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  1. treatment 1 in SF

    XXXX is awesome. You're in great hands.
  2. Session #1 finished / San Francisco

    Nice. I haven't seen the story yet. They asked me if I wanted to do the video, but declined because of personal reasons. I still need to see John 2 more times to finish my SMP. Work gets in the way. Stay tuned.
  3. HIS at the SF clinic is an awesome practitioner who does amazing work. I'm currently on session 3 of 4 and couldn't be happier.
  4. Products and Properly Applying Anti-Shine

    The only 2 products I've tried so far are Headlube matte and PTR. Headlube matte does a pretty good job as far as moisturizing for me, but that's about all. My head is shining again about a half hour after application. PTR works great. Problem is, it's expensive and you get a small 1 ounce container. I apply it after Headlube and it lasts for hours. I'm still looking for products that work just as well as PTR, but at a lower price and larger amount.
  5. Session #1 finished / San Francisco

    Hey Shawn, my session Friday got pushed to Saturday because there was a news crew there doing a piece on HIS and smp, and I didn't feel like having my face all over channel 7 news. Haha. I need to have John send me the pictures so I can put them up. Hopefully sometime today.
  6. I had my first session with John at the SF location last Friday. He's an awesome dude and will take good care of you. Look a couple posts down in this forum and you'll find my experience. I go back Friday for session #2.
  7. Session #1 finished / San Francisco

    Yeah, that's what i was thinking once I got home, Sneakkr3w.
  8. Session #1 finished / San Francisco

    Thanks for the responses so far, guys. @One More Dot: Yeah, John is my practitioner. Awesome dude and even though I've only had 1 session, it's looking great. @Mattador: I had 2 FUT surgeries. The good thing is that it looks like 1 scar. The bad is that it's pretty long. So far with just the 1 session, I'm liking what I see. It's only been a few days, but the redness went away within hours, and the pigment is holding up fine. Sorry, I meant to say to bring the hairline down on the corners, not the temples.
  9. Had my first session completed about a couple hours ago in the San Francisco office with John, and I can't be happier with the start we've created. After 2 hair transplants that did nothing for me, I decided to go all in and get the SMP. I've been using Toppik for close to 7 years now, and I'm just tired of the maintenance, cost, and not being able to swim without worrying about it coming out. We stayed relatively in my hairline, but came down just a tad in the temple areas. For those wondering about the pain, I had no problem dealing with it. Like a pinch here and there, but definitely manageable. I need to get the before pictures from John, so I'll post pictures of my scar when I get them. All in all, great first session. I'll keep you guys posted as I go along. Session #2 is next Friday, the 8th. The only question I have is about the temple areas of my hairline. Even though we went a little lower, I think I want to come down a little more. What say you?
  10. Yeah, I'd say they are still working out alot of issues. I unfortunately had to cancel my appointments for last month because of work. I called a good month in advance to confirm the cancellations, and all went well. But then a few days before those said appointments were supposed to start, I get an email from HIS asking me to confirm them....from both the L.A. clinic and the New York clinic. I forwarded them the cancellation emails, and let them know it would be impossible for me to be at 2 places at once...lol
  11. Thanks Damien. Definitely news I didn't want to hear, but very understandable. Looks like I'll try to get in at the L.A. clinic at least once before the S.F. clinic opens.
  12. Well...it's almost the end of the month, and I haven't heard anything about the San Francisco clinic. Anybody here anything? I'm sure HIS is getting tired of all my emails...lol
  13. Biz's Diary

    Pics didn't show up.
  14. R91 Super deal of the week!!!

    Awesome find. I actually ordered one from Amazon last month for around $20, but having 2 won't hurt. I haven't had my procedure yet, but have been using the R91 and love it. It leaves no irritation or redness at all unless I use it on the back of my neck.
  15. Just checking back in here to see if anyone had any updates. I'll be going to the San Francisco clinic when it opens...any other members plan on doing the same? Apparently they have a list started that I'm on, along with a few other clients, for those they will call when they start to schedule. The good thing is that they have returned my emails regarding the SF clinic right away. One thing I'm concerned about is I had my original sessions scheduled in Los Angeles starting this month on the 4th that I gave up to another client. I received an email a week before that asking me to confirm my appointments. I sent an email back telling them about the other client, and never received a response. 2 minutes after the first email, I received another one asking me to confirm my sessions in the New York clinic, with the same dates as the Los Angeles clinic. Again I responded, but haven't heard back. I'm sure HIS is busy and working on their customer service and I have been very impressed with all the results I've seen. I just hope this 'list' I'm on for the SF clinic actually exists. I'm patiently waiting to get this done.