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  1. Hair we go... Moonhead's Diary

    I should probably say photos 4 and 5 are taken under bright office lights..
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    Day 5... First shave...
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    Day 4..
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    Day 2..
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  7. Hair we go... Moonhead's Diary

  8. Well after months of waiting i finally took the plunge and had my first treatment with Zang in Manchester last Friday. I've held off posting anything on here until i'd made it through the inevitable highs/lows/worries of having a major procedure like this done. The treatment itself was a complete breeze. It was slightly more painful than i expected but mainly more of an annoyance in terms of watering eyes and wanting to sneeze. I'd say 6/7 out of 10 on the pain scale although i was a heavy bleeder so i think i might have quite a sensitive head. Zang was the ultimate pro and to all ends an artist of his trade. He was more excited about what he was creating on my head than i was at times... which was brilliant. We chatted the whole way through and he is unbelievably knowledgable about MHT. As it was my first session i expected him to be quite reseved with what i could have done. He was realistic but encouraged me to be bold with the hairline and density. I put my faith in his suggestions and went with the flow. Driving home after the treatment, i kept looking at my head in the rear view mirror and wasn't sure how i felt about it. It was red raw, quite obvious looking and the sharp hairline was a bit of a shock as i've always had a high forehead and soft hairline. I began to feel better once i got home and had a good look at it from different angles in the mirror. I felt even better when my fiance came home and expressed her delight at it. Over the next couple of days it settled down more and more and looked better by the hour. On Monday i decided to be brave and head straight back to work. I hadn't told anyone i was having it done and hadn't really decided what i would say if challenged. I think because i'd been staring at it all weekend and getting used to it i was a bit naive that no one would say anything. In reality i had 3 days hair growth and the MHT was still quite red. The first person i saw said "What the hell's happened to your head??". It caught me completely off guard. I mumbled something about a new shaver and a rash then quickly changed the subject. The rest of the day was pretty uncomfortable as i was paranoid about the contrast showing and everyone noticing the new hairline. Most people presumed i'd styled in the sharp hairline myslf lol. I went home last night and shaved it all right down with an R91, the only comments i've had today have been about how short my hair is. I think it's blended quite well. I'm not overly fussed about people knowing and if i'm really pushed i'll come clean. So the moral of the story, decide if you want people to know or not. If you really don't then stay off work for a week and go back when you are able to crop it right down and the redness has gone! I work in a brightly lit office where people will say whatever comes into their head so perhaps it is worse for me. So yeh... 5 days in and i'm pretty happy. I look younger and feel happer even though it's still early days. The first session gave me good good coverage and density. It's noticably fading by the day but they've said they'll go a lot darker in my second session on Thursday. To me this procedure is all about making me feel like i look my actual age (28 rather than pushing 40). It's not gonna bring my beloved hair back and it's not gonna turn me into one of the billboard models that HIS use. But it will help me forget about something that's been on my mind just about every day for the last few years. I'll post some pics up now, feel free to fire away with any questions. Hope this diary helps some of you in the way that others reassured me. Cheers
  9. My time has come :)

    Hey #### I'm booked in with Zang on the 2nd Nov. Can't wait but a bit nervous! I'm a similar age and scale to you so it will be interesting to compare our results! Good luck!
  10. what do you guys think?????

    Looks spot on, really natural. Never heard of Haircubed, might have to get some for some experimenting myself.
  11. Five questions answered - one year on.

    "Some days I am happy to leave it, other days I want to lower my hairline to my chin." ... Haha that made me laugh. Thanks for the update. You seem quite level headed and realistic about it all.
  12. Close up pic as requested by notsure1

    Looks perfect. I'll be a very happy man if i experience results like yours. Giggity.
  13. Transplanted- Josh's story.

    Looking Good Joshua.
  14. Ian Watsons Picture

    I met Ian last week. Really down to earth guy as you say. During our chat, I suggested he probably had his touched up quite regular but he insisted that wasn't the case and his last treatment (other than lazer removal) was 6 years ago. It looked perfect and fresh.
  15. Quagmires pics

    Looks spot on, exactly what i'm going for. Have you got a photo from the front?