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  1. I've read that Fraxel laser is best for scars that are depressed or "sunken". However I have a raised scar, I can feel it like a small bump along the whole line, about two inches long. Would it need to be as flattened as possible for the SMP to look best?
  2. I've been thinking about shaving my head to #1 or #0 and looking for a way to conceal my scar. dermatch sometimes works over the scar but doesn't stay on too well. I'm wondering if spirit gum or skin-safe glue that could stick on the scar, and applying some toppik or something on top of it, or some kind of granular material (like pepper?) over it, if it could end up looking more natural and concealed. Or apply some skin-safe glue and then makeup on top of it that matches the scalp? or would this kind of concealer work on a transplant scar? I'm thinking get a spray tan with head shaved, and then use similar color to cover the scar: http://www.amazon.com/Boo-Boo-Cover-Up-Concealer-Light-Ounce/dp/B00JV9TCSW/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1455212623&sr=8-2&keywords=scar+concealer
  3. Here's a quick job I tried with the BuzzCut bond combined with patting dermatch on top of it: https://i.sli.mg/GfTVYU.png
  4. Well I got the buzz cut product, shaved my head. Unfortunately I try applying the bonding and then spraying the fibers from the spray bottle. The fibers just don't seem to apply, it's very hard to aim it right. Have to hold away from the head and let them "fall" onto the scalp. Unfortunately they just seem to "fall" all over the bathrub, sink and toilet, creating a huge mess. I'm not just left with experimenting with the "bonding glue" or "The base" and trying to apply on top of that some dermatch to get the whiteness of the scar covered.
  5. I've put in an order for the dark brown today and will post. Probably within the next 1 - 2 months. Not sure when it will arrive, and not sure when exactly I will shave my head.
  6. Sorry everyone I totally forgot I posted this and didn't have alerts on. Thanks so much for the feedback. I know my question was silly, but yeah, it seems even sillier that I still use Toppik. It makes me feel cursed cause of the messiness. Hishair1, this product looks very interesting. I wonder if it will cover the scar? When I reach out to clinics to see if they can help, they never get back to me. I have like $5,000 to spend on repairs I've saved up, so I just want to make sure I get somebody who cares. I am in the DFW / TX area if anyone has a recommendation!
  7. Well I got low quality makeup to cover my scar before and blend in with the rest of my scalp, after I shaved bald with a razor. But the makeup would rub off easily. That's why I'm curious as to whether there's some type of adhesive that might work better if applied to the scar first, then makeup on top of it.
  8. Ok thanks. I will keep checking around. This is a picture of the scar, I know it appears pretty long. Makes me wonder where all the hair went because I don't feel like my frontal transplant was worth the $5k. It's all either fallen out or wasn't transplanted properly as it's very thin!!!!
  9. I still want to do a HIS procedure at some point, hoping by end of this year. Just on hold for personal reasons. But I'm wondering if anyone has experimented with spray tans and whether they they help cover scars on the scalp?
  10. I've been thinking about MHT and considering HIS for the past couple years. I had a HT a couple years ago and so I have a scar. I really want to shave my head, but as you can see there is a long scar. Is it likely I could get this covered up good enough to keep my hair this short without having a real noticeable scar? I've been trying to cover it up with eyebrow corrector, grey/ash ink and can get it somewhat camo'd, but not as much as I'd like. Also about how much (ballpark) would it cost to cover the scar? Less than 5 grand? less than 3 grand? I can't upload good quality here so hopefully I can share these 2 imgur links of my scar: Pic 1: http://i.imgur.com/Pajke.jpg Pic 2: http://i.imgur.com/DLHKx.jpg Sorry for bad quality as the lighting in my apartment sucks.
  11. I called a center that does Fraxel repair but the operator said if it's "raised", they can't do it. Does raised mean it's more like a bump, and not perfectly flat or lower than the rest of the skin? If so, is there any reason to look into getting fraxel before MHT for covering scar? I don't know if all places are the same
  12. MHT on strip scar, 1 year post op

    When you got the procedure, are you given some kind of choice, or options for the scar, as far as how short your hair will be shaved? Like if I but cut to a #1 with clippers, can the scar still be covered? Or do you have to shave to the skin for the best possible MHT results?
  13. I was playing around with Dermatch and some eyebrow corrector, thought I got my scar covered a little better (better dark than white at least) but I'm still not satisfied with it. Does anyone know of maybe a lighter dark, or a gray/ash color that might look better than the dark brown stuff I have? I still want to get the MHT operation but am still saving (tight holiday this year) and hoping the new one will open close me in a few months to make the trip and followup trips easier on me. here's one shot of mostly covered, and the 2nd one is half covered so you see the difference between pure scar and half of it with attempted camoflauge. edit: sorry not sure what the div tags are doing in post.
  14. Wow Remingtonchap that's pretty slick. Thanks alot for linking that to me.
  15. I applied the dermatch only but much softer, I think it looks a little better here, but it'll wipe off easily.
  16. Thanks so much, you know of any good practitioners in the DFW, TX area?