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  1. 1st session @ Birmingham Clinic

    Once you can shave and clean gently a quality moisturiser is all you need. I use nivea sensitive which contains no alcohol. Aloe vera by nivea is also good. Top results there, bet you feel more content with your look now
  2. Today's the big day!

    Looks great.. Can't beat mr C
  3. The Time Is Near!

    Thanks, on second thoughts thereafter I feel my treatment is fine, we are all searching for perfect in whatever walks of life, but sometimes you just have to say all Is cool. I'm fine and content.... It's been 18months and currently I'm all good.... I will add a pic or two in the next week.

    My diary has pics a year on so that's bollox
  5. Which electric shaver?

    Good Shaver, iv just replaced the head on my series 7 after 9 months. It states cartridges should be replaced every 18months, but the changed light flashed and can only assume it takes some abuse going over hair on head daily. Really close shave again with new foil :-)
  6. My ears are tiny. If anything I get called pixie ear diesel
  7. He means having pictures on here and someone catching him out basically, but adding a bit of humour re "dots" comment
  8. Spotting SMP Out and About

    Well I don't feel mine looks unatural and that was my point if you re-read. Of course if your 40 years old and decide to have a Mexican styled Norwood 0 in shade 2 then your asking for trouble. There are so many variables and I guess that's what makes us all very different.
  9. Spotting SMP Out and About

    Iv never been spotted or questioned in 16 months. Some friends even after being honest and telling them, examined and did not have a clue. Depends on who carried it out and the shade and artistry created with the dots. I had one friend who after telling him said shut up and stop bullshitting! I do get nervous around bald men! Mainly due to the fact when I was pre smp I spent most days looking at heads and picking out who had worst hairlines, head shapes than myself. Sometimes I even feel sorry for bald men. In particular I have a delivery driver and he must think look at this smug fucker with his full shaved hairline. I feel bloody awkward if I'm honest lol
  10. Long term fading...

    I think it's more than that per hour Raymond. Is yours needing a touch up? I got my treatment 18months ago thanks to your pics
  11. Update / Pigmentation goes wrong

    Much better man. Must've chuffed. #### is a great guy and knows just how much hair loss affects folks. I'm sure. Damien can point you towards his story!
  12. Spotting SMP Out and About

    Blatantly spotted a security guard at Thorpe Park. 100% sure it was smp. The dots were massive and I spotted it 10mtrs away! Poor fucker. For a minute I wanted to ask who carried it out, but if you seen the size of Him.........
  13. It's OK stuff. Still say ptr trumps it. Just
  14. Iv turned to no7 as ptr is hard to Come by at present. Not sure what's going on??? Perhaps so many baldies are buying it and they can't supply due to demand lol