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  1. How Long Before Hatless?

    Completely fine. Today will be day 14 with no hat, i walk my dog 3 times a day, run out for lunch, wonder about, shop, everything without a hat now. It's great, no funny looks, no stares no nothing. I had one guy comment (whilst i was walking my dog) that he thought my skinhead looked great and really suited me! Our next door neighbour is a hairdresser and he didn't even blink... it's amazing. :D
  2. Treatment Diary of Alopecia Areata (pictures)

    Damien: That is indeed me done, save for any potential fading in the coming months (which i don't anticipate) feels good, the liberation is astounding. Hairline98: Thanks man! I honestly couldn't believe the conversation about tattoos, it was so funny! And thank you, i feel great!
  3. How Long Before Hatless?

    Agreed, i won't repost here but check the latest updates on my thread, basically had nothing but fantastic experiences since session 3, haven't worn a hat now in 2 weeks, not even sure where my hat is! lol Love it. The fear of being "caught" is definitely in your mind. was in my case at least.
  4. Treatment Diary of Alopecia Areata (pictures)

    Thanks mr! It's so great to be finished. I love my new routine, quick buzz with a shaver and i'm ready for the day. I save about and hour every morning!
  5. Treatment Diary of Alopecia Areata (pictures)

    Ok, so, Session 4. Session 4 was easy as pie. It was basically just to correct some minor fading. And that was it. As usual i dosed up on codeine before hand to ensure the pain would be minimal. #### marked out the areas to be treated and we got to work, chatting away putting the world to rights as we did. About 2hrs 45 in the chair, but mostly because of all the chatting! I left directly from Birmingham for a conference in Sweden (hence the lack of updates) and didn't wear my hat the entire time. Met hundreds of people, felt more confident in meeting new people and even gave a talk to a group of about 50. Suffice to say i officially have my life back from Alopecia. Alopecia 0 His Hair 1 The first 9 pictures are on the day, immediately after session 4, the last 5 were taken this morning. 7 days later.
  6. Treatment Diary of Alopecia Areata (pictures)

    Phew! What a busy couple of weeks, first up apologies for not updating here (on anywhere else on the forums for that matter), and also because I forgot to take pictures of treatment 3 7 days later. So those pics are missing! Sorry! Ok, shall we resume? Before i get on to session 4 I want to talk a little about my experiences in between session 3 & session 4. The day after session 3 a family friend of mine came to Brighton to visit, he's a pilot and lives in Abu Dhabi, so we don't see each other very often at all, in fact the last time i saw him was about 2 years ago. Before leaving to meet him I questioned weather or not i should wear my hat, given that at *some* point i'm going to have to stop wearing it, and although my treatment was only just 24hrs post session 3, i was really happy with how it was looking. I took the plunge and left the hat at home as i walked out the door… I my met my friend and a group of his friends and proceeded to bar crawl around Brighton. Nothing was said about my head. At all. Around midnight, we end up in a gin bar, quite drunk at this point and talking about tattoos (i have several large tattoos, my partner does and the pilot's want more). Now, i couldn't even make this up, this is literally what happened: Pilot 1: "Did having your neck tattooed not hurt?" Me: "No, it wasn't so bad, the tattoos on my ribcage hurt more" Pilot 2: "Imagine having your head tattooed! I bet that would hurt!" Me: "Yeah, i reckon that would really hurt" The conversation continued, and none of them were aware that there i was, sat amongst them complete with a giant head tattoo! It was the best feeling ever. It's not obvious, no one can tell. Amazing. The next thing that happened was the following Saturday, i had plans to spend the day with a close friend of mine in London. We've known each other for about 6 years, and spent 3 years working closely together. She's seen me through all the stages of my Alopecia, from perfectly smooth bald head and no eyebrows, right up to hat-wearing and patches. After my great experience Thursday with the pilots there was no way i was going to be wearing my hat! So off to London i went, anxious to see if she would say anything, as she see's me a lot anyway. I met her in East London and nothing was said, at first i figured maybe she was being polite and she knew, but as the hours passed and there was no funny looks and not "swerving the conversation" to my delight it became apparent that she had no clue! Towards the end of the evening I just had to know what she was thinking, so i asked her: me: "I have to ask you something…" her: "Uh oh! This sounds ominous" me: "Do you not notice anything different about me?" her: "Ummm.. Have you lost weight?" me: "No" her: "Well, your beard has grown and your hair looks like it's grown back" me (smiling): "It's a tattoo, my hair is a tattoo" At this point she grabbed me by the face to inspect my scalp, she literally couldn't believe it. She presumed that my alopecia was in on of it's "grown back" stages as my beard was so full! The third, and finally story comes the following Monday, and i'll try to keep it brief. Basically i have my eyebrows treated every 2 weeks or so, to have them shaped and tidied up. I've been seeing the same technician for 2 years, and obviously have to remove my cap when having them done. I was booked in for my eyebrows that monday, and after she spend 30 mins with her face very very close to my head, at the till she said: her: "Something's different about you, have you lost weight?" me: "Maybe it's my tan? I've just come back from Portugal…" her: "Yeah, that's it. Makes you look really well" And off i went, smiling all the way home. These three experiences, have validated me, and given me so so much confidence. I can't even begin to explain how life altering it is. I feel better, i walk taller. I'm happy. Really happy. Next post i'll talk about session 4 and post some pics
  7. How Long Before Hatless?

    Well I did it anyway! And am out again today sans hat! Feels amazing. Love love love this new lease of life I have. :-D
  8. How Long Before Hatless?

    Yeah i kind of figured it might be too early, i guess after nearly a month of constant work i'm used to it looking like this! I wish it would heal instantly
  9. Treatment Diary of Alopecia Areata (pictures)

    It seems to be working fine for me, is it still broken for you? I read that dropbox was having issues earlier.... might be related to that
  10. Treatment Diary of Alopecia Areata (pictures)

    No way! Really? I'm sure it's public.
  11. Treatment Diary of Alopecia Areata (pictures)

    Hey Guys, thanks! His, this forum and the entire procedure has made me think about how long i suffered through alopecia, i want to scream about this from the rooftops, but only to other suffers i still don't want everyone i meet to *know* i have a 4 grand tattoo on my head... Anyway, I'm really really happy with this third session, i'm actually considering going hatless to things now, even this morning i answered the door with no hat (unheard of for me!) Mr Melon: haha love the comment re: your wife, the person i can't wait to show is my ma, i've not let her visit or see me yet, not until it's all done. Can't WAIT for her to see it!
  12. How Long Before Hatless?

    I've just had my third treatment (see my diary thread) and i think it looks great, but i'm still really apprehensive about going outside without a hat on, even now thinking about it my palms are sweating.... I'm meeting a friend tonight and am toying with the idea of going no hat, but i'll probably end up wearing a hat as it's so fresh and still dark (although not red) and to me the pigments still look a little large... Or i have an appointment tomorrow, maybe i should go hatless to that? How long did you guys go before going hatless? Did anyone else feel this sort of panic... It's like excitement and nerves...
  13. Treatment Diary of Alopecia Areata (pictures)

    Yesterday was my 3rd session with #### in Birmingham, and wow wow wow. This session was the longest wait time i've had between sessions, due to being on holiday, which was interesting because it gave the smp a chance to really settle in before starting more ink. This gave me a great impression of what the overall look will be when it's all done and dusted, and made it more obvious where session 3 will be focusing. Session 3 was all about the blend, blending my real hair patches into the smp, blend, flow & scatter. I think the technique employed was to soften the "joins" between patches and smp by applying a dense - sparse gradient of pigments along the joins and fill the patch with a sparse (like session 1) covering of pigments. We also touched up a few little faded areas around the hairline and made my scar a little smaller. We left the hairline where it is, but i *might* have this lowered ever so slightly on my final session, with just a few sprinkles of the lighter shade… Feedback welcome on this! Pain wise this was a bit worse than session 2, i think because a ) parts of the head were ink virgins and b ) rather than dosing on codeine for 36hrs pre treatment i only managed 24hrs, i think the extra would have helped! The results are fantastic (i think) and when this has settled a little i probably won't bother wearing a hat out, for the first time in a LONG time. So here we go, first 10 pictures are immediately after treatment, next 5 just taken this am (less angry this am then after session 2, i think because i actually rested!) Let me know what you guys think!
  14. Treatment Diary of Alopecia Areata (pictures)

    Thanks! it really is looking so good, the people we were on holiday with (my partner's brother & sister in-law) saw it when it was fresh, but by day 4/5 commented that "it really looks so good, and real, it's like you've always had it" which was a massive boost for me! I don't think it'll be long now before i'm hat free! YAY