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  1. Anyone had their temples done?

    I never really left Ed, I just have more responsibilities now than a few years back which limit my free time (and the time I can devote to scanning some of my preferred forums).
  2. Anyone had their temples done?

    My temples were brought forward by a large degree, which really added to the Norwood I effect I was looking for. The first pic below is after my very first treatment and the last pic, is of my temples after my seventh and final treatment.
  3. Aftercare

    Thereal, I am the engineer who wrote the aftercare guidelines. You can moisturize lightly on day 4 and after. Doing so is not mandatory. Some clients feel moisturizer enhances their skin and others feel it does not. It is your personal call.
  4. On the one hand, the guy is up front and totally honest. On the other, his commentary and banter were annoying as #$@!. I compressed my view time of both vids to about 40 seconds, .... which was too much.
  5. Itching on SMP?

    As the other said Kireen, the first day or so after treatment, your scalp will be a little bit sore (from all the micro wounds) and you will not want to scratch it. Gradually by the 5th to 7th day after treatment, the scabs will start to fall away but you will not normally feel itchy. I have also had several small cuts on my scalp since my SMP was completed, including one larger cut, and so far, none have affected my SMP.
  6. Feeling a little low

    The important question Willgreen is, The SMP correctly matched to and as dense as your remaining hair? I have personally seen cases where a client had not completed their treatments and you could clearly see the difference between their horseshoe or natural hair and the too light SMP. Is your SMP dark enough to seamlessly blend in with your natural hair when it is wet shaved or up to a 1 day growth?
  7. How to safely tan your scalp after SMP?

    I live in Mountain View Asianguy, and I would say that it would take several months with SPF 50 on. Once you have had SMP, unfortunately any tanning you receive slowly breaks up the pigments in the dermal layer. The UV radiation from the sun can over a period of time (which will vary for each individual) fade a set of SMP treatments badly. And the tanner (darker) your scalp gets, the less the SMP dots stand out. For this reason, I would suggest not really trying to tan your scalp.
  8. Windows

    Of course UV radiation coming in from a normal window can damage your SMP. Simply google "sun damaged truck driver face" to see what I am speaking about. Dermatologists all over the USA see drivers every day for the type of damage caused by unfiltered UV radiation coming in from one side. (on the left in the US and on the right in Commonwealth countries) You can either ask that a blind be put up or you can ask that your office space be moved a little bit. Of course it is also going to depend on where your office is at. Up in Cambridge MA, in the USA or Cambridge, England, it will take some years I suspect for your SMP to noticeably fade on one side. But, if your office is in Dubai, then it might only take a 18 months.
  9. Question about immune system and SMP

    The answer is yes, possibly. In your case, I would definitely speak with your immunologist and a good dermatologist and explain the SMP process in detail. They will be the best ones to advise you as to whether to go through with SMP or not. I do know that some people with severe immune system problems have been turned away from some types of tattooing or pigmentation. Only a certified medical specialist (an MD with a specialty in immunology) will be able to correctly advise you.
  10. how realistic are we talking about

    It is a great sentiment Dasher but I would say it does matter for some large percentage of SMP recipients because you feeling better about yourself is in many cases predicated upon other people's reactions to your scalp. (and we see countless stories here in these forums relating the reactions of others to the client's new SMP) There is that group of SMP clients who simply feel better because they look in the mirror and like themselves more. Hard for me to guess what percentage that is, but I might out of my butt guess it as roughly 20 to 30%. The rest though really feel acceptance towards their own SMP and begin to grow comfortable with it, only when others comment on it positively. Another way of saying this is that suppose people comment on your SMP negatively. Then what? You are likely to be crushed. So, you can see that SMP and your feeling better about yourself is very much an entangled property that is partly in your own head but is also very much in the acceptance you receive from others.
  11. how realistic are we talking about

    Mr Fence, you say that is your reality above and I believe you. One thing I must note though is that you admit since getting your SMP that you have not been in a long term committed relationship. That is the divide between our two viewpoints. As Gandalf put it, I may be an older dude with my 45 years on this planet, but I moved past the more solitary lifestyle of quick dates and two week long relationships by the time grad school ended. It is great that you put your viewpoints out there for other younger guys who are losing hair in their late teens and twenties but still have years of wild oat sowing in front of them and wonder if SMP will help them (and yes, ... it will). But with the experience of being a bit older and having been married for 11 years now (and knowing my wife nine years before that), I can also say that SMP does have a few minor limitations and clients should think realistically about what they can and cannot expect SMP to do for them.
  12. how realistic are we talking about

    Also Fence, you wrote, "Also, I'm pretty sure it's you who has discussed having to use some sort of eye liner pencil or something to help further blend where your smp and hair meet. That shouldn't be necessary. The difference between smp and real hair follicles shouldn't be noticeable." Yes, when your treatments are completely over, your right, it should not be necessary. But what about all the guys who have begun the sessions but not finished? When I began my treatments, I had very heavy fading and even dark shades did not stay in my dermal layer very well. So, after complaining about it for awhile, my wife mentioned this eyeliner pencil tip to me and that really made my treatment process do easier until all of my treatments were finished almost a year later. Many clients who begin down the SMP path complain about the fading and the lack of darkness and density. The eyeliner pencil tip was simply an effort to help them get through the process with less anxiety and a better look. There are several other items in that post above from you that are not accurate but I have to return to the lab right now to finish up some work. Please do not ascribe to me words or intent that are not true is what I would kindly ask.
  13. how realistic are we talking about

    Mr Fence, you said, "As for the exaggerated BS about lying in a coma...wtf was your point exactly?????" My point is that you advocate that well done SMP is undetectable and a significant other will not notice it or question it and that you can maintain that facade for years on end, while I say clearly that that is simply not true. Unless you are the one human being on the planet that has never had an illness, never been to the hospital, never been hungover and never had an accident, everyone has had down time even when they did not want to. You can't undergo gull bladder surgery and two days of post-op in the hospital and expect to be up shaving your scalp at 6 AM before your girlfriend pops in check up on you before she heads to work. Every time you become ill or hungover or simply want a day off from shaving, are you going to run to a secret apartment across town that you do not tell your significant other about? If you only engage in one night stands or two week long relationships, then yes, SMP can fool someone else in the short term who is not too bright. However, in a committed relationship, where you are actually living with someone day in and day out for months or years, they will know the truth. And for you to tell others that they can maintain a fake facade for years on end is simply not true. It is better to be up front and honest to perspective HIS clients about what SMP can and cannot achieve. SMP can be incredibly realistic (I know, I have a great treatment) but it cannot fool someone who knows your poop habits better than you do. As to your language and the angry tone I detect from you and Gandalf, I am not quite sure for the reason behind it. You are preaching to the choir already and I have been an advocate for moderate SMP from almost day one. While you feel you have to "jack" me up, I do not quite understand. As far as I am aware, I do not know you from Adam. I simply feel that perspective clients of HIS should be given the honest truth. And one element of that honest truth is that SMP will not fool someone in a committed relationship after some weeks to a few months. (especially if they are average or above in intelligence) Also, if you look carefully across my past posts, you will find that I am highly supportive of well done SMP, even when viewed from inches away. I have personally seen a few cases of SMP where up close the dots were too big, but these were back in the early days before HIS had refined their practice and some aspects of the technology. Other than that and I think my points speak for themselves.
  14. how realistic are we talking about

    No, you can tell them. You can talk till you are blue in the face about how much you like shaving and the look, but they will still know. Trust me, .... they will know the truth. If you are a wealthy young man who is a player and has his own fuckpad set up where women only come over from 7 PM till the next morning, and then you politely tell em to hit the road, SMP will fool em everytime. But, if you are taking about a real relationship, where you see each other day in and day out and come to intimately care for that person, then yes, they will know the truth. (even if you try to hide it, and even if you do not get sick for years or have an accident)
  15. how realistic are we talking about

    "Older fellow"? Why you young whippersnapper, if only I had a switch to break off a nearby tree. Why back in my day before the American Revolution, I would have tanned your hide! LOL, Okay seriously, I am 45. Not 85. I have not yet ordered my cane from Amazon, so I am hoping for at least another two or three good decades before I begin to slow down. As to shaving your head every single day; So you have never had a bad bout of pneumonia or the flu that had you laid up in bed for 48 or 72 hours? When you are feeling like complete shit and running a 103 degree temp, are you going to get your shaver out and hit the scalp at 6 AM? Are you going to make sure that the woman in your life never sees this? So she can only come over and visit when you are totally fresh and dandy? It doesn't make sense. If anything, when you are feeling down and out, that is when a significant other of character wants to show up and lend a hand. And yes, they will notice the horseshoe or the balding. And yet, they will still like you anyway. SMP is not going to fool anyone in a deep relationship after a few months.