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  1. HIS - Ed, on 05 Aug 2015 - 2:52 PM, said: Hi Ed, any news on this? It's summer and to find a real good alcohol-free sunscreen, which doesn't affect the SMP is still not easy.....
  2. SMP - Did it fail for me?

    You’re refreshingly different from all those here who want it natural and light and unremarkable…. So I would say: Go for it and share the result with us!!! I couldn’t agree more regarding the travelling with organizing flights and hotels. I’m in the same situation. It’s time-consuming and burdening and, as you wrote, stressful. Flight cancellations = my personal nightmare????
  3. Sun protector without alcohol? (Matte)

    I use Avène Broad Spectrum 50+. Without alcohol, paraben, fragrance. Mineral filter. Mattifying.
  4. Couldn't agree more. Had mine done in London about 4.5 years ago with a lot of warranty work and everything went smooth with HIS. Same smooth procedure - from the evaluation of the fading grade to the work done in Birmingham by Lauren - for the touch-up two months ago.
  5. My SMP Story

    Is the first session behind you?
  6. 3rd Session (Black Guy SMP)

    It's a fact: SMP on dark-skinned looks best.....and I'm not envious????. Fantastic, DasCore
  7. SMP - Did it fail for me?

    I fully agree: a bit more density and blend and you'll be perfect. Great head shape, by the way, perfect for wearing the shaved-to-the-bone-style????
  8. SHINE KILLER!! ++ for scars too

    Fought with powder in powder cases against shiny skin for a long time. It worked perfectly, but felt always a bit insecure (you know: male, powder case) and was hiding when doing the procedure. Then I discovered POWDERED OIL CLEAR PAPERS from GATSBY in Japan, bought tons of it and since then I can matt my forehead and scalp even in public without being looked at as weirdo. It’s the top-notch of convenience!!
  9. I got compared to a Norwood 7

    Yep. I do. Did my SMP about 4.5 years ago. Prior to that, we were three dark haired Norwood-7-colleagues in the company where I work. When we stood together for a chat and someone passed us, the comments were «Look, the triplets» or «Hi triplets» or «Hard to distinguish you from each other». And, as we didn’t have any problem with being bald, we also made jokes about our and other’s bald heads. After having done my SMP, the comments and jokes went on exactly the same way. For my surrounding I was still a part of the triplets and I was still allowed to make jokes about bald heads without being criticized. At the beginning I was confused and a bit irritated. Then I started to make some tests. When I had the opportunity I talked about hair transplant, hair pieces, wigs etc. but nobody ever mentioned anything, on the contrary, everybody was very sympathetic. It was surreal. Finally I decided to take it as a compliment for HIS’s excellent work, which is definitely NOT detectable (in my case). The opposite (detection of the SMP) would have been a serious problem for me. So all good at the end and I’m still happy having it done!
  10. My SMP Story

    Hi Darren, Congrats for your decision! It will be a journey and you will go through tons of different emotions - positive and negative ones. But keep in mind: the final and lasting one will be: WOW. Try to enjoy the journey!
  11. Anyone else stigmatized as a nazi...?

    I see what you mean, DavidMcArthur. Maybe not stigmatized as a Nazi or a gangster, but definitely labelled as a flat-earther. It’s a fact that shaved heads are completely out of fashion and no longer really popular. I noticed three things in the area where I live (Europe): people are staring at my shaved head (with SMP AND a mature hairline) more often than a couple of years ago, shaved to the bone heads became drastically fewer and even «Norwoods-7» are letting their hair grow longer. My perception is, that it has changed from «WOW! Cool! Looks great and fits you!» to «Ugh! Looks bizarre and inappropriate! Why don’t you let your hair grow!» Anyway, still happy to have given a frame to my face.
  12. During a first consultation I was told that I needed 4 sessions. To be on the safe side I took 4 weeks off from work. I did the 4 sessions and can confirm, that doing the SMP treatment during a long holiday was the best thing I could ever have done: Only a couple of days after the fourth session my scalp was presentable. It was a bit hard to avoid invitations, social contacts etc. during the four weeks. But the fact that I did the treatment in December and it was very cold was also helpful: With a hat on it was not a problem to spend time outside. In my case I must say: If I had to socialize after the second or even third session, I think it would have come to a bad end for me…..????
  13. Thank you for your feedback! To put on a sunscreen every morning is not a big deal. The problem ist to reapply it every two or three hours to maintain the effect. Unfortunately the sunscreen, which protects the whole day with only one application has not yet been "invented".
  14. To use a very high SPF when doing outdoor activities is obvious. But I’m a bit insecure and clueless when it comes to the day-to-day office life. I already asked skin medicines and pharmacists and got answers from “of course not” to “absolutely”. When going to work: direct connection apartment - garage. At work the walking distance from the car parking to the entrance takes 1 minute. For lunch, if we do not have something delivered, again 1 minute to the car parking, the 5 minutes (at most) from car parking to a shop or restaurant, then same time expenditure for going back to the office. In the evening again minute from the office to the car parking. Time outside is very limited. Is there any need of sunscreen for the above explained routine to protect the SMP? AND, to keep up the efficacy of the sunscreen it should be applied several times during the course of the day, which is really annoying, when one is at work. Anyone with a similar routine, who would share his experience, ideas and views? Thanks and cheers.
  15. 2 weeks since my touch-up session. The practitioner worked for more than 3 hours and knew exactly what my scalp needed (shade, density). Shade and size still have to settle down but I'm optimistic that the final result will be good...if not, good reason to visit Birmingham again....