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  1. Concerns with mismatch shade, redness, PICS included!

    Looks fine to me honestly
  2. what causes dark smp

    Do not go for a straight hairline... you will regret it later.
  3. Ink darker than shade 16

    My 2nd was 14
  4. question

    You can use a rotary shaver with no prob, that's what I do and most of us
  5. Bad His Experience

    So you had a total of 5 sessions.. I also had my treatment done at the Toronto clinic but Dave was my practitioner. So I guess the guy who did yours was the one training with him... right?
  6. Toronto Clinic

    Who was your practitioner?
  7. My SMP Virtual Working?

    Try adding your pictures to this Thread This is the guy doing the simulations
  8. Question about the debate to go dark or not.

    I'm caucasian with very light skin and we used shade 18 and 14 and it's not too dark at all. And this is directly after shaving. It really depends on your natural hair color, there's no 'rule' with that. They will match the color of your hair when shaved, that's it, stop overthinking. What you shouldn't do tho is asking for something darker than what your practitioner suggested you. Some ask for this so they can grow hairs longer, and this is what you should avoid if you don't want it to look fake.
  9. I'm doing it! -- Will_montreal Journeys

    ~3 weeks now It's still not all settled well completly, I still have some darker patchy spots that bothers me I'll wait some more time (1/2months) and book for 3rd session Overall and the front particularly is looking pretty good tho
  10. I'm doing it! -- Will_montreal Journeys

    Has I understand yes
  11. hi guys nw7 thinking about treatment

    Don't worry too much about shades, your practitioner will definitly know which ones to use
  12. Anyone take propecia/finasteride?

    I'd stay away from these if I was you
  13. how many sessions

    I just did mine -- My 2nd session was like two weeks ago so I can't tell for now But I'm pretty sure that after the 3-4 sessions, yes you'll be good for probably 3-5 years, maybe even more But it really all depend on how your skin will react, it's always different from one person to another
  14. hi guys nw7 thinking about treatment

    In my opinion 50/45 is way too light Never seen anyone going this light