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  1. Biz's Diary

    *update 3 and half years later and everything is irie!! Thank you HIS
  2. BTW - HIS is the $hit !!!!! - changed my life the people i told - say things like "can't believe it still looks this good after all this time"...."i gotta admit i was skeptical at first but...." ..."sometimes i forgot you even got this done" the people that don't know - "why don't you grow your hair out" ......"i like you with a bald head"....."it took me a minute to get used to your bald head but i like it now" the negative - "baldy!!! hahaha " - doesnt affect me b/c its still better then filling in my hair with girl's eye liner
  3. i did mine on September 12, 2012. I went conservative with the hairline just to play it safe. I had my 2nd treatment a week later on September 19th, 2012 and havent been back since. I went down a lot on the hairline the 2nd time and i cant be happier. Although i am going to go in for a 3rd sometime this year (maybe), i really don't need it after nearly a year and half. No real fading besides the scabs falling off a few days after treatment, its pretty much looked the same. edit : i was quoted 3 sessions so thats why i have it in my head to go back for a third but i could probably stop now...when i go for 3rd i may ask for a little lower on hairline but i don't think that is allowed...i'll try my hand tho
  4. Biz's Diary

    @hatinghats thank you @skinheadboi thanks bro @bullybully thank you man ..much appreciated @decco128 thank you and yes i get that alot...i dont really see it but ya many people tell me that especially when i USED TO WEAR A HAT ALOTTTTT
  5. Biz's Diary

    @hopeforall thanks bro i appreciate it @shdwfx thanks man HIS did me really well. worth the price and some @damien i know man...its awesome @8888 thanks bro i appreciate it
  6. Biz's Diary

    @Robby thanks mate ... i must say you are looking sharp yourself. i'm diggin your diary @AlecBaldwin LOL what can you do man...there are children involved now so gotta do what i gotta do to provide when i start my own business next year the beard will be back full force!!!
  7. Biz's Diary

    Shai said: Baldingbiz, impressive result! Congrats! But what really is impressing me is your behaviour and attitude towards your parents. Huge heart. Respect! I'll pray for your mom. Shai @Shai Thank you and we appreciate all prayers! My mom is doing well currently so i'm thankful for that. This is her 1st grandchild so i believe that is helping b/c she's been asking for one for like the last 5 years or so LOL. But thank you again!
  8. Biz's Diary

    Fred said: Looks good. I guess you didn't have fading issues. Congrats on your baby girl. Thank you @Fred ...I want to say i had no fading issues at all. Although initially i though i did but all it was was the scabs falling off. i can't lie i loved the look way more when the scabs were still on there but they will fall off a few days after treatment. i even like the way the scabs feel b/c they felt almost like stubble
  9. Biz's Diary

    this last pic is a couple of days ago on Feb 5th in front of my doorway w/ natural light. i was getting ready to go to my interview. wish me luck <div></div><div>at the interview it was a great feeling knowing that he was just paying attention to what i had to say and not looking at my "hair". or should i say me wondering if he's looking at my hair or just paying attention to what i had to say. in short i felt a lot more comfortable and confident versus any other interview that i have experienced since dealing w/ hair loss.</div>
  10. Biz's Diary

    these pics are about January 19th exactly 4 months after my 2nd and for now last treatment. this is on my patio and it was somewhat of an overcast day early in the evening.
  11. Biz's Diary

    pic # 2 and 3 are the day after new years so almost 4 months from treatment this was indoors w/ just regular sunlight coming into the house. just natural light the 1st was one was obviously in the hospital w/ their lighting *edit* actually there is a fluorescent light to the right of me... So a combo
  12. Biz's Diary

    this is on 12/12/12 when i welcomed Joella into the world exactly 3 months after my 1st treatment on 9/12/12
  13. Biz's Diary

    @shaveitoff thank you for checking back w/ me. *update all in all things have been great since my last treatment back in September. alot of things have changed in my life. 1) i was blessed w/ a beautiful lil baby girl on 12/12/12. such a blessing. 2. i have moved back to the washington DC area from Kansas City. DC area is where i grew up and where a majority of my family is. my parents are getting a little older and my mom is recovering and fighting cancer so i need to be close by. she is doing very well at the present moment so its a relief. it feels great that i can bring a new addition to them to enjoy now they are getting to their retirement age! so i can't be happier. i just need to find a good gig in the washington dc area and everything will be perfect.
  14. Happy Christmas everyone !!

    Thanks mates much appreciated !!!