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  1. I like how Dan, Jason and Andrew are wearing the exact same outfits! Grey hoodie, white tee! But great videos, love hearing how they have just got on with their lives now.
  2. Why can't you shave before 4 days?

    Ah ok, that explains it. Say if you were to use clippers with a guard attachment though, surely that would be ok?
  3. Rare's story (25/male/NW4)

    So I am all booked up and ready to go for three weeks time, treatment one and two within a few days of each other. I only have time for two at the moment, so will have to wait a while for the third - I'm sure I can live with that. I honestly cant wait, I am sick of my currently very thin hair and am looking forward to the day to turn it all around. I will post some pictures before I go and whilst I am at the clinic - I will ask them to take picture of my crown as I havnt seen that area for about 3 years, and can only imagine how bad it currently looks!
  4. This is purely out of curiosity, why do they recommend not shaving within 4 days? Putting pressure on your scalp and making dots bleed out? Surely trimming long hair with clippers very gently wouldn't harm? I am just interested to know the reason, that's all!
  5. Light a the end of a bald tunnel

    I'm too scared to shave it off yet, I figure I will do it all at once at get it shaved off at HIS. Depressing isn't it? Avoiding mirrors, cameras, wind, rain etc etc... I have already had my consultation and looking to book now, feels good to be heading on the first steps down this path! Post up some photos if you can.
  6. Daniel J's MHT treatment on video

    He has another general video about himself and his day job with the treatment done
  7. Light a the end of a bald tunnel

    Welcome! Your story sounds very familiar to mine, same age, same feelings of loss and despair when looking at photos. You have come to the right place
  8. Hi all,[p] Just a few hours ago I decided to go ahead with the treatment. I had a consultation in London with Damon in July but am sick of looking rubbish so have decided to go for it. Only issue is I live in Asia, so I will be going to the HK clinic. [p] I have been balding since about 16, but have always got away with it until about 22 (I am 26 now). The last year it has taken a turn for the worse as I have been under a lot of stress. It has got to the point now where I want to shave it all off (my clippers are charged and ready) - but I am thinking that I will wait until I go to HIS to do that so that the transformation is less. I have also just started a new job, so no-one really knows me yet. [p] I used minoxidil successfully(!) through university and looked great and grew back a lot of my hair, but after a while it started disappearing again. [p] I thought about transplants but they are simply too expensive, and very few look great. I thought about hair pieces and I was very close to getting one, but having something stuck on my head would be odd, and although it may look amazing, I know I would always worry if I would be spotted. [p] After considering these options I basically gave up and accepted I would have to shave my head, but just didn't have the guts to do it quite yet. Then I came across HIS and I had read about this type of thing before and though, this must be some ridiculous joke and how on earth can it look good. But I got on the forums, delved deeper and booked a consultation! I am now waiting back for an email to see if I can have this all done before September, when I have a big public speaking event to speak at. [p] I will post everything here about it all - reading through others has really given me confidence that this will work and look great - and will mean I spend no time worrying about my hair, whereas now I think of it all the time - it has come to a head when it is affecting my life too much. [p] Here is a picture a couple of months back (its dark, bad quality and only the front - I am too afraid to take a picture of the back, as I know there isn't much there and worry about what it looks like). [p] [p] I will go for a very soft hairline, I would like it looking as natural as possible, and a straight hair line would not suit me. [p]