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  1. R91 Super deal of the week!!!

    I think more expensive shavers earn their keep when you are using it on your face, as it has to cope with much softer skin, and it has to manage the change in firmness when shaving over cheeks compared to shaving your neck. You get many shavers that are good at one, but not both. I've seen a review that rotary razors at the cheap end of the market tend to be good on firmer, stretched skin, so they would be good on your cheeks, or on the back and sides of your head as that's where the skin is relatively taut. Foil razors on the other hand are better than rotary razors on softer less taut skin like on your neck. So in summary, the R91 is a good razor for the job you are using it for, but it most likely won't be as good for the job it was intended for when compared to more expensive models.
  2. R91 Super deal of the week!!!

    I picked one up from Amazon UK for 11 pounds last week. Given that it's on clearance on Remington's site, wonder if that means there is a new version coming out, or perhaps they'll rebrand it to something something ... the Remington MHT
  3. My treatment - norwood 7

    I'm not sure about the whole thinning thing - it's not something I've gone out of my way to achieve, but when I take photos, there does seem a bit too much skin showing through from the top of my head which gives the illusion of thinning, but it doesn't seem to show up so much when I'm looking in the mirror. It might be an optical illusion or just something about the camera I use. I'll probably get some advice on that from HIS and see what they say.
  4. My treatment - norwood 7

  5. hairline and age

    It's a very individual thing. I'm 39, but I went for a medium/defined look. After my first treatment, I had a more receded look, which I think looked good, but this was the hairline I wanted.
  6. Quagmires pics

    Hey Quagmire, great results! You must be chuffed. May I ask what your shaving schedule is like? Electric razor or manual? With the grain or against? In the morning or night before? Every day or every other day? Thanks
  7. Redness

    Not sure if you have had your first treatment yet, but that should give you a good indication of how long the redness will last as it will be the same as the second. Why not use how you fare after your first treatment as the barometer of whether you'll be ok or not for the black tie event?
  8. Anyone able to meet in London or Essex?

    I live in Hatfield, it's close to the M25. If that's somewhere you can get to, send me a PM.
  9. London

    Hey Joppa, If you can make it to South Mimms service station on the M25/A1 junction or Hatfield on weekday evenings, I can meet up with you. PM me if interested.
  10. Can sides be left slightly longer than top?

    Do you shave in the morning or evening? If morning, you might try using the remington before you go to bed, to give your hair some time to grow. The other thing is that other forum members have noted the remington on the first few uses does cut really close, but over time (about a month), it gets less close and is ideal for use first thing in the morning. Another alternative is to take a normal razor and shave with the grain, i.e. downwards. It doesn't last as long, but it's perfect for at least a day. I'm a norwood 7 so when shaving with the grain, I tend to have to shave every day.
  11. Conhair: Progress Diary

    Conhair, looking awesome! About your photos, it seems as if your MHT went darker after the treatment when comparing the pics immediately post treatment to the others. Is that a trick of the light?
  12. bald people are bad asses

    Darth Maul, baldest bad ass ever! <h3></h3>
  13. Wahl Balding Clipper V Remmington R91

    I've been using the R91, using my hand as a guide to feel where I need to shave again. I keep seeming to miss lines of hair in between the two rotary heads, bloody annoying that. While cleaning my R91, I lost one of the rotary heads down the sink, so I'm now in the market for a new shaver. Would the microscreen shave as close at the R91 and avoid missing hairs because it went between the rotary heads? My guess to the second question is yes as it has a foil, but not having used a foil before, I don't know how it compares to a rotary head shaver.
  14. Wahl Balding Clipper V Remmington R91

    Tesla said: I alway give my head a quick rub with the R-91 after shaving with the Microscreen. Tesla, why would you shave with the R-91 after shaving the with the microscreen if you think the microscreen gives a closer shave than the R-91?
  15. I think with laser hair removal, it works best on dark thick hair as the heat can build up in the follicle and burst the root. Each treatment weakens the hair (and you have to get the hair when it is in its growing phase or it doesn't work), but as the hair weakens, it gets harder for the laser to get sufficient heat into the follicle to weaken it further. It'll kill off a lot of hairs, but it's tough to get them all, so you'll probably be left with a few fine hairs.