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  1. Braun Series 7 is on sale for half the price.

    Yes, also it goes on sale every so often for less. I posted a thread a few weeks ago when it was $115, and last week it went down to $109 with free shipping.
  2. I use a Panasonic Arc5, but many people use a Braun series 7. Both are considered two of the top shavers out there. One day i might buy a Braun 7 to compare. Thought i would give a heads up on this, since so many people use electric razors here. This is the lowest price it has been, the previous lowest price was $125. Today only.
  3. HeadBlade HeadLube Matte Moisture Lotion

    No it isn't that great of a shine reducer, at least for me and some other people. I wouldn't be too terribly worried about having to use alcohol free stuff... HatingHats has said in the past that any damaging effect from typical alcohol containing moisturizers would most likely be trivial.
  4. Shine and realism of the procedure

    Hah, good stuff. As the brits say, "no worries mate".
  5. Shine and realism of the procedure

    What's up with the sarcasm directed at me alec? I'm hoping that im reading too much into it, because you seem to be implying that my feelings upon seeing myself in bad reflections aren't legitimate, but they very much are. Yes, real hair shaved to the skin also disappears under bright lights, but that doesn't make it not suck when you catch a reflection of yourself in a bad lighting condition. In fact, i've often said that that may be one of the reasons you dont see more people with full heads of hair shaved down to the skin... because of how bad it can look in certain conditions. By the way, sparklefingers asked if anyone else experienced SMP disappearing under bright lights, and you said "no". That contradicts previous posts you have made where you have said that your SMP disappears under bright lighting, and im pretty sure i also remember you complaining about looking bald in a picture, and asking if anti-shine would prevent that from happening. As i said earlier, it's important that we dont mislead anyone reading this forum into thinking that the few downsides to SMP (like disappearing under bright lights) dont exist... even if it isn't something that particularly bothers you.
  6. Shine and realism of the procedure

    No, you aren't the only one. Anyone who shaves down to the skin and doesn't experience 'bald' moments in various lighting conditions and reflections is either fibbing, unaware, or very very lucky. There's been times where ive been out and seen myself in a reflection and thought 'dang that looks good, and i feel like a million bucks'... but there's also been times when i have caught myself in a reflection and wanted to immediately leave and go home. It's a downside to the treatment, and it's important that people are fully aware of it. That being said, nearly everyone i can remember seeing complain about this issue, still says that they dont regret the treatment. In other words, the positives outweigh the negatives.
  7. Can SMP be damaged by Razor shaving

    I've seen a similar issue reported a couple times before. Sort of a brown patch on the scalp. Seems it's still a bit of a mystery as to what is actually the cause. Here is Robby's post where he discusses it with a photo: Link Here's another thread where it is discussed, and you can find a post from me in that thread discussing my experience with it : Link Like i said, im not sure that there is a solid explanation for it so far. Do you happen to have any pictures of your head shaved before or just after you had the treatment? To see if there was anything on the scalp before, that might not have been very noticeable? I've wondered if what i noticed on my head was always there and i didnt notice it (or maybe it was less severe and it became more pronounced after a treatment), or if it stemmed solely from the treatment.
  8. Warranty

    The guarantee states that it is for only one session, however, when they made this rule change, the forum administrator at the time clarified that it was only to prevent over-scrutiny of a treatment, and that genuine fading issues would still be covered, even if it required multiple sessions. edit: whoops we posted together
  9. SMP mock-up

    In all the years ive been reading this forum, i cant recall seeing a single person complaining about the difference between their mock up and the completed treatment, or report that it caused them anxiety or depression. It states on the webpage that the mock up wont necessarily be a 100% representation of what the finished product will be, and the guy that started this thread even mentioned that he was aware that the mock up is only a rough idea.
  10. SMP mock-up

    I dont know if i would take it as far as that... didnt you just say in another thread that your mock up was very helpful? I think simulations are a great way to get a rough idea of how SMP will look. Pantomine, i think your mock up looks really good... you look like a great candidate for SMP. One thing i did was get some dark eye shadow and smudge it around on my head to decide what specific hairline shape i wanted to go for... it helped tremendously, and if you do it right, it can look just like the finished product will from afar. I took pictures of me with eye shadow on my head, and they look nearly identical to pictures with the SMP from the same distance. It's a good way to try out different styles quickly, so you have some sort of an idea when you go for your session.
  11. Hard to find much about SMP for women :(

    Maybe that picture is just a mock up? Hey Velvet, welcome. I can remember 2 women that had SMP with HIS. Here are their threads. JuJu: baldgirl: JuJu has quite a few posts, so if you click on her name and select 'find content' you can read other posts/threads she has started. Neither of these ladies have been active in a while, but you could take a chance and PM them if you had more questions... maybe they have email alerts set up for PM or something. Also, you may have already seen this, but here is an HIS page specifically discussing SMP for women... and it appears to have some pictures that aren't mock ups. Hope this helps!
  12. "Do Your Homework" before "Taking the Plunge"

    No there isn't really much out there to study up on in regards to other clinics. On clinic websites, and on their youtube channels, you are only going to be able to see the treatments that the company wants you to see. There are some general hair loss websites out there, that have SMP sections, but none of them are very active. Still, there are a few with a decent amount of reviews on them. Search 'SMP forum' on google, and i bet you can find them. I'm only aware of one other SMP clinic that has it's own forum, and it's based out of the UK. Part of the 'do your homework' advice means to read the threads on this website so that you are aware as to what SMP can and can't do for you, so that people know exactly what they are getting into... also so you can know what to expect with the actual treatment and recovery times... stuff like that. The industry is progressing quickly, and clinics that do quality work are starting to pop up more frequently... which is good for the consumer. There are several quality options to choose from now, but I chose HIS because of the sheer amount of diaries on this forum... no other company comes close. It was important for me to not only read about the positive stories, but more so about the negative reports, so that i could get a feel for how HIS deals with those situations. I dont care what your results look like the day of the treatment, because it's easy to pick/choose awesome pictures to put on your website... i want to know how things are going 3 months after the treatment, or when something goes wrong. Thanks to the active community here, you can be extremely confident about both the treatment, and service, that HIS offers. Other companies do good work, but it's hard to get the same level of confidence without a large amount of client feedback... at least for me.
  13. Sunscreen Is there one that stands out

    Mars made a post recently where he recommended a sunscreen: I haven't tried it yet, but i want to... sounds like a really good one. Other than that, i dont really recall a specific sunscreen that everyone uses... people seem to just use whatever is handy.
  14. Fading touch ups and future

    Yeah, i think not having any recession is the biggest give away on SMP. Here is a post i wrote a while back, with a few pictures of what i was talking about. The temples aren't that big of a deal to me, because lots of natural temples are surprisingly sharp, but if you want to look the most natural, having a bit of a receding hairline helps the most IMO. That being said, the general public probably might not think a non-receded hairline on a 30+ guy is odd... but for those that know about SMP (namely us!), it jumps right out sometimes. Mostly a personal thing though, some older guys prefer the look, and i've seen it look fine in some cases. Just depends on how bold you want to be with your SMP.
  15. Fading touch ups and future

    Here is Vince's thread where he returned after 5 years for a touch-up, and posted pictures after.