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  1. any more on this guy Damien
  2. Tired and Weary

    my scars are smooth but very wide prob hlf an inch from ear to ear then ive scalp reduction scar which is very hard to explain u scar looks risin mine r jus smooth fraxel treatment will help u mate shud try it
  3. Tired and Weary

    hi mate thanks for replying yes mate the random smp dots a bottom of neck they look slighty bigger to me jus. my scars are from muliple hair transplants and i also had scalp reduction surgery my head is a total mess if i shaved it hav a read at my profile. ive big respect for his hair theyve changed so many lives n im sure they will make sure you are sorted my friend my scars r thick but very smooth i backed out of smp because i totally shit myself im scared people will notice my scars easily
  4. Tired and Weary

    hi in picture 26 wats the meaning off the random dots at bottom of ur neck?are they settled marks?. iv loads of scars and this is one of the reasons im scared to jump in and do it. but my lifes a total mess n i need something to help me get over wat these transplant butchers have done to me
  5. hi guys jus want any u guyd to no that iv been takin propecia/finesteride on n off for few years and iv been unlucky with that too. past few months sex has not entered my mind i thought it was todo with my anxity but i went to docs and told them i got a sperm check n my results was my sperm count was43% below average for my age. guys STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THIS STUFF it should be reversable but its not worth takin a tablet thats goin to turn u into a woman
  6. 2 times ten plus one

    oooo i get ya haha id love to get this jus need the boot in the balls to get it my heads a mess under the hair i have. no regrets mate? ever caught out lol?
  7. 2 times ten plus one

    hi robby what did u mean in ur old post #### the butcher of birmingham? your result is awsum btw u look like a very happy guy now
  8. its an amazing chance for someone to do this tho.
  9. youtube yes national tv hell no
  10. this has cheered me up something shocking woow is all i can say my scars are same if not worse i chickened out of this as i was scared that they couldnt do proper cover but woow this result is amazing. ive had so much work done im in debt n scared for life texas chainsaw dude wuda done better job. this treatment is changin so many lives. im a total mess anxity n depression is so bad all becuz usless surgeons thought 32k was btr than scaring someone bad n ruinin ther life
  11. jesus damien that is awsum my scaring is as bad as that how can people get of with doing that it shud b baned u n his hair clinic are a total credit to urselfs genuine n no bullshit like the bastards in the hair transplant industry thanks mate for lettin me c that
  12. hi guys are scars alot more visable under lighting ?
  13. any1 got any really bad scars done ?
  14. the hair transplant industry is a disgrace in uk they destroy lives n show n remorse jus ignore u im tryin so hard to get justice