and actually looked pretty awesome. Now on day 4 it lightened conciderably. And even more annoying one side fades much faster than the other. However I am very happy with the practitioner. He seems to care. I'm already pretty certain I'll be needing a fourth. In about 3 weeks after it's done settling again. I'm going to get back in touch with him to see what his thoughts are.
  19. Session #1 finished / San Francisco

    My scar is very long. Ear to ear up into the sides of my head a little. Worst part is my procedure wasn't big enough to warrant such a long scar. I'm going back in for an evaluation/3rd treatment on the 24th.hopefully the practitioner feels it can get better. Glad it's working out so far for you. You should update us with how the scar holds up
  20. Session #1 finished / San Francisco

    Hey looks good. I personally think the temples are where they should be. Coming too far down is when it starts to look unrealistic on some people in my opinion. You said you had two hair transplants. Were they FUT and have linear scars, or did you have FUE? I had one FUT, and I am currently two sessions in on just having SMP into the scar. I love the shaved head, but am so far not comfortable with the scar still (After SMP healing it's still far too noticeable for me). If FUT, what are your thoughts on your scar?
  21. First scar procedure done

    Hey everyone. I have a thread out in another section as well, but thought I'd start one here where there might be more traffic and advice. This week I took the plunge and had the procedure done on my old ht scar. Only the scar so far. I want to do that first to determine if I'll be happy with the scar coverage. After the first session I am a little down as to the results so far. Is one session too soon to be making any judgment calls on? It's still very clearly a LONG scar on the back of my head. I'm not really sure what my expectations are, because I know 100% isn't realistic, but I would like it to be hard to tell at first glance. I am going back on Wednesday which worries me a little as well, as it doesn't look like the ink has faded back much yet. There isn't the typical week between my procedures, because we had to move my first procedure back 2 days due to power outages.
  22. First scar procedure done

    Also for documentation, the practitioner was very friendly and comforting. Ill be interested in his thoughts tomorrow. He did say he's been doing a ton of scars lately, so I found that interesting
  23. First scar procedure done

    Hey Scarredup. Yeah I'm doing it in San Fran. Second appointment is tomorrow at 2. The scar is thin, not totally flat, but pretty good for a scar. I'm told it's a great scar lol. Whatever that means. I get it could be wrose but it's also extraordinarily long, especially for only a 1000 graft procedure. But no I could not go without the smp and shaving. It's very eye catching due to the length and lack of hair. I wasn't comfortable under a 4 guard. My smp hasn't lightened yet, and it has only been one procedure so we'll see. Right now it just looks like a darker line. I'm sure there is lightening and blending needed.I'll try and get some before and afters when it settles.
  24. Booked TODAY!!!

    Hey SteelerEyez, wondering if you are still around and how it is holding up. Did you ever go for the third season?
  25. I've Officially Booked!

    I've done my first procedure. I've really mixed feelings on the outcome of the first so far. It's still very noticeable. It sort of has me on edge. Is the first procedure too soon to make any judgment calls? It's been about two days and the pigment is holding pretty dark which also has me a little worried. There's not as much time between my first and second procedure as I had originally set up. My first procedure was moved a few days back due to storms.