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  1. Had my laser sessions about 5 years ago. I've got approx 50% growth back. The hair that has grown back is very fine.
  2. NZGuy in Hong Kong

    Hey Oster, 2nd treatment went really well thanks. I decided after extensive research that I would use a numbing cream. It took the pain from an 8 to a 1 or 2. Only thing is it only lasts about 90min so for the last 30min it was super painful again. I applied the anesthetic cream 2 hours before the treatment and let it sit on the skin under wraps until just before the treatment started. 3rd session is tomorrow.
  3. I did this. 8 laser sessions to remove what little I had left. Hurt like hell. Thing is, it's not permanent, the hair will grow back with time. Then when the hair grows back any future hair removal sessions will also remove the tattoo. It's not really a viable solution. Leave the laser alone and just go straight for the MHT.
  4. Golf balls on the back of the head

    Me and Chrismanc had them. They were right on the mastoid bone just behind the ear. Nothing on the back of the head though. The lumps were from an immune response from the facial nerves that run through the jaw. Basically the body thought it was under attack from the tattoo needle and launched an immune response. I had a very painful golf ball sized lump right behind my ear, it's still there 10 days later but now it's way smaller.
  5. My treatment - norwood 7

    Looks real good. Your own hair is so black and dense, it's going to be super hard for the MHT to replicate the exact same density without going overboard and looking like paint.
  6. NZGuy in Hong Kong

    I agree, I would hate for people to notice my new hairline and tell me I'm receding. Going for at least a half an inch lower. Glad you agree Remington.
  7. NZGuy in Hong Kong

    Haven't had my 2nd treatment yet, I'm booked in for tomorrow at 3pm.Im one of those unfortunate clients that hurt like hell during the treatment so I'm trying a whole range of things for tomorrow. I'll let you all know how it pans out for me.I'm finally adding some pics, I'm pretty happy with the progress thus far, looks pretty good to me for only one session. Pics are 7 days out from session number 1. Notice the small lump behind my right ear, it was the size of a golf ball the day after the treatment.
  8. Looks fantastic for just one treatment. Wow!
  9. NZGuy in Hong Kong

    Norwood, remind me never to go to the gym with you! I was going to take some pics but I've been a bit red and puffy, I'll take some pics tomorrow and upload them. On a different note, I had some major swelling and pain behind the ears the day after my treatment and thought I had a pretty major infection. The bone itself was excruciatingly sore and the surrounding tissue was raised and red. Just Google 'mastoiditis' and search images to see what I had. Now being half way across the world in a country where most people don't know a word of English and having what I thought was a pretty serious condition was really concerning. I figured I was either very sick or the facial nerves had been excited so much that they caused some inflammation and an immune response in my mastoid bone (posterior jaw region). This was not a case of swollen lump nodes, this was something more painful and far larger. I know my anatomy pretty well from being an x army medic plus I have a degree in sports science though I'm no scientist like our friend 'Hating Hats'. I Remember Chris Manc saying something about sore lumps behind the ears after his treatment so I messaged him and he got back to me within 5 min. Chris had exactly the same symptoms I had and went to Medical Centre to get seen by a Doctor. Anyways, as far as Chris's Dr was concerned I was on the right track with the facial nerves running through the mastoid bone. Long story short I'm not going to die yet and the golf ball sized lumps behind my ears have settled right down. I want to say a big thanks to Chris Manc for getting back to me so fast and explaining the situation so well. I was in a lot of pain and stressing out and he really did save the day. Just goes to show the forum is a great place for support before, during and after your treatment.
  10. NZGuy in Hong Kong

    Ive read that too Mark. I really can't see them offering injectables but they could offer topical treatments. Neither were offered to me. I was given some oral pain relief once my treatment started but it didn't have any effect. I'm going to take some stronger oral medication before my next treatment. Maybe Damien can help out with the answer to this one.
  11. NZGuy in Hong Kong

    Hey Mark, yeah I'm going to take some oral medication next time. As far as a topical aneasthetic is concerned I've heard it can effect the tattoo pigment and it also has a very short life. Most times the numbing of topical aneasthetic only lasts 30 or so minutes after you take it off. I would also need to apply a whole tube of the stuff on my head and then wrap my head in shrink wrap as it only works when air can't get to the skin. Local aneasthics (injectables) would be great but you would need a Dr to administer it. I think the best thing to do is to take short breaks every couple of minutes so your nervous system doesn't get over excited. Just a 30sec break and a couple of deep breaths really helped me manage the pain.
  12. Playing with hair lines

    I've been using a black oil pastel for over 20 years to hide my baldness. Works way better than most of the expensive products I've tried. Just draw it on and smudge it down with your finger. You'd think it would look fake but it's surprisingly realistic.
  13. NZGuy in Hong Kong

    Just got back to my hotel. I was hoping I'd be one of those guys that handled the pain quite well, unfortunately for me the pain was right up there. One a scale of 1 to 10 I floated from a 6 to a 9 depending what area was being treated. Jonathan was super patient with me though and we took little breaks to give my nerve endings a rest and let them settle down. I was in the seat for about 3.5 hours, would have been shorter if I wasn't such a girls blouse. Still, pain is temporary, MHT lasts a lot longer. Right now my head is red but the dots look pretty small. I'll take some pics tomorrow for you guys to look at.
  14. NZGuy in Hong Kong

    Just flew half way across the world, now laying down in my Hotel room. I have my 1st appointment booked for tomorrow at 3pm. Bit of a back story... I've been bald for quite some time, I started losing my hair at age 15. I was teased a lot growing up for losing my hair and it really did ruin my teenage years. Now I'm approaching 40 I'm a Norwood 7 and I shave my head daily with a razor. When I first discovered MHT about 6 months ago I was super excited and positive about getting the procedure, as the time drew closer to my appointment I've become less and less optimistic. I guess what I'm saying is I'm scared. I've hid my bald head under a cap for so long the thought of going hatless and facing the world with MHT on my head is quite hard to imagine. Still, I'm going ahead with it, taking a leap of faith in search of the ultimate outcome, a full head of hair (or at least what looks like one anyway) for the 1st time in 25 years. Just want to say a big thanks to all the guys on the forum who have shared their stories. Your photos and stories on how this treatment has changed your lives have been inspirational. Without you I wouldn't have had the courage to take this step. I'll keep you guys updated with each step of the progress. NZGuy.
  15. A commercial laser machine can cost in excess of $100,000. To make that viable HIS would need to charge for removal and do at least 2 heads a day. Luckily for me a good friend of mine owns a laser clinic so if I ever do need a clean canvas I can go and get zapped for free.