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  1. Head shine

    If you can get away with using a buzz cutter at a low setting instead of wet shaving, then that would definitely help you. It would also help if you don't shower your scalp. For example I usually shower twice a day, once in the morning and then when I'm done working out in the evening. Try avoid showering your scalp in the morning, and do it in the evening instead, showering your scalp will make it shine.
  2. Finished 3rd session in early 2015, still the best choice I have ever made in my life, I can honestly say I prefer this look over when I had hair lol, my girlfriend of over a year haven't even been able to spot it, and she touches my head every day! Honestly if your on the fence, this goes for the young people as well, get it done. Male pattern baldness have no cure, accept it, because you are fighting a battle that you are not going to win. Get fit, and get a tan and your good!
  3. Booked into Harley street clinic

    I had my treatment done in the Harley street clinic, couldn't be happier, super professional people there, you will be in safe hands
  4. I'd say I was in the early stages, I had SMP done... a bit over 2 years ago? something like that. I was in the mentality that losing my hair due to genetic (MPB) is inevitable, and I just took action because I knew it would keep bugging me and there is no cure for MPB... yet. Best decision I have ever made, I have NEVER been called out on it either, and I study a profession where we are up and close on each other all the time as well If you get it done early, you have the advantage of people not really seeing a "big" change except that you can just say you shaved your hair and you like the style.
  5. smp is my only hope

    I was similar to your age when I had it done, best decision I have made. You have to be realistic, SMP is the only long term solution available that will make you "forget" about not having hair, seriously, I don't even think about it anymore, get a beard and a tan and your golden
  6. Any Experience with MRI's?

    I've had an MRI, no problems at all.
  7. 9 months post SMP treatment

    looks great man
  8. Matte Moisturizer with SPF?

    can confirm, Avon Magix is GOAT, PTR is also great, but sooooo expensive for so little.
  9. I've already had the threatment, so that doesn't help much sent a PM to Damien but haven't gotten any response yet
  10. Bumping this. Is there anyone EVER at all who has gotten reactions from the treatment? Is it even possible?
  11. Okey, do you know if it contains nickel?
  12. making changes in 3rd/final session?

    think that will be fine mate.
  13. Wondering if any has gotten any reactions from SMP, and what kind, also is there any metal in SMP, and if so, what kind?
  14. Dark pigmentation

    dont worry at all, they will fade most during first 2 weeks but then further for at least a month too.