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  1. Bad treatment (Not by HIS) fixed in Houston by HIS

    I saw the treatment firsthand, insane,unbelievable. Awesome job! Jerry, really cool guy, you should be very proud to receive that.
  2. I had a total of 3 done, 4 weeks apart, the best I can remember. I only noticed a small amount of fading after the third. The third was the most intense treatment. It's done a little deeper each time.
  3. It made the whole area smoother. The scars are still there but greatly improved. It did fade a small amount and I had it touched up but it needed touching up in other areas also that didn't receive fraxel.
  4. Good memory. Yes, I did. I would highly recommend the fraxel treatment even after smp. You could fade some but well worth the outcome.
  5. Checking in a few years later...

    I remember you. Good to hear that everything is fine with you. I went for a touch up last week. I'm very pleased myself.
  6. The "Shave -> Fraxel -> SMP -> Work" timeline

    One fraxel treatment isn't enough. Usually 3 spaced 4 weeks apart, then wait 4 weeks after the final to get smp. Also look into rejuvapen.
  7. Landlord1 Scars and Ink- update

    Hey thanks. Im satisfied with the scars for the most part. Im just experiencing some fading. Maybe with a shade or two darker, I'll get more time between touchups.
  8. Landlord1 Scars and Ink- update

    Bornreceded, I'm glad to see that you're still active here. How's everything for you?
  9. Landlord1 Scars and Ink- update

    I've noticed some slight fading in the frontal hairline recently, nothing serious though. I sent my pics in for an evaluation. I have a touch-up scheduled for August 4 in New York. My last session was in May of 2014. I will be asking for at least one shade darker all over. I have number 34 and 36 throughout the front and top and a 38 on the sides and back. Hopefully I can get a 30-32 through the front and top and maybe a 34-36 on the sides and back. I'm not planning on and hairline changes. I haven't visited the forum a lot recently.
  10. SMP into Scar

    Looks great. You are getting a better result now also because you're shaving closer. The longer hair makes too much of a contrast. Awesome job!
  11. Landlord1 Scars and Ink- update

    Thanks guys, 34/36 frontal and top, and 38 sides and back.
  12. Landlord1 Scars and Ink- update

    Ok here it is.
  13. I haven't posted any pics in a while. This is from yesterday, Feb 28. You are looking at 5-6 linear scars, multiple fues, 3 Fraxel treatments, 3 skin pen/derma pen treatments, and SMP to top it off. Not perfect but I'm satisfied considering all the shit I put myself through.I hope this helps anyone on the fence about any of these treatments.
  14. Landlord1 Scars and Ink

    They were all equally aggressive. The Fraxel actually left the most swelling. So it probably did more. Can't say for sure. The combo left really good results though.
  15. Landlord1 Scars and Ink

    Hey guys, sorry haven't updated in a while. All good. No complaints at all. 5 or 6 linear scars and thousands of fues. I've had Fraxel, skin pen, and derma pen. Just living my life. No one has ever asked about anything. Not perfect, but definitely acceptable. I'm happy right now.