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  1. Contrast top vs sides

    The last few years I have been using Jergen's Natural Glow on my scalp, top of my head, to self tan that area, simply because it looks nice to have some color atop my head when I'm not wearing my hair system. I would not try to tan my scalp with the sun, even with sunscreen, as such exposure can result in sun spots and skin cancer as well. I am considering SMP, but having read the posts above, I may be reluctant. I have never shaved my head, so I do not know how much or little contrast my side and back scalp will have with the top scalp after the complete shave. Relying on SMP to fill everything in and match the shaved part seems like it could be a tedious and difficult task. My side and back hair are low density (thin), so the SMP will be low density, or if higher density is wanted, I would need SMP on the entire head. Wow, lots of unknowns here. But some pictures I have seen of SMP look very good, so perhaps it is do-able. I'm in my upper 60's with 90% gray hair, so SMP might be very subtle on me. Oh, well...any thoughts?
  2. Hi DrDre, I'm a newbie on this forum, but my humble opinion is the faded smp's do not look bad at all. If anything, it may lend itself to natural aging of the scalp. You may be more concerned because you are likely a young man, and it is a personal opinion of course. Thanks for your posts.
  3. Hi all, happy new year, After decades of hair system wearing, I am going for SMP consult. The hair system gives me great hair, but it gets itchy frequently, lot of fuss checking it all the time, and it really has held me back from some activities over the years. I'm in my late 60's and still want to look and feel good, and the improvements of SMP make it something to consider now. I have a light complexion and 90% gray hair, 10% light brown, of thin density sides and back. Can this work for me. Some initial pictures sent in to an SMP tech says it can be a go. I'm excited! Will appreciate some positive feedback, anyone with similar issues?