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  1. SMP removal

    Are you talking about when I originally got the SMP done or the laser removal?
  2. SMP removal

    I did want to remove all of what was there but when I checked it with the staff there wasnt much on my head to be honest because when I got the SMP done originally i didn't have as much hair loss so I think it was blended, the only smp that is clearly visible on my head is the hairline and the bald spot on the back of my head, i didnt opt for just getting the hairline softened I am getting the hairline completely removed as it stands out and you can see that it's clearly not my hair, I'm hoping that it will all fade out from this 1 session but if it doesn't then I will have to go for a 2nd one in December, I'm not so bothered about the SMP in the bald spot at the back of my head but I will probably get it done at a later time In regards to the blending issues I thought the hairline was lighter than the colour of the remaning hair on my head shaved but when I went in for the laser removal one of the staff I was speaking to said it was actually darker than the remaining hair on my head shaved, not sure how that works out but that's what she said But overall I'm just happy to be getting it removed and moving on with my life and be mentally free and not always wondering if people can tell wether my hair is fake or not
  3. SMP removal

    I went for laser removal yesterday and got the laser removal done on my hairline. I thought it would be good for me to share the experience as it would be greedy to keep it to myself as other may want to know. It was pretty painful to be honest, it's more painful than getting the SMP done, but it's pretty quick, It took about 2 minutes to do the hairline, so I can imagine the whole head would probably take like half an hour because you will be taking breaks in between as it does get quite painful, After I got the laser removal done on the smp hairline my head had a throbbing sensation afterwards but the throbbing didn't last for more than an hour or 2, and I didn't experience any redness of the skin or swelling or tight forehead skin or anything like that. maybe it's because I'm black that but I don't know for sure. You couldn't even notice I had the laser removal done as it still looked the same just a throbbing sensation in the area.i was told it can take up to 6 - 8 weeks for the smp to go through the process of removing itself. I took a shower after 32 hours after instead of 24 hours just to make sure everything was cool because I didn't experience none of the symptoms that other people said they faced when they got it done (tight skin, swollen skin, red skin etc). It's only been a day and a half so I guess it's early to say, I will be back in 2 weeks to let you know the progress of the SMP removing itself from my skin
  4. Ways to fade

    Hey bro can you update us on how the healing process is going? Is your scalp back to normal? I'm getting my laser removal done in just over a day so it would be good to know what to expect, thanks
  5. SMP removal

    Another thing was that I got my hairline done too sharp and perfectly shaped which makes it look more unrealistic, if I got a softer hairline initially I think I could probably still get away with it right now
  6. SMP removal

    My reason is because it's been four years since I got my treatment and the ink has faded over the period of time so it doesn't always show depending on the lighting of the room. It is also not blending as well anymore since it's faded and also having more hair loss at the top of my head makes it not to blend even more. I can't be bothered to keep getting touch-ups and paying more money. I am in my late 20s now and I am alot more self-secure about being bald, and have more important things to think about. It was hard to come to terms with before because I been balding since my late teens but I realised there are much more important things than my hair. I think the treatment was good for helping me come to terms with being bald so I wouldn't change a thing to be honest.
  7. SMP removal

    Thanks bro I read your post. Looks like it's quite a long process. At the time when I got mine done I didn't have as much hair loss as I have now so it wasn't done all over my scalp but I would say it was done on about 30 - 40% of it, I can't even remember exactly which parts it was done on, but the most that the most that stands out right now is the hairline as it was much lower than my original hairline. I had my smp done by hishair so I'm assuming that it should be easier to get it out because they don't go deep into the layers of skin like other clinics and they use a different ink from other clinics which is easy to get out. I read your post and you said "laser is not necessarily an automatic eraser, you're scalp will go through some things" what do you mean by that when you say that??
  8. SMP removal

    Hi everyone Four years from getting my treatment done I'm back on the forum . I had significant hair loss in my early/mid 20's which was definitely not a pleasant experience as a young man it is considered too young to be bald. I think people who go bald in their 20s are much more affected than somebody who goes bald in their 30s/40s. I'm now in my late 20s and I have overcome the insecurity that I had when I was younger. I see that they are doing in-house laser removal now which is a relief considering it will be more safe and straightforward now and there will be more information availible at hand Can anyone who has been through the MHT removal proceedure tell me their experience on how it went and what to expect? How much would it cost roughly to get just the hairline removed? and are there any side effects of this laser treatment? Would I lose any hair follicles? I dont want to lose any even though only the sides of my hair grows now Thanks P.S is there any other alternatives to laser removal? like a removal cream which is endorsed by HIS hair clinic?
  9. Information About Removal Of Smp By Laser

    Trying to find out about this but it won't let me make a post
  10. Just have to get this off my chest

    Yeah it definitely gets lighter when you've done it. It looks more realistic when it's first done but then when it peels off it becomes alot lighter
  11. Just have to get this off my chest

    Yeah it definitely gets lighter when you've done it. It looks more realistic when it's first done but then when it peels off it becomes alot lighter
  12. Ways to fade

    Good luck bro, let us know how it goes
  13. Hi everyone Three years later after getting my hair done and I'm back online on the forum , I was the one who posted this thread originally but it seems that everything has been wiped out on my account since I haven't logged on since 2012, I googled this topic and luckily this was still here I see that they are doing in-house laser removal now which is a relief considering it will be more safe and straightforward now and there will be more information availible at hand How much would it cost roughly to get just the hairline removed? and are there any side effects of this laser treatment? Thanks
  14. @Damien thanks I just sent you a PM @Hishair98 No need for the smartypants comments Im new to this kind of stuff and Im not familiar with laser surgery and tatoos and all these types of proceedures,Im just a normal guy who was looking for a way to get my hairline back and not look like im balding, I just assumed from the way that I was told it was 100% removable that it was a pretty straight forward and quick process but I shouldnt have assumed and I should have asked more questions, And secondly like I said there is no point of me showing pics because I want to get it removed, the problem is not the proceedure the proceedure went through as it was supposed to and was pretty straight forward process, what they tell you is exactly what they do, It is a drastic change though especially when you still have hair on your head, I would recommend it for people who have severe hair loss with no hair on the top of there head, but I am just one person and everyone's opinion is different so best to ask around and I am not a troll trying to tarnish their name, doesn't mean because comments are not 100% positive that it is necessarily a troll, I have reserved posting some of my comments on here for the fact that I am not here to tarnish there name in any way and would rather discuss with HIS staff,some people have different expectations, I probably will come back to HIS in the future to get it done when/if i go completely bald on the top of my head but for now I just want to get the front hairline removed
  15. @Skeptic & @Nightwood Yeh ive definitely thought about it and I definitely want to get it removed, they did a good job and stuff but at the end of the day it still cant match real hair so I just have to accept my hair how it is and just move on even though i spent all that money. @Kojak & @Bk2002 theres no need for pics because I want to get it removed so it doesnt make sense me posting any pics on here @Damien Thanks for clarifying that with me, but howcomes there are no threads with anyone on mht removal? I was told its 100% reversable which in other words means its 100% safe with no negatives but there are no cases to really prove it, only person ive seen on here is Johnathan but he is a HIS staff which wouldnt be the same as normal persons opinion and he would not mention the negative sides as a non staff would so I am still quite hesitant not 100% convinced that it is as safe and completely removable as it is said and no scarring and my worst worry is being left with a scar for life, i looked through and found another thread of you saying that the full mht removal proceedure would be posted up on here but I have not seen it. Who do I speak to in HIS if i want to know more information about the MHT Removal proceedure? and how do i find and speak to people who have had the MHT Removal proceedure done?