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  1. Smp can help, but in different lighting it might show up
  2. Microneedling updates?

    I used it on my scalp for 6 sessions. No effect on smp at all.
  3. Scar looking for help

    Do you have smp in the scar? Fraxel will definetley help flatten it. In between your fraxel session use elastoplast scar silicone sheets to get a good result.
  4. HT goose bumps

    I had smp to cover these goosebumps after a ht. Its not noticeable but under certain light you can still see the bumps.
  5. SMP on fut scar suggestions

    You may have to get rid of the smp when you decide to put hair into the scar. The smp with fue hair in the scar could highlight the scar further. Ive just had smp removed from my scar and hoping to get fue done soon.
  6. pics attached would value some comments

    One of the best result ive seen. Nice and light is the way to go with smp
  7. SMP + Minoxidil?

    No studies on it but it could potentially lighten your smp over a period of time. I was gutted stopped using it and lost some precious hairs lol.
  8. Hi guys, has anybody on here used this laser for the HT scar or any other scar?

    Yes fraxel sessions are quite expensive. I found a company near Manchester, went in for a consultation and the lady said get me the info on the ink used as i need to see if it reacts with the fraxel laser (metals that might cause a reaction). I did just that the next day after e-mailing his. Sent her 4 e-mails and left 3 phone messages over 2 month and shes not bothered getting back to me. No other Fraxel around here so looking into pixel laser instead, Its way cheaper and from my research they do the same thing.
  10. Information About Removal Of Smp By Laser

    Any transplanted hair will be killed off as its weaker

    Anybody know off or had experience with a Fraxel clinic Manchester area?
  12. Update / Pigmentation goes wrong

    That looks very good silu. Do your research on fraxel as ive been told it can lighten your SMP.

    So to get rid of the ridging il have to extract the transplanted hairs leading to further scars, damn. What about this kenalog steroid injection ive read thats good for ridging. You know anything about that Landlord? Hopefully the Fraxel will reduce the bumps and do something for my scar, but the issue is would smp get damaged? hmm

    Did the Fraxel laser effect the SMP in anyway and do you know if the ridging can be flattened out by Fraxel? Exactly what type of Fraxel laser was used in your case? I may get my scar fraxeled too even though it is flat but is slightly wide at some points.

    Anybody here had Fraxel after SMP? Im thinking of getting it done on my hairline area as i have small bumps from a transplant. They Can only be seen in certain lights and i also have the ridging effect (raised hairline). The ridging is not visible as the SMP covers it, but id like to get it smoothed out if possible by fraxel.