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  1. im for leaning towards getting 3d smp becuase i still want to have hair along with the good density smp offers.... is there a his hair clinic in vancouver bc? or is there one in the making?
  2. same im down for a meet up im in vancouver bc canada do you guys come here at all?
  3. Im about a norwood 3 and i wanted to get pigmentation on the less dense areas on hairline and temples. so i can still grow my hair. I currently buzz my hair but would like to be able to.still grow it out. Is ther any pictures or people on the site in this situation that can still grow ther hair out?
  4. without shaving so that we can see what it looks like when the hair grows out. preferable someone with a norwood 4?
  5. Sounds good thats going to be so much easier for me to get there... Do you think it could be open in may?
  6. heres some pictures of my hairloss i think a norwood 3? far my plan is to get a hair pigmentation done and see how much hair loss continues over the the next 2 years....and then at that point decide whether i want to go transplant route or re do a pigmentation......theres another hair clinic that i have seen lots of good reviews on its called gardel hair and they quoted me between 3500 to 4500. But right now im just awaiting a quote from his hair clinic for the pigmentation to see the cost. Damian judging from my pictures what might it cost to get the pigmentation?
  7. heres some pictures of my hairloss i think a norwood 3?

    Good points to consider...hmm.....umm idont know if im allowed to post clinic name but theh dont offer pigmentation so i think it woukd be ok...the clinic is neopel hair clinic tijuana has anyone heard of them?
  8. heres some pictures of my hairloss i think a norwood 3?

    Thanks for the advice....i was very skeptical of the transplant price because i was quoted about between $7000-$9000 by ht docs in canada. The clinic that offers it so cheap is in tijuana mexico i talked to a few people on and they had a good experience with this tijuana clinic. The clinic also gave me phone numbers of clients in canada to get input about there experience. The doc at the clinic said if i want to keep short hair style that they would take a thinner transplant strip so the scar is less. And i would definitely get the scar tattooed with his hair clinic.
  9. heres some pictures of my hairloss i think a norwood 3?

    also if anyone can morph in a hairline that would be awsome!
  10. heres some pictures of my hairloss i think a norwood 3?

    also i might get a hair transplant later on theres a clinic that said they would do unlimited amount of hair transplant for between $2500-$3100us dollars depending on my hair loss i sent them photos and they said i would need about 2500 fue grafts and they can do it for $2500US dollars. they also told me that about 10 percent of patients grafts might not grow? i want to get the hair pigmentation first and maybe in a year or so when my hairloss has progressed i can get the hair transplant done or continue on with the micro hair pigmentation. any comments/suggestions with my hair loss pattern and what you guys think would be best for me would be greatly appreciated.
  11. -how much do you think it might cost to treat my hair loss? <div></div><div>-will i be able to grow my hair long? </div><div></div><div>-also can i keep a longer buzz cut?</div><div></div><div></div>
  12. Growing Hair After MHT

  13. Hi damien.... Im in vancouver bc seattle is about 3 hours from me. Any idea when it might open up? Is the hair replicator in that clinic going to be a student of his clinic or will it be with one of the inventers/teachers? also what qualifications does one need to perform this procedure? Thanks
  14. So far i found this clinic in vancouver. Has anyone heard of them? *** LINK REMOVED ***
  15. So far ive heard of these companys: *** LINK REMOVED *** *** LINK REMOVED *** Who else is there thats preferable closest to vancouver bc. Like seattle if its in the states cause seattle is only a few hours drive thanks.